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   Chapter 15 Fifteen

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Alexander and Melinda had arrived in the city of Chicago very early this morning. Alexander wanted to introduce Melinda and his unborn child to his mother and to probably say his last goodbye to Marian. Then to go see Moses concerning what Marian left behind in his name.

Melinda made sure they booked a room in one of the finest hotel in the city of Naperville before they leave for Chicago. So things will be much easier when they get there. As they arrived in the morning, Alexander made sure Melinda rested for few hours after which they ordered some food to eat before he took her for a tour around the city of Chicago.

As soon as Alexander became aware of Mel's pregnancy, He became more protective of her. He makes sure she eats, rests and take a nap at the right time. And he had even started reading more books about pregnancy till birth.

When it was 6 in the evening, they decided to drive over to the cemetery. Luckily for them, According to how Moses described it, Where they buried Marian was not far from where they buried his mom so they decided to kill two birds with a stone.

They both entered the Cemetery and walked for a while until they came across Alexander's mothers grave.

"Go on, I will wait for you here." Melinda said as she handed him the flowers they bought on their way. she decided to stay beside the tree which was few feet away from Alex's mom's grave. She felt like he might want to talk to his mom alone so she decided to give them space.

Alexander nodded at Mel after which he walked towards his mom's grave. when he got there, he bent down and said.

"Mom, its me Alexander. I miss you so much mom. I miss your smile, your laugh, the way you scold me and draw my ears when i fail to listen to you." Alexander said with unshed tears in his eyes.

"Sometimes i wish you were here with me but i know you are watching me from above. I love you and you will forever remain in my heart. I hope you are very happy up there too." Alexander said as a tear slip

he took a seat beside her.

"Hi I'm Ernest." The lawyer who was in his early 30's? introduced himself.

"This is going to be very fast so i won't take too much of your time. Only your signature is needed." Ernest said as he passed on a document to Alex.

Alex and Melinda looked at the document as they both read it together. After reading, he signed the documents and handed it over to the lawyer.

"Here. These are the original copies of everything she owned. They are now in your name." Ernest said as he handed Alex a big brown envelop.

Alex opened it and checked it all.

"That will be all for now. In case, you are not clear about anything, you can contact me and i will be happy to help." Ernest said as he began packing some documents into his workbag.

"Thanks for everything. Alexander stood up to shake Ernest. The lawyer said his goodbye to Melinda and Moses then left.

After Ernest left, Moses stood up to take his leave. But before that, He apologised to Alexander. "once again Alex, I'm so sorry for all the pain i have caused you. I hope you forgive me. Alex nodded and stood up to give Moses a brotherly hug before he left.

Mel and Alex decided to have dinner at the restaurant before they head back to the hotel. So they will just go to bed and prepare to fly back to Philadelphia the next morning.

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