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   Chapter 4 Four

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When Alexander noticed Mel had fallen asleep on his lap, He got up with her as she snuggled more into his chest, her hand went round his neck, holding up to him as if her life depended on it. That gesture alone made a huge smile creep to Alex's? face.

As he stood up, he went straight into her room and lay her on the bed. He covered her with the duvet after which he gave her a kiss on her forehead. Then he stepped out of the room after which he shut the door quietly behind him.

Alexander glanced at his wrist watch and saw that it was almost time for dinner so he decided to surprise Mel by making her dinner. He stepped into the Kitchen, put up an apron and got started with his cooking.


Melinda opened her eyes slowly and saw herself on her bed. "I must have fallen asleep." She said to herself after which she smiled as she remembered she had just confessed her feelings to Alex. She really likes Alex very much and had decided to give him a try.

Melinda got up from her bed and went to the bathroom to wash her face and then change into some comfy clothes. She was trying to tie her hair into a messy bun when her stomach grumbled so she decided to go get something to eat in the Kitchen.

As soon as Melinda opened her bedroom door to step outside, She was greeted with the Aroma of her favourite food. Mel quickened her pace to the kitchen and what she saw melted her heart. She thought Alex had gone home after he put her to bed but she was wrong. He was standing right here in her kitchen, making her Dinner.

Melinda folded her arms as she leaned against the wall with a smile on her face, watching Alex as he kept on doing magic in her kitchen.

"You can just take a seat you know. Instead of standing there and watching me from afar." Alex said which startled Mel.

"But how do you know i was....." Mel said but before she could complete her sentence, Alex cut her off.

"I can feel your presence whenever you are around me." Alex said after which he washed and cleaned his hands with a dry towel. He then walked towards Mel and caressed her face with his right hands which caused Mel to shiver.

"You look so beautiful. Even in your comfy clothes." Alex whispered in her ear and Mel couldn't help but blush at his statement.

She was sure her face was as red as a tomato.

"I think you will be more comfortable seating than standing." Alex said as he carried Mel and sat her down on the counter.

Mel watched as Alex continued making dinner with both of them stealing glances at each other.

Melinda could not the moan that came out of her mouth as she tasted the food. "Alex this is so goooood." Mel said as she proceeded to take another bite. Finally she had seen someone who cooks better than Desourire. Its actually good to have people who can cook really well around you. That way, you won't have to be in the Kitchen all the time.

Alex chuckled at her remark and suddenly he enjoyed watching her eat. He was happy she is starting to loose up around him. But what Alex did not know is that, Mel is still a little bit shy around him. But when she sees food, She doesn't care who she's with. Mel loves food and if you are a good cook, You will surely win a place in Mel's heart.


"Look at me Mel." Alex said as she turned her face to him. "Whatever that asshole told you is a lie. He just want to make you feel bad about yourself. He wants to see you miserable and you shouldn't let him.What's there not to like about you? You are intelligent and very beautiful. Not only on the outside but on the inside too. I love you for who you are and not what you have." Alexander said as sincerely as possible while looking into Mel's eyes.

After their dinner, Mel assisted Alex in washing the dishes. After which they cuddled with each other on the couch.

Melinda felt absolutely comfortable in his arms. She felt like all her worries have been taken away. She felt like home. Mel could not believe this was what she had been missing all these while.

Alex just asked Melinda why she was crying earlier on so she decided to tell him what transpired between her and Frank and she was happy with the reply Alex gave her.

"So is there an us already. I know you said you wanted to give us a try. You know, just to be sure. w.would you like to be my girlfriend?" Alex said nervously as he playfully scratched the back of his neck.

"I would love too." Mel replied with a beautiful smile.

"Thanks Mel, i promise you will not regret it." Alex said with so much happiness in his voice which caused Melinda to giggle.

They spent the rest of the night knowing each other better. Mel told Alex all about her and Alex told Mel a few things about him. He told her His dad died when he was small and his mother took care of him since then. He lost his mom to cancer recently and had been alone since then. Mel felt so sorry for him and told him not to worry that she will always be there for him.

They continued their conversation, talking about other stuffs until Alex announced that its time for him to leave.

"No, don't go." Melinda whined as she snuggled more into his chest which made Alexander to chuckle.

"I have to. Your dad and i have somewhere to go tomorrow and i don't want to get there late." Alex said and Mel remembered that her Dad use to go out on Sundays to visit people. It could be his friends or any other family member.

"But he can ask someone else to take him. Why you?" Melinda grumbled at the probability of not seeing Alex the next day which made Alex chuckle.

"Don't worry. I will come check on you tomorrow." Alex said while caressing Mel's face.

"Promise?" Mel asked giving Alex a pleading look and Alex nodded after which they both stood up from the couch and walked towards the door.

Alexander faced Melinda and pulled her into a hug. "I miss you already." He said after which he kissed her forehead.

"Me too." Mel whispered looking straight into his eyes.

Both of them kept on steering at each other until Alex face started moving closer to hers. And within a blink of an eye, Alex lips met hers and Mel gladly responded to the kiss. She felt what she have never felt before, So many butterflies in her stomach and sparks flying between them.

Immediately they pulled out of the kiss, Mel got shy and hid her face in Alex's chest which made him laugh.

"I hope you liked it." Alex said and Mel nodded as she still hid her face in his chest.

"This was better than the first." Mel whispered which earned a chuckle from Alex.

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