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   Chapter 13 Thirteen

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Today, being a Saturday, Abigail did not have to wake up as early as she does on weekdays. Just like every other Saturdays, she woke up by 9.

She walked into the bathroom to pee and then wash her face and brushed her teeth.

A smile found its way to her lips when she remembered her yesterday's outing with Liam. She had really enjoyed herself. After she talked about the twins, They ordered their dinner and they made funny conversations. in fact she can't remember the last time she laughed like that. The feelings she has for Liam was still as strong as ever so she decided on giving them a try. Though she plans on taking it very slow and see how it goes which was why she gave him a vague reply yesterday.

That reminds her, She had to tell her babies about Liam today and that he will be coming over at noon to see them.

Abigail walked out of her room, She peeped into the twins room and saw that they were still sleeping. So she use that opportunity to clean the house. She saw a note on the fridge and it was Bella who left it there, Saying she had some errands to run today and will be back in the evening. Abigail just smiled at the note. "Errands" indeed.

She was almost through cleaning up the kitchen when she had a small voice call her name.


She turned her attention to the voice and saw her baby girl using the back of her palm to rub her eyes while walking towards her.

Lenora is never been a morning person.

Abigail walked towards her, bent down to her height and pulled her into a hug.

"So what do you do when you see mommy in the morning?" Abigail asked, reminding Lenora of what she should do when she sees her or any other person in the morning.

"Good Mawwning momma." Lenora said while dragging the 'morning'.

"Morning sweetheart." Abigail said and kissed her cheek.

"Did you sleep well?" She asked and Lenora nodded.

"Are you hungry?" Abigail asked her baby and she nodded.

"Okay, let's go get you cleaned up so you can have your breakfast." Abigail said and she carried Lenora to her room to get her cleaned up, after which she went to Lawrence room and woke him up. She cleaned him up also and she took them to the dinning table and served them their breakfast which consist of cereal and berries.

After having their breakfast, Abigail put on the television for her kids so they could watch their cartoon in the living room. While she took that opportunity to take her bath.

After taking her shower, she dried herself and put on a tank top and shorts and proceeded to the kitchen to make herself some cereal. After eating, she went to the living room where the twins were watching TV.

Abigail reached for the remote and turned off the television, Her Twins were sitting on the grey carpet so she took a seat in front of them.

"So guys, i have something important to tell you." Abigail said to her twins. She hoped they would take the news well as she had never said anything concerning their father.

"OWKAY." The twins said in unison.

"Its about your daddy." Abigail said.

"Daddy." The twins whispered.

"Yes. He is coming to see you guys today." Abigail said.

"Really?" Lawrence asked with a smile on his face.

"Yes." Abigail said returning his smile.

"Yaayyyyyy." Lawrence stood up from the and started jumping up and down.

"Daddy is coming. I'm going to show him the toy car aunt Bella bought for me." Lawrence said happily referring to the new toy car Bella bought for him when she arrived from her masters. Abigail smiled at that. She was happy because her boy was happy.

Abigail diverted her attention to Lenora who was still sitting on the carpet with a sad face.

"What's wrong Nora? Are you not excited to see daddy?" Abigail asked worried at the same time of what her reply might be.

Lenora looked up to her mommy and asked

"Will daddy like me? Will i be his little princess?" She asked with a sad face.

Abigail let out a sigh of relief and carried Lenora to seat on her lap. "You don't have to worry about that okay. Daddy loves you already. You are and will always be his little princess." Abigail replied Lenora with a smile and Lenora smiled back too.

"I love you mummy." Lenora said and hugged Abigail which she returned.

"I love you more sweetie." Abigail said.


Liam slept and woke up with a huge smile on his face. After he had dropped Abigail home yesterday, he went back to his apartment and called it?day. When he even laid down to sleep, He found it hard to sleep as Abigail's face kept popping up as he closed his eyes. The way she was laughing at his jokes during their dinner and all. She looked so beautiful and he felt fulfilled seeing her smile.

He was looking forward to seeing her again the next day and most importantly, seeing his children. They look very beautiful in the pictures Abigail had showed him and he can't wait so see them in person. He still could not believe he and Abigail made such beautiful babies.

In order to force himself to sleep, Liam had to start counting 500 from the back till he fell asleep.

Liam woke up around ten the next morning. He went to the Ki

etly as possible and made her cuddle with her teddy bear. Liam tucked her in and kissed her forehead and Abigail followed suit. They both stood there for some seconds watching Lenora sleep before they left her room

Liam also went to Lawrence room and gave him a goodnight kiss before going to join Abigail in the living room.

"Thanks for showing up today. Lawrence and Lenora had so much fun." Abigail said as Liam took a seat beside her.

"I should actually be the one thanking you for allowing me see them and i enjoyed spending time with them too. Liam said and Abigail nodded.

"Umm Abigail can i ask you something?" Liam said while scratching the back of his head.

"Sure." Abigail replied.

"I was wondering if you and the twins would come with me to my parents house tomorrow. We are having a family dinner. Damon, Lucy, Anna and Michael will be there too and if you want Bella can come with us." Liam said.

Liam hoped Abigail would accept his offer. His parents have been dying to see her and the twins. Besides since tomorrow is Sunday, He also want to spend time with the twins too so that would be a perfect opportunity.

"Sure. we will come."

Abigail said but as soon as she said that statement, she became a lit bit worried. Liam sensed that and ask. "Are you okay?"

"Your parents. I don't know if they would be happy to see me." Abigail said and Liam immediately understood what she meant.

"You don't have to worry about that Abby. They understand everything. They will be happy to see you and i assure you, They are dying to see Lawrence and Lenora also." Liam said, trying to sound convincing as possible.

"Okay. We will be there." Abigail said.

"Good. I will come pick you guys up." Liam said with a wide smile.

"I guess its time for me to go." Liam said while standing up.

Abigail stood up too. A part of her was kinda sad that Liam was leaving already but she covered it up with a smile. "At least she will be seeing him tomorrow, She said to herself."

Abigail escorted Liam to the door and he pulled her into a hug after which he kissed her forehead. The two lovebird kept on staring at each other. Their face was so close.

For a second, Abigail was waiting for it to happen, She was hoping Liam would kiss her.

Liam also wanted to kiss her badly but he did all he could to control it. Abigail had just given him another chance and he did not want to rush anything or screw up.

They kept on staring at each other until a loud voice brought them out of their trance.

"Am i interrupting anything." The voice said.

Liam and Abigail took a look and saw a Smiling Bella.

Abigail quickly composed herself as if nothing was happening.

"Liam, meet Bella and Bella meet Liam." Abigail said, introducing the two strangers.

"Its nice to meet you Bella." Liam said while stretching his hands to give her a shake which Bella gladly accepted.

"And you too." Bella replied.

"Thanks for always been there for Abigail and the twins. The twins really said a lot about you." Liam said gratefully.

"Sure what are friends for?" Abigail shrugged.

"I Will take my leave now." Liam said while putting his hands in his pocket.

"Thanks for coming." Abigail said.

'Bye Bella.' Liam said and left for his Car.

Today went so much better than he had expected. Liam had a very good time with his children and Abigail. He couldn't wait to see them the next day......

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