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   Chapter 12 Twelve

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One week and three days later.

Lucy had her Bone Marrow transplant two days after she lost her baby and it was a success. Dr Phillip recommended a two weeks bed rest for her and She was being taken care of by her mom who rushed down from new York.

Lucy was visited by her friends and colleagues from work. They brought her gifts and get well soon cards. She was happy she had people who genuinely cared for her. Liam and Damon also ensured they check up on her from time to time.

Michael [Liam and Damon's close friend] went crazy when he heard of what happened to Lucy. He accused Damon and Liam of being bad friends for not calling him when Lucy was rushed to the hospital.

Since then, Michael makes sure he visit Lucy at least once a day and calls her regularly to check on her.

Robert and Rubi also visited Lucy after Liam explained the whole situation to them. Thankfully his parents did not get angry that much. They felt kind of sad for everything they all have to go through. No doubt they were all victims of the situation.

Abigail also visited Lucy and was accompanied by Bella. Unfortunately, Anna was at Lucy's place at the time Abigail got there. Things were kind of awkward between Abigail and Anna but they were able to settle with the help of Bella and Lucy. The two long lost friends reconciled and four of them started making funny conversations. They got along pretty well and Abigail told them about Lawrence and Lenora. Lucy and Anna were in awe and they said they cannot wait to meet those two little cuties.

Liam have not contacted Abigail since their last conversation. He was having a hard time adjusting to everything which seems new to him. He finally made a move and asked Abigail out to have dinner with him tonight. He plans to talk things out with her which leaves him standing now in front of Abigail's apartment.

Liam adjusted his suit and pressed the door bell.

Seconds later, The door was opened, revealing Abigail in a sexy outfit. She was putting on one of her favorite black dress and a wedge.

"Hi." Liam said with a smile.

"Hi." Abigail said back.

"You ready?"

"Sure." Abigail replied. She stepped out of her apartment and shut the door behind her.

When they got to the car, Liam opened the door for Abigail to enter before he ran off to the driver's seat and drove off.

The drive to the restaurant was so quiet. Abigail kept herself busy by just looking at the beautiful street of London through the window.

Few minutes later, they got to the restaurant. Liam got down from the car and went to the other side to open the door for A

said hi to the world.

-This was when they were five months old.

-Bella actually dressed them this way. And Lawrence couldn't take his hands off Lenora's hair band.

-Bella and Lenora on Bella's Birthday.

-Lenora loves painting. I actually had to give her a thorough bath after that. (Abigail chuckled at that memory. Lenora was covered in paint)

-Lawrence and I

Liam could not help but smile as Abigail kept showing him the pictures.

-This was the twins on their 3 year old Birthday.

-A matching outfit given to them by Bella's mom.

-"She actually loves painting than having a nap." Abigail said, referring to Lenora.

-This was on their first day of school.

-Lenora's current picture

-Lawrence current picture.

After showing Liam their pictures, Liam stretched his hands on the table and put Abigail own into his. He looked at her intently and said

"Abby, i know i'm an horrible person. I have never been there for you and my children. But i want to take up that responsibility now. I want to be there for you and the twins. Please can you give me one more chance to make up for my mistake?" Liam asked with pleading eyes.

There was few seconds of silence between them as Abigail was thinking of what to say. She exhaled and finally said

"You can meet them tomorrow and we will see how things go from there."

Liam was so happy with her reply. He couldn't control his joy. he stood up and kissed her on her fore head. He knew Abigail kind of gave him a vague reply but he was happy he will finally meet his children tomorrow and he promise to do all he can to make Abigail his.

Liam have never been so determined in his life. All he knows is that, he never plan on screwing up this chance.

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