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   Chapter 15 Dark Star Rising In The East

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Mystix roared. She had no use for words. Hybrid blood would soon flow free.

Deo grabbed Heather, pulling her aside, knowing Kyle was their only hope.

"What's happened?" Kyle growled. He saw the trance in the Squatch's eyes.

She moved in on him, as they circled together—man and beast in dance.

They symbolized an eternity of opposition—between their two races.

Even as their brethren banded together—they eyed each other for death.

Kyle did not want to kill the Yeti, but he would not let her stand in his way.

She breathed heavily, grunting—then she began beating her chest in show.

Callen nearly succumbed under the intense inferno of Wrythryn's twisting tongue.

But other Squatch came on strong—and soon the SWAT teams were sniping hard.

Vedek finally found the focus to Shyft, narrowly averting death under hot lead.

He side-stepped the chains and reverted corporeal outside the truck—fleeing.

He only made it across the intersection before ten Squatch had him pinned.

Wrythryn took a ton of bullets—a handful of thunderbolts—and some bow bolts.

He screamed and fired out the truck like the fourth of July—frying so very many.

But he was done before dealing the blow—and crumpled down like a bag of bricks.

So too with him fell the Fate of an Annunaki Invasion—not failed but forever twisted.

For with his death, Mystix's trance lifted—and she instantly reverted to her normal self.

Mystix had moved in for the kill, but Kyle could easily keep her at bay by Shyfting.

This frustrated her mindless state, so that she could only think to turn on the others.

Deo and Heather were far off, however--and Kyle kept baiting her away from them.

He kept reasoning with her, sensing this was not her intent—that she was innocent.

But she would not listen, nor speak—but clawed and thrashed at his illusory mirage.

Finally, he stepped into this dimension, giving up—frustrated himself by the measures.

He had tried so hard, for so many days now, to make sense of any of it—his mind blew.

All he had left, was to give in to Fate, to see what really may have happened that day.

Whether he shot himself on the frozen lake or not, what really mattered was reality now.

Whether Om was involved in transforming his future—whether Destiny decided it all—did not matter—for he was sure as the Sun revolved on its axis—that his next choice would be his own.

So like Deo saved him, he gave his own life, in order to put an end to the helplessness.

But just before Mystix could kill, she snapped back to herself—and it was like an omen.

Fate saved Kyle in that second, allowing him to live on—and so he took it as a blessing.

Mystix stumbled to her knees, unsure of her footing—not remembering what happened.

Kyle helped her up—explaining what went on—when she recalled everything at once.

Then she filled him in on the approaching cavalry—who then shortly appeared in sight.

The military—the Squatch commanders—and a legion of private assassins approached.

Soon plans were made to carry on Earth's revolt against the Annunaki—well into night.

Kyle, Heather, Deo,



Deo sought to fog Om's mind with raw emotion, possibly opening a hole in his defenses.



Om lost control over his mounting anger—and his grip on the Synthesistika slipped.

Miramar rumbled again—then settled as Om struggled to recapture his Soulfyr vortex.

But having just barely brought together the spectrum before losing concentration—and seeing all dimensions collapse together—the vision was burned into him—and his mind sank into oblivion.

He was a rogue Elder Grey long ago, who one day went awol to try to save the human soul.

His mission was Fate—and his role was Creator—but he lost himself to the power in it all.

His Third Keye for Kyle was actually meant for him—the entire time not seeing the Truth.

Now he saw All Time, All Space—and he knew All Things. His death would not come easy.

Mystix busted down the back door and they surged in like soldiers—not knowing what wicked forces awaited them—not understanding Om had been waiting unto this time of Nibiru—for he felt his life purpose was not just to manipulate the Fates of Souls on Earth—but also to become ever greater, ever more powerful—ever more omnipotent—ever more omnipresent—until he was man become God.

Kyle did not know whether he would ever see Heather again, so he prayed for her—and all of his friends. Mystix bristled with the strength of a world of Squatch behind her—for she knew these were times when courage prevailed—and so she drew on her ancient primal spirits. Deo held on to hope in every second that before long this would all be over—and he could get back to human again.

They barged into Om's study, not to find a man, but a raging maelstrom of cosmos incarnate.

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Rian Torr is a 42 year old Canadian novelist

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