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   Chapter 12 Heaven & Hell In Parallel

Dark Bandit Sun By Rian Torr Characters: 2602

Updated: 2018-10-22 12:03

Kyle kept an eye on Deo a dimension away—when a chopper appeared.

Rex and Clay came down in the helicopter—circling around to land.

The hordes of Lizards still surrounded them, but stayed at a distance.

Rex and Clay came running over together, being equally concerned.

Kyle approached them and explained that they were in a stalemate.

He told them to take off again and he would soon signal them down.

Then just as he was turning around, he saw her standing over there.

She had now morphed into Heather again—but it was the Other Her.

It was the Evil Her—the Reptilian Her—his new Annunaki girlfriend.

But he found he was having mixed feelings, now seeing her again.

There was Her—and the memories of the real Heather mixed in.

He wanted to go to h

n, unable to bear the proceedings.

"NO KYLE, " Edgwyn cried out. "Please come back to me … Please come ..."

He turned to her, not out of love, but trying desperately to spin the moment out.

Her way was Hell—and Heather's way was Heaven—parallel lines so opposite.

But Wrythryn saw a hole through, throwing up a Gateway over to Heather now.

"Here is your woman, Kyle Kane … Go to her or bid her come as you see fit."

"Kyle … It's a trick … She's really dead … That's not her … I swear to you."

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