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   Chapter 6 Six

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Three Weeks Later.

Today, Being a Friday, Abigail left work earlier than usual since Fridays was only a half day at Damon Inc. By 3pm, She was already out of the office.

She entered her Apartment and was attacked by her Bundles of joy.

"Mommy!" Both Lawrence and Lenora Screamed as They ran to Abigail and Hugged her leg.

Abigail chuckled as she tried to release herself from them, she crouched down to their height and kissed them on the forehead before pulling them into a hug. She missed them.

"How are my babies doing?" Abigail asked while pulling away from the joint hug.

"We are fine Mommy". The twins chorused.

"Guess who's coming to pay us a visit Tomorrow ?" Abigail said to her twins.

"Who?" They asked anxiously.

"Your Aunt Bella is coming to see both of you. She said she misses you two." Abigail said.

"Really?" Lenora asked.

"Yes dear." Abigail confirmed.

"Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Aunt Bella is Coming tomorrow." The twins got so happy and started jumping up and down.

They ran to the Kitchen to give Gabby, Their Nanny the news that their aunt Bella will be coming to visit them the next day.

Lenora Started telling Gabby how aunt Bella usually take care of them in their hometown and how she buys them present whenever she visits. Lenora spread her small arms describing the amount of present aunt Bella usually buy for she and Lawrence.

Abigail just smiled at her children telling Gabby about Bella. She greeted Gabby before proceeding to her room for a shower. After she got into the bath, Her mind flashed back to her Afternoon's Encounter.

"Could it be true?" Abigail felt sad about how Liam had moved on with his life and had totally forgotten about her. She thought they had something special even though they both failed to admit it. But he proved her wrong. He had moved on....


Abigail was just coming back from her lunch break. She went to a restaurant which was two buildings away from Damon Inc.

On entering the building, She heard a familiar voice call her name. She looked back and saw that it was Ernest, The Williams most trusted driver.

"Abigail, is that you?" Ernest asked in order to be sure that he didn't stop the wrong person.

Before he had the nerve to call her name, he was contemplating if she was the one or not because she looked so different, Matured. Unlike the Abigail he knew five years ago.

"Yes it's me". Abigail said. Almost whispering. She was in shock.

'"You look so different" Ernest said as he walked towards her and gave her a hug. Bringing her out from her shocked state.

'You too Ernesto'. She managed to say.

"Do you work here?" He asked surprised at what Abigail was doing in front of Damon Inc.

"No, no. I came to see a friend". She lied.

"And you. What are you doing here?" Abigail asked curiously.

"I drove Anna here to see her Fiance." Ernest said.


icture. It was a picture of Anna and another girl who looks very familiar. He picked up the picture from the drawer to have a clearer view. Then that was when it hit him. It was her. Abigail. No wonder she looked familiar on the day of the interview.

He remembered the first time he saw Abigail's picture. It was during their masters when Liam had confessed to him about what transpired between him and Abigail. That night, Liam had also showed him her picture.

Does Liam know that Abigail is presently in the city?

No he really doubt it. He remembered how Liam was anxious to go back home to apologize to her only to find out she had left. He remembered how Liam searched for her. They both went to the address Abigail left as her home address when working for the Williams, Only to discover that it was a fake address. He remembered how Liam found it very hard to move on which he eventually did after a very long time.

That was when he met Lucy. His Secretary. They started off as close friends. Damon told Lucy about Liam's past and Lucy promised Damon to help Liam be the happy guy he used to be and move on. Damon did not know how Lucy did it but it got to a stage that they started dating and now they are engaged and most importantly expecting a baby.

Damon knew Liam cares for Lucy. A lot. But he isn't sure if he loves her deep down for he certainly knows that Liam had never forgotten about Abigail and even Lucy knows that too.

The Twins. Abigail's twins. "Could they be Liam's children?" Damon asked himself. Because Abigail had never mentioned anything about their father.

"OH HEAVENS. Why does life has to be so complicated?" Damon asked himself again.

Abigail has a lot of questions to answer. Before he reveals anything, He needs to Confront Abigail and it has to be as soon as possible.

Then he did what exactly came to his mind. He texted her to meet him at their usual restaurant, the following evening.

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