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   Chapter 14 Frozen Lakes Are Forever

Dark Bandit Sun By Rian Torr Characters: 3195

Updated: 2018-10-22 12:03

"Deo …? What's happening?"

"My powers are coming back."

"Why? What changed--Om?"

"No, I don't think so, " he said.

"Then what? What's different?"

"I think it's beyond Om, honestly."

"You mean … Fate healed you?"

He nodded. "While you were gone, I lay here and died. I felt the life slip from my body—and begin to go off to the other side—but a gold-skinned woman walked across that stream, beckoning to me to return. She said that she had the power to grant me reprieve—for I had redeemed my Soul. By saving your life, at the risk and eventual end of my own—I had finally learned to help others first. I was stuck as a Wynderelf because I refused to put those Souls I was in charge of ahead of my own."

"So now you are no longer Wynderelf?"

"My life was returned, but not the powers."

"Then it is as if you never really died at all."

"Not yet, anyway, " Deo said, grinning giddily.

Kyle shook his hand. It was fi

f the mindless, rabid, snarling Squatch.

Perhaps Om was right, he thought. He might lose control over his powers, before losing his powers altogether. He redoubled efforts to focus his Synthesistika—but it was difficult.

'That is your Third Keye, Kyle Kane. The final piece to your lesson in Passing On. The more you grasp power—the more it consumes you—until you would kill yourself for losing it.'

"I NEVER DIED!" he screamed. He now knew it was his choice what happened.


"You will damn the day you save me, then, Om … For soon I will come for you."

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