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   Chapter 1 One

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The bus came to a halt when it reached Abigail's bus stop. She came down with her suit case which she held in her right hand

She stood still, closed her eyes and inhaled the fresh breeze. She had missed her home. The famous Buxton town.

Carrying her brown old leather suit?case, She began to walk towards her house as it was a four minutes walk away from the bus stop.

After stopping severally on the road to stretch her right arm because of how heavy her suit case was, She finally got to her house.

She opened the small wooden gate and entered. She took in the environment and saw it was pretty much the same since her last visit.

A brown bungalow house with a short white wooden fence around. Short grasses in front of the house with a pathway in the middle, leading to the front door.

She loved her home. It was very quiet, cozy and neat.

She walked through the pathway to the front door. Then she placed her suit case on the floor beside her and knocked the door twice.

She played with the hem of her clothe as she waited patiently for her mom to come open the door.

Sarah, her mother opened the door and was shocked to see her daughter standing there.

"Abigail, you're here." Her mom said surprised.

"Yes mom." She chuckled and gave her mom a hug which she returned.

"Mom, you look lean. Haven't you been taking your medications." She asked as soon as she pulled away from the hug and took in her mom's appearance.

Sarah a 44 year old woman was dressed in a long blue dress and her hair packed in a pony tail.

"I take them regularly my dear. I guess its normal for me to lose weight with my condition. Why don't you bring your suit case in and tell me how you have been doing". Sarah completed.

She opened the door wider for Abigail to come in which she did after lifting her suit case and Sarah locked the door behind her to go join her daughter who had already taken a seat on the Sofa.

Their house was a normal size house, a two bedroom apartment with a bathroom down the hallway, a kitchen, living room and a very small corner which served as their dinning room.

There was nothing much in the living room. Just a brown sofa and two chocolate brown couches, a television and different pictures which was framed on the wall.

They don't pay rent for the house because it was inherited by Sarah's late husband.

Sarah took a seat beside her daughter on the Sofa. She knew something was wrong with the sudden visitation.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?" Sarah asked giving Abigail that 'don't tell me nothing is wrong look.'

Abigail Sighed at her mother's look. Her mother knew her too well for her to start telling lies.

"I quit working for the Williams". She answered.

Initially, Sarah never wanted her daughter to work as a maid. She wanted Abigail to go to college and have a better life. But since her husband died when her daughter was ten It became very difficult for them to live comfortably.

Sarah did her best by doing two jobs per day. That was until she became sick and could no longer work. By then Abigail had completed high school.


g the stubborn child she originally is, Abigail decided to take up a job as a maid. Her mother was against it at first but Abigail ended up persuading her. She told her mother she wanted to use the money for college but deep down, she wanted to use it for her mother's surgery. To her, her Mother's health was more important than college.

"Why? Did they treat you bad?" Sarah asked.

"No mom. I just decided that......."

Before Abigail could go any further, She suddenly felt nauseous and fled to the bathroom where she emptied the content in her stomach.

After puking her gut out, She felt dizzy so she sat on the floor for a while.

Sarah walked into the bathroom. She approached her daughter who was seated on the floor, she helped her up, splashed some cold water on her face and made her rinse her mouth. After which she made Abigail seat on the edge of the bath tub.

Deep down, Sarah knew her daughter was pregnant. She looked at Abigail with a sad expression on her face and Abigail broke into tears feeling extremely guilty.

"Mom i'm sorry". She apologized as she cried.

Sarah took a seat beside Abigail and engulfed her into a hug. Abigail sobs got louder as soon as her head rested on her mother's chest.

"I know you are disappointed in me mom. i'm so sorry". she said, guilt evident in her voice.

After Abigail's unending apology, She explained to her mom all that happened between her and Liam and how she found out she was pregnant which is why she resigned from the Williams.

After explaining herself, She burst into another round of tears.

"Abigail look at me." Sarah said while she took Abigail's face into her hands. Using her thumb to wipe away her daughter's tears.

"You are my baby and i cannot be mad at you. What is done is done. You have to stop hating yourself. You need to let go of the past and focus on the present".

"Remember, you are not alone, There's a baby growing inside of you. My grandchild depends on you Abigail. You need to be strong for him or her." Sarah said as she placed her warm hands on Abigail's belly.

Abigail could not contain her joy when she heard her mom call her unborn child her grand child. She pulled her mom back into a tight hug.

"Thanks mom. Thank you so much for not judging me". she said and Sarah gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"You need to eat something dear, my grandchild must be hungry. Take a shower and i will make us dinner okay". She said to Abigail who nodded in return after which Sarah walked out of the bathroom to start dinner.

Abigail took a quick shower and dried herself with a towel. She stepped out of the shower tub, took a look at her body in the mirror that was attached to the wall and caressed her still flat belly.

"You have me and your Grandma. We'll be fine okay." She said as she looked down at her belly.

After dinner, sarah filled Abigail up with what have been happening in the community since her last visit. Abigail also confessed to her mom about her working to save up for her surgery and not her college. Hence, she told her mom they would be going to the hospital the next day.

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