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   Chapter 4 Four

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Six weeks later.

Gabby woke up with the immediate need to throw up. She jumped from her bed as she walked quickly towards her bathroom and emptied the content in the toilet. Feeling very weak after all, Gabby decided to seat on the floor to regain her lost energy and after feeling a little bit okay. She then stood up to brush her teeth and have her bath as she needs to prepare for work.

This is how Gabby has been feeling for the past five days. She often feels nauseous and being a coffee lover, she found it very strange that even the smell of coffee makes her feel uncomfortable. Being someone who is always health conscious, Gabby had set an appointment with her doctor which she would be meeting later on today.

Satisfied with how she looks, Gabby carried her handbag with her car keys in her hand as she walked out of her room.

"Won't you have any breakfast Gabby." Donald, Gabriela's father asked as soon as he saw her daughter coming downstairs in a hurry.

"Morning Dad, Good Morning Mom, " Gabby said as she walked over to her father who was having some pancakes and kissed his cheek after which she did the same to her mom who was seated beside her father.

"I don't want to be late for work Daddy. Besides, I'm not hungry." She replied giving her parent a fake smile.

"Alright dear. Just make sure you eat as soon as you get to the office." Donald said and Gabby nodded as she left the house.

She got into her car and drove straight to her office. On getting down from her car, She contemplated if she should go get herself a cup of coffee at the coffee shop opposite her office. Being so unsure of herself as she might end up throwing it away as she did to the previous ones, She decided to just go into the office and start her days' work.

Stepping into Tennon's Inc, She collided with her Boss, Terrence, who was holding a very cute little girl whom Gabby recognised to be Sophie. Terrence's daughter.

"Daddy look. It's your Friend. Gabriela." Sophie announced as if Terrence did not know it was Gabby who was standing in front of them.

"Hi, Gabby. I'm Sophie." Sophie said with a wide smile on her face.

Her gesture alone lightened Gabby's mood which made Gabby smile hard. She bent down towards the little girl's height and kissed her cheek. "You are so adorable. It is nice meeting you Sophie." Gabby said as Sophie grinned.

She stood up and her eyes finally met Terrence's own. "Good Morning Mr Tennon, " Gabby said with a low voice and Terrence just nodded as he walked away with Sophie.

His gesture hurt Gabby but she couldn't blame him. This was how their relationship has been. very awkward. They haven't even had any proper conversation since the last time Terrence came to her office to explain himself. They only talk when it relates to work issues.

Yeah, Gabby promised her Mother she will talk to Terrence and sort things out but the truth is that, after that day, Terrence had also been behaving kind of too professional with her that she thought he was no longer interested in her. so she concluded there was no point in talking to him.

Gabby sighed as she proceeded to her office to start the day's work. And soon enough her alarm rang that it was almost time for her doctor's appointment. She shut down her computer, picked up her purse and car keys as she walked out of her office. She told Katherine she's heading out but will be back as soon as possible.

"It's nice to see you Gabby." Isabelle, Gabby's doctor smiled as she pulled Gabby in for a hug.

"Same here Isabelle." Gabby smiled as Isabelle told her to take a seat.

Isabelle and Gabby are very good friends even though Isabelle happens to be her doctor, She's also like an elder sister to Gabby. Isabelle is just in her early 30's. Happily married and a mother of 3.

"So what brings you here Gabby?" Isabelle asked as she took a seat opposite Gabby.

"I haven't been feeling too well. I think I have a bug or something. I kept on throwing up for the past five days and I feel nauseous almost every time. I even get irritated by the smell of my favourite foods." Gabby said.

"Have you been sexually active?" Isabelle asked.

"Not really. But I did it once over a month ago." Gabby answered.

"So did you get your period since then, " Isabelle asked which got Gabby thinking.

"Yes. It did come. But only for a day. I thought it was normal and thought maybe there was about to be a change in my menstrual cycle." Gabby replied.

"Okay then. Let's get you checked up. You'll need to take a blood test and I will give you a stick to pee on. Then we'll see how it goes from there." Isabelle said and Gabby nodded.

"So will you wait for the results or come back for them tomorrow?" She asked.

"I will just wait and get it over with. You know I don't like coming to the hospital." Gabby said and Isabelle chuckled.

Gabriela prayed she isn't pregnant as she peed on the stick because she had no idea what she would do after all.

After being worried and thinking for over 30 minutes. Isabelle came back to the office with both results.

"So?" Gabby asked her anxiously.

"They are both positive. You are pregnant Gabby." Isabelle replied with a sad smile.

"Bu-u-t how come? He wore a condom." Gabby asked terrified.

"These things fail Gabby. You and I know that." Isabelle replied as Gabby ran a hand through her hair.

"Six weeks right?" Gabby asked and Isabelle nodded.

"What are my options, Isabelle?" Gabby asked immediately.

"Don't even dare Gabriela." Isabelle threatened.

"Isabelle. I'm not ready to be a mom. I never meant for this to happen. I mean this is all sudden." Gabby said frustrated.

"I know how you feel Gabby. But you don't have to make decisions very quickly. Just take your time and think about it." She replied.

"There's nothing to think about Isabelle. The father of this unborn child is not even in good terms with me and besides this is not how I plan for ev

erything to be. I mean, I have always dreamt of being happily married before having kids and all. But I'm not prepared for this now." Gabby said.

"Listen Gabby. You are like a sister to me and I would never deceive you. I think you should keep this baby. Irrespective of whether the father is in the picture or not. I believe in you Gabby. No doubt you will be a good mother to this baby. Trust me, Abortion is not the best and if you opt for it, The trauma will live with you for the rest of your life. You will forever regret it Gabby. Just take your time and think well. This news is all too sudden and I think that's why you're overreacting. Take your time and think well about it. Then if you still decide you want to go on with the abortion I won't stop you. Just know that I won't be part of it. Referring you to someone else is what I'll do." Isabelle truly said.

Gabby nodded as she tried to process all that Isabelle had told her.

"Thanks for the advice, Isabelle. I'll think about it." Gabby gave Isabelle a sad smile.

"I need to get back to the office now, " Gabby said as she was about to stand up.

"Hold on a sec, " Isabelle said as she proceeded to write something down on a paper as she clipped the paper with a magazine. She stood up and walked towards Gabby. "Here. This is a list of prenatal vitamins you should get. They will help with your nausea and morning sickness. And since this will also be your first baby, This magazine will help a lot to know more about all you need to know." Isabelle said and Gabby nodded as she collected the items Isabelle had given her.

Isabelle hugged Gabby and she placed her hand on Gabby's flat belly and Said. "You deserve to meet this little one Gabby and I trust you to make the right decision, " Isabelle said while Gabby gave her a sad smile as she nodded.

"Thanks for everything Isabelle, " Gabby said as she gave her one last hug.

As soon as Gabby stepped out of Isabelle's office, She bumped into someone. "I'm sorry, " Gabby said as she quickly bent down to pick a file that fell from the person she bumped into.

"No worries. It's fine." The person said too nicely. Gabby looked up and she immediately recognised the person she bumped into. It was Debbie. Terrence's Sister. The lady she assumed was Terrence baby mama/ mistress. Terrence was right. If she had stayed a bit longer she would have noticed the similarities. Debbie looked like Terrence. His female version. They had the same eyes, same smile. But hers wasn't as charming as Terrence. 'What's up with her running into the Tennon's today?'

"Hi. It's Gabriela right?" Debbie asked with a friendly tone and Gabby nodded.

"Sorry I walked out on you the last time. I just got a lot going on through my head. But I'm sorry." Gabby apologised sincerely.

"Its okay Gabby. There's nothing to be sorry for." Debby replied with a smile.

"I guess you came here for a check-up because I work here also, " Debbie said.

"Yeah. I came to see Isabelle." Gabby said nervously as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

Debbie sensed that and asked, "Is anything the matter?"

"Everything is fine Debbie. I just need to get back to work. It was nice seeing you." Gabby said after which she gave Debbie a sad smile as she left.

"I hope she's okay, " Debbie muttered as she proceeded into Isabelle's office.

"Hi, Bestie. Anything new?" Isabelle asked Debbie as Debbie walked into her office and took a seat where Gabby was previously seating.

"Yeah. I just want your opinion on these." Debbie said as she passed on the file she was holding to Isabelle.

"I saw Gabby. She told me she just finished her appointment with you. There's something about her that got me thinking." Debbie said.

"What do you mean and how do you know Gabby?" Isabelle asked confused.

"She's the Gabby Isabelle. Terrence's Gabby. The one my little brother has been madly in love with since God knows when." Debbie said and Isabelle exclaimed as she slowly digested the information she just heard.

"But they have not been on good terms for weeks now. I don't understand both of them. They are so complicated." Debbie groaned as she slowly massaged her forehead.

"But when I saw her out there, I noticed she wasn't herself. As if she was hiding something from me." Debbie said while looking at Isabelle curiously.

"She's fine Debbie, " Isabelle said as she avoided Debbie's gaze, pretending to go through the file she had given her earlier on.

"Is there anything I need to know Isabelle" Debbie glared at her best friend.

"I told you everything is fine Debbie." She replied.

"I believe you. But do you think there's something I should know." Debbie asked persuasively.

"I don't think so, Debbie, " Isabelle replied.

"But why was she here?" Debbie insisted.

"Confidentiality Debbie! You don't expect me to spill out everything that my patient discuss with me." Isabelle said.

"I know. But is she dying?" Debbie asked and Isabelle burst into laughter.

"No, she isn't. You won't drop the topic will you?" She asked and Debbie nodded negatively.

"Gabby just found out she's pregnant, " Isabelle said and Debbie's eyes went wide.

"Wow. that's so unexpected." Debbie replied after a while.

"I know right. She was even more shocked than you are right now." Isabelle replied.

"How far is she?" Debbie asked immediately.

"About six weeks according to the blood test, " Isabelle replied and that got Debbie thinking hard as she did the calculations in her head. It was around that time Gabby and her brother were together before things went off between them. The probability that Gabby is carrying her brother's child made her smile so instantly.

"I can read your mind, Debbie. I know what you're thinking. Maybe the child Gabby is carrying is Terrence's' child. But don't get excited; Gabriela is having an abortion." Isabelle said with a sad smile.

"WHAT?" Debbie screamed in horror.

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