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   Chapter 7 Seven

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Melinda opened her eyes and saw Alexander staring at her with so much adoration in his eyes. She blushed and hid her face as she remembered what had happened between them the previous night. Yeah, she gave herself to Alex and he pleasured her to the heights she had never imagined she could get.

Alex chuckled as he saw Mel hide her face in the pillow. He pulled her closer To his Chest and kissed her forehead. "Good morning my love." Alex said in his sexy husky voice.

"Good morning." Mel replied shyly, still kind of hiding her face in his chest which Alex found so adorable.

"Feeling better?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, just a little sore." Mel replied.

"Do you regret it." Alex asked because he didn't either.

"No. i actually look forward to more." Mel said which earned a chuckle from Alex.

"So what do you want to do today." Alex asked her.

"Let's just cuddle and watch movies today." Mel said as snuggled closer to him.

"Anything for my queen." Alex said after which he kissed her warm soft pink lips. "I love you." He said.

"I love you too Alex." Mel said out of the blue which caused a big grin to appear on Alex face.

"You do?" Alex asked with his eyebrow raised.

"I love you Alex and i'm sorry it took so long for me admit that i truly love you." Mel confirmed, looking Alex straight in the eye.

"You don't need to apologise baby. You just made me the happiest man of the day." Alex grinned after which they went back to their cuddling and love making.

The following day.

Mel groaned when her Alarm rang indicating that its time to prepare for work. She reluctantly sat on her bed after which she grabbed her Bible which was beside her pillow. Mel read few verses after which she said her morning prayers, then she stood up to arrange her scattered bed.

Melinda walked into her bathroom to do her morning rituals after which she stepped into her walk in closet to select her outfit of the day.

She was busy making tea when the door bell rang. A wide smile spread on her lips as she knew the love of her life was out there waiting for her to open the door.

"Good morning sweetheart." Alex said as Mel opened the door for him to come in. Melinda jumped towards Alex and gave him a hug after closing the door behind her.

"Good morning my love. I missed you." Mel said with a pout on her face.

"I missed you too baby." Alex said as he rapped his arms around her waist and gave her a light kiss.

"Ready for work?" Alex asked and Mel nodded.

The drive to the office was a very fun and sho

tertwined her hands with Alex's.

"Anything for you my love. As far as i'm with you, he can't do nothing to you." Alex said after which he kissed Mel on her forehead.



Mel? Spill it out?" Dee said for the hundredth time as they sat in the restaurant, waiting for their order.

"You won't give up right." Mel chuckled.

"Not until you give me the details of everything." Mel said.

"Okay what if i tell you its nothing." Mel said.

"No way. You don't expect me to believe that Mel. Have known you since like forever and this glow on your face is something have never seen." Dee said.

Mel decided to join Dee for lunch at a nearby restaurant beside Dee's publishing house. And since she arrived, Dee have been bugging her to spill the beans as she suspected something had taken place.

"Okay. uhmmm Alex and i. We did it." Mel said shyly.

"I knew it." Dee squealed almost immediately.

"So how was it." Dee asked anxiously as Mel started blushing.

"Aww, look who is love sick." Dee said after which she stretched her hands on the table and took her best friends hands in hers as she said. " You don't have to say anything Mel. I know it was magical. I'm really happy for you my friend. Alexander is a lucky guy." Dee said.

"Actually i think i'm the lucky one. I'm so lucky to have him." Mel said as she took a sip of her drink.

"Either ways, i'm happy for both of you, You guys are so cute together and i'm sure you will make adorable babies." Dee squealed which cause Mel to choke on her drink.

"Dee?" Mel shouted.

"What? I'm just saying. Am i not ripe enough to be an aunt? Dee chuckled as Mel just shook her head.

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