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   Chapter 3 Three

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Sunday went pretty fast with Terrence spending the day with his daughter, Sophie. After which he took her to the park to play with other kids. But his mind was still divided as he kept on thinking about Gabriela. She still hadn't replied any of his calls or messages and that made him more worried. He even thought of going to her house to go check up on her but later thought that was not a good idea. Therefore, he decided to talk to her when he gets to work on Monday.

"Make sure you be a good girl in school today okay, " Terrence told Sophie as they both walked towards her preschool.

"I will Daddy. Just like always." Sophie replied with a smile as she turned towards her father which made Terrence crouch before her and kissed her forehead.

"I love you, Daddy, " Sophie said as she kissed his cheeks in return before she ran off to her class.

Terrence just smiled and stood up as he headed towards his car. His four-year-old daughter was pretty smart for her age. Well, thanks to all the Disney Movies she watches and all that they teach her in school.

Sophie has a nanny who resumes work by 7 in the morning and closes by 7 in the evening with the weekend being an exception also. But Terrence usually brings Sophie to school except when he has to be at work very early then Michelle, Sophie's nanny would take her to school. And of course, she goes to pick Sophie up from school like always.

Terrence sighed as he entered his car. He had a feeling today is going to be one hell of a long day. He shook his head to that anyways, buckled up his seat belt and drove out of Sophie's school compound as he headed to his office.

"Good Afternoon Mr Tennon." Katherine, Gabby's secretary greeted him.

"Same to you Katherine. Is Gabriela in?" He asked.

"Yes, She is." She replied and Terrence nodded as he walked towards Gabby's Office.

The truth is that he could have sent for Gabby but deep down he knows she won't respond to his call if he did. He couldn't wait for his meeting to be over after which he talked to Ian his best friend and Ian encouraged him to go talk to her. He hopes everything goes well as he knew Gabby was a very stubborn somebody.

"Come in." Gabby's voice said from inside after Terrence knocked.

Terrence entered and saw Gabby so engrossed with what she was doing as she was typing away on her laptop.

But suddenly, Gabby looked up to attend to the person who just entered her office. When she saw that it was Terrence, She felt really uncomfortable, she was nervous as she knew Terrence had come over to talk about the issue she had been avoiding and she silently prays she does not overreact as she had made up her mind that she doesn't want to have anything to do with Terrence anymore neither does she wants to hear an explanation. The thing is that Once Gabriela Browne, makes up her mind to do something, it takes a whole lot for you to chang

e her mind.

"Good day Mr Tennon, " Gabby said professionally as she gave him a professional look. Terrence just shook his head in disapproval. Now they are back to formality. He sighed as he unbuttons his suit and took a seat opposite Gabby.

"I believe I owe you an explanation Gabby, " Terrence said softly.

"No, you don't Mr Tennon." Gabby countered.

"I believe I do and I would like it if you just let me explain without any interruptions, " Terrence said with his Bossy voice which speaks finality. Gabby didn't say anything further as she just kept on staring at him with no emotion. So he continued.

"Sorry for not letting you know that I have a daughter. Trust me, I had wanted to tell you when we were at the bar the other night but I wasn't sure because I didn't want to scare you off. She's Sophia and she's 4. She's my life and I love her so much." He said.

"And the lady you saw along with Sophia, That is my Elder sister. Debbie. Because of the office party and the probability that i will be home late, I didn't want Sophie to be alone so I had dropped her at my Sister's place earlier on for a sleepover. So Debbie just brought her back because Sophie kept on disturbing her that she wants to see me. If you had cooled down and been patient you would have noticed the similarities between Debbie and me. Perhaps I could have introduced you to the both of them and maybe you guys would have gotten along pretty well." Terrence said.

"I had no idea what was going on in your head when you saw Sophie and Debbie in my house that morning. But I just believe i owe you an explanation about what happened. Good day Gabby." Terrence said as he walked out of her office without looking back.

"I feel like a horrible person. I'm disappointed in myself for thinking very low of him." Gabby said as she helped her mom in the kitchen. Trying to get dinner ready.

"I told you Gabby. You jump into conclusions very quickly." Naomi said.

"I know mom, " Gabby admitted.

"I just feel horrible. I mean I refused to pick up his calls neither did I even reply any of his messages and even the way I talked to him earlier today was pretty strict. I just feel like have lost him and I think he's not interested in me anymore."Gabby said sadly as she whispered the last part.

Naomi walked towards her daughter and took her hand in hers. "It will be fine Ella. Now that you have realised your mistakes and you feel sorry about it, talk to Terrence and I believe he will hear you out if he truly loves you." Naomi said.

"I'll try, " Gabby mumbled.

"Gabriella, " Naomi said with her high pitch voice giving Gabby an ugly glare as she knows her daughter's reply isn't guaranteed.

"I'll mom. Don't worry." Gabby assured.

"I hope you do Gabby. Let's quickly finish this up before your dad comes back." Naomi said as they went back to what they were both doing in the Kitchen.

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