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   Chapter 11 Eleven

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Four Weeks Later.

Twenty eight days had passed by since Alexander told Melinda his whole story and Neither Melinda nor Alexander had made any move. They don't even know what they are anymore. If they are still an item or not. Both of them are still very confused in their own world.

"Sorry for disturbing Dee. But someone is here to see you." Doris, Dee's assistant told her.

"Thanks Doris, you can tell the person to wait in the waiting room. I will be there in five minutes."

"Sure." Doris said as she walked out of Dee's office.

After completing what she was doing, Desourire walked out of her office to the waiting room to see who was there to see her.

On getting there, she saw that it was Alexander. A sad smile made its way to her face. She could see that Alexander looked awful. His eye bag were so evident which made his eyeball smaller.

"Alexander, its so good to see you." She said as Alexander stood up to hug her.

"You too Dee." Alex replied with a forced smile on his face after which they both sat down opposite each other.

"How are you Alexander?" Dee asked with a sad face.

"I don't how i am Dee. I honestly don't know. I feel awful." Alex said.

"How is she?" He asked referring to Mel as he looked at Dee with a very hopeful eyes.

"Same as you. Miserable, sad, horrible and sick." Dee replied with a sad voice and Alexander exhaled.

"I'm sorry for making her feel that way. It was never my intention. I never mean to hurt her.'" Alex said.

Dee stretched her hands and took Alex cold hands into hers "Don't be Alex, its going to be fine." Dee said with a sad smile.

"I really want to make things right. Apologise to her and make up for my mistakes but i don't think she wants to see me. Her dad told me she said she no longer needs a driver as she would be driving to work herself. So i thought maybe she needed space. And now one month have passed without me talking to her or being close to her and i feel so miserable." Alex said as the tried to hold back his tears.

"All that had happened isn't your fault Alexander. You suffered a lot too and trust me Mel feels so sad and sorry about that. The reason why she is more angry and hurt is because you failed to tell her the truth yourself. You know hearing it from Frank makes the whole situation horrible and more confusing." Dee said and Alexander nodded.

"Mel has not been in good shape also. She keeps throwing up every now and then and my dear friend refuses to go to the hospital. She keeps burying herself in her of

nking. Alex loves you." Nate said.

"I love him too." Mel whispered.

"I promise to make things right." Mel said.

"I hope you do. So what did you have for dinner." Nate asked, changing the subject.

"I have not eaten yet." Mel said.

"Mel." Nate groaned from the other side and Mel chuckled.

"Mr man. You were the one who interrupted my dinner. I was looking for what to eat when you called me."

"Okay then. You can go have dinner, we will talk later. I love you."

"Thanks for calling. Love you too." Mel said as she ended the call with a smile on her face. . . .

After eating dinner, Melinda went for a shower. Looking at herself in the mirror, She noticed her breasts looked fuller and her hips were more defined. Her face was dull and she had lost a little weight. She shakes all those thoughts from her head and walked into her walk in closet, looking for something comfy to wear. She continued searching and her eyes fell on a particular shirt which she recognised to belong to Alex. She removed the shirt from the hanger and brought it closer to her nose as she inhaled the smell. Even if she was deceiving everyone, she couldn't deceive herself. She missed him badly. On several occasion, she had picked her phone up and wanted to call or text him but she didn't have the courage to do o. She missed him so much. she then decided to wear his shirt to bed.

As Mel covered herself with the duvet, she began thinking of what to do. Her eyes locked with the bracelet on her wrist. she had not taken it off since the day he gave it to her. She then decided she could no longer avoid him. "Life is to short to be unhappy Mel. why screw it up." She said to herself.

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