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   Chapter 7 Seven

The Secret Babies By Symplyayisha Characters: 10257

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"I'm sorry for coming late". Abigail apologized while removing her jacket. she placed it on the back of the chair which was opposite Damon. She sat on the chair and brought out her notebook, pen and iPad from her bag since she thought they were having a business meeting with a client.

"Lawrence came up with a fever and he tends to be so clingy when he's sick". Abigail completed.

"It's okay Abigail. Is he okay now?" Damon asked looking truly concerned.

"Yeah, he's better now. My best friend is looking after him. Thanks for asking." Abigail smiled.

"So where's the Client we are dealing with?" She asked surprised since she and Damon were the only ones on the table. It was then she even realised it was a table for two in one of the VIP areas. Whereas whenever they were meeting with a Client, Damon books a table for three at least. Depending on the number of client they were meeting.

"Sorry Abigail. i may have lied a little". He said.

"Sorry i don't understand". Abigail chuckled.

"You see Abigail, I called you here for another thing and not for a business meeting". Damon said looking serious.

"So what is the matter?". Abigail asked while dropping the pen she was holding.

"It's about you Abigail". Damon said, confused as to how to place the matter before her.

"What about me?" Abigail asked getting impatient. She hope she was not not getting fired.

"About you and Liam". Damon said.

"LiamjQuery214001878901506248054_1542298467992" Abigail repeated in shock. She really hoped Ernest had not said anything because she begged him to keep his mouth shut. Which he promised to.

"Sorry i don't know what you are talking about?" Abigail denied shaking her head in a negative way.

"Abigail stop pretending. i know you know very well what i'm talking about." Damon replied.

"Fine. What is it about Liam?" Abigail countered.

"Abigail, i know you hate Liam so much right now and he is the last person you wish to see or to hear about."

"You remember when you came for the interview and i said you look very familiar. [ Abigail nodded]. It was because i had seen your picture already. Liam showed me your picture."

"I don't understand. What do i have to do with this". Abigail chuckled.

"Don't be so unfair Abigail". Damon Said.

"Unfair??? Did you just say i'm unfair?, If there's anyone here who is unfair then it's that bastard best friend of yours." Abigail said and Damon knew she had the right to be angry.

They both stayed silent for a while.

"How did you find out about Liam and I?" She asked.

"Well i was in Anna's room yesterday when i bumped into your picture. I then remembered your face from the picture Liam showed me during our masters. And I decided to talk to you first before revealing anything.

Abigail let out a sigh of relief. She was so happy Ernest had not spilled the beans. At least for now. Only her Boss knows.

"Thanks for keeping it to yourself". She murmured.

"You don't seem too surprised. Or did you know i was actually related to the Williams?" Damon asked.


he blue.

"I think i am, we have so much to be thankful to her. If not for her, I don't know what state my brother will be now." Anna said.

"Yeah i know. But do you think he really loves Lucy?" Damon asked.

"That's a really big question". Anna answered while drawing imaginary circles on Damon's chest.

"I guess he does care for Lucy. so much. Perhaps, this baby that they are expecting will make their bond stronger. But i doubt it if he has forgotten Abigail". She said.

"You guys were so close right?" Damon asked referring to Anna and Abigail.

"Very Close and I miss her so much."

"As at the time she got back to her hometown, She usually call me to say hi. Then suddenly she stopped calling. I tried reaching her but luck was not on my side". Anna said. sadness evident in her voice.

"So what if Abigail appears today?" What will you do? Damon asked.

Anna chuckled. " You must be kidding me, I even doubt it. The Abigail i know won't come back unless God intervene. My brother really hurt her a lot." Anna said.

"Don't you think things will be more complicated if she comes back?" Anna asked. Turning her full attention to Damon.

"I mean, Lucy and Liam are engaged already and they are expecting a baby." she clarified.

"Yeah, it will". Damon answered while running a hand through his hair. Clearly frustrated from all these drama.

"Goodnight my love." Anna said while yawning.

"Goodnight baby". Damon said and kissed her forehead.

That same evening at Liam's house.

He and Lucy were cuddling.

Liam stayed with Lucy the whole weekend because she was not feeling too well. Now that she's pregnant, he treats her more like an egg. Afraid that she could break at anytime.

"So do you want our baby to be a girl or a boy?" Lucy asked.

"I guess i'm okay with any gender, I just want the baby to be healthy". Liam replied with a smile.

Lucy returned a forced smile to him. A pang of guilt washed over her. She knows deep down she won't be able to give Liam what he wants. "A healthy baby".

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