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   Chapter 13 Another Heather In Heaven

Dark Bandit Sun By Rian Torr Characters: 3706

Updated: 2018-10-28 12:02

Kyle could tell it was Heather. She was tied to post, but soon untied by hands.

"Kyle!" she screamed when they pulled the gag from her mouth. She ran to him.

Edgwyn grew enraged, just as Wrythryn had planned—and she swooped in to kill.

She would take Heather from him once again—insanely thinking that would help.

Heather stepped through the Gateway, just as Edgwyn descended—Kyle yelling.

"Heather! Watch out!" But Jax had returned from the edge of death—now here.

Jax galloped up beside Edgwyn in a flash, firing off from his bow into her back.

She collapsed with a dozen punctures and feathered bolts protruding upwardly.

He alighted from Kormak—jumping down to hack away at her with machete.

He was securing his freedom—and he would not fail in that measure this day.

The Snakes all around surrounding them began now to tighten their noose.

They followed the chain of command in minutia—telepathically--as One.

Wrythryn looked on smiling. This chaos in the mix was drumming up well.

He sensed the cavalry were coming soon, as the Squatch Guard approached.

He sl

ld never see you again … The End."

"I know, babe … Can you believe it …? Can you believe what has been happening?""Just tell me we're going to make it through this, okay? Because I'll die without you."

"Just remain calm, we have to go back soon, my power diminishes the longer we stay."

"But this place is like Heaven, are you kidding me? How long can was stay, honestly."

"Heather … I love you more than anything. I would do anything, if I could, I swear."

"So we have to go back to … to those Snakes … and … aliens ... Please, God no ..."

"Do not worry, I have a plan … But you must stay here for now, just for a moment."

They found Deo near the lakeshore, waiting for Kyle's return. He was healing now.

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