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   Chapter 10 Ten

In Love With My Driver By Symplyayisha Characters: 10311

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The Next Day.

Melinda decided that she was not in a good shape to go to the office today so she thought it would be better to work from home. Meanwhile, Dee had gone to her publishing house but not before making breakfast for Mel which she refused to eat till now. Dee however promised Mel that she was going to see her later in the evening.

After working non stop for three hours, Mel decided to take a break to eat something and as soon as she stood up, The door bell rang.

She wasn't expecting anyone. Even though her best friends and Tracy promised to visit her today, It was too early for them to show up as they ought to be busy at their work place by now. So no doubt, it would be Alexander who was at the door.

Melinda reluctantly walked to the door after which she she let out a big sigh before opening the door. She opened the door and found Alexander standing there with a very worried face and Mel did not fail to notice his heavy eye bag as if he had not slept for days.

"Mel i have been so worried about you." Alex said as he began approaching Mel. But before he could even come closer to her, she took two steps backward, giving him that 'don't you dare come close to me look.'

Alex exhaled as he shut the door behind him.

"You refused to pick up my calls and didn't even reply my messages. Do you know how worried I was?." Alex whisper yelled. starting to get annoyed as he does not seem to understand Mel again.

"Cut that crap Alexander or whatever your name is. And stop pretending as if you care about me because you will never get what you want." Mel shouted at him which took him by surprise.

"Did I do anything to offend you Mel?" Alex asked with a very confused face.

Mel gave him a very ugly glare and left his sight.

Alex was confused at Mel's behaviour. The fact that she refused to let him come close to her hurt him a lot.

Soon enough, Mel came back with a brown envelop which she threw at him.

Alexander was able to catch the the envelope before it could fall.

He quickly opened it to see what was inside. Immediately he saw the items in it, he felt his world being crumbled. His heart started beating two times faster. He lift up his head slowly to look at Mel who was fighting to keep her tears from falling.

"Mel, I can explain." Alex said, guilt evident in his voice.

Upon hearing his statement, Mel let her tears fall. No doubt he was guilty. Frank was right. She fell for the wrong person. A gold digger. A murderer.

Part of her wished he would deny and tell her all of this is a lie. "Maybe I was never destined to be loved by a man" she said to herself.

"I thought you were different. I thought you really loved me. I thought you were the one for me. But No. I fell for a murderer." Mel said in between tears.

"Pls just let me explain Mel. Please just listen to me." Alex said with a sad voice as he tried to keep his tears from falling.

"What's there to explain? Absolutely nothing. Those documents say it all." Mel said.

"I won't leave here Mel, unless you listen to me. Please hear me out."

uffs so I was able to hack into the prisons system and we escaped. The police survived in killing one of us but the remaining three of us escaped.

Concerning these passports. I had someone do them for me before I decided to come to Philadelphia. I decided I need to change my identity, if not, I could be traced.

So thats how I got to Philadelphia. I told Amanda and her husband everything and they have helped me up till now.

When Amanda's husband approached your dad for a job for me, he said I will only be needed part time. That is, mostly on weekends, to run errands. I still accepted the job and decided to look for something else to supplement it. Maybe a job as a chef or so. But that didn't work because your dad later called me that his daughter needed a driver so I can now work full time.

I planned on being a driver for the main time, to save some money and establish a small business of mine.

And the first time I saw you Melinda, I couldn't keep my eyes off you. I dreamt of you day and night and you took over my thoughts completely. It was hard for me to accept it but I eventually did and I took it as a sign. Maybe Marian wanted me to love again and move on with my life.

I confined in Amanda and she told me to not give up on you. After our date, she called me and told me to tell you about my past.

She said once trust is broken, it takes time to be built again. And I blame my self for not telling you before now."

Alex paused as he looked at Mel who had a pool of tears in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry Melinda. I'm deeply sorry for not telling you about this sooner. I wanted to but I was scared. Scared that you will find it hard to believe me. Most importantly, scared that I was going to loose you."

"I know you need space and I will give you that. I love you Mel and I'm sorry I broke your heart. I never intended to. The last thing on my mind is to hurt you. I hope you can forgive me Mel. I will always be waiting for you." Alexander said as he took one last look at Mel and walked out of her apartment.

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