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   Chapter 10 Never Meet Me In Limbo

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Om pushed a pawn across, playing chess with himself. It was how he dealt with eternity. He was now enjoying watching Deo realize his time was nearly up. He had gone astral just in time—as the kitchen blew out in a dozen fireballs—but soon he would rematerialize, as his powers petered out.

He struggled to hold on with all his will, for if he jumped back now he would burn to death.

He watched in horror as the man in black's skin and bones melted in a dead pile on the floor.

He could not see whether Clay and Rex had pulled back in time or whether they were caught.

Om relished every second, steering Fate with his mind—praying for Deo to make his choice.

He could live or he could die—but if he survived at all, it would have to be on Om's terms.

Om manifested before Deo in the flames as they raged—smiling broadly at his student.

'You were always a favourite, Deo, before you turned on me. Come back to the fold.'

"You don't own me! You lied to me! I'd rather burn to death than be burdened again."

'I lied for your own good, Deo. You must know I have always wanted Fate to flourish.'

"Maybe in your own image! I have learned my lesson. Kane taught me about freedom."

"Kane? He does not know his Destiny any better than you. You both balk at Fortune!"

"We know what it means to live and die. We did not choose Eternity like you! We have simply decided to reclaim our right to choose—and if that means I pass on through—then so be it!"

'I choose My Path with every bit of freedom as you now choose, Deo. I am Justice!'

"You are just a madman! You do know know how you affect the Synthesistika! You play havoc with humanity for your own ends—to feed your own Ego—no better than the Snakes ... You may have been responsible for so much that you do not know—yet you do not care—you just carry on."

'I will never stop my pursuit of the perfect plan—the brightest burn-out for any star—the fullest follow through of any life—the most intricate trajectory toward formerly unreachable futures.'

"Mark my words, Om ... Before we are finished, I will be the teacher—and you will die."

Om erupted into laughter. 'You are in little position for such large threats—but we will see.'

Deo did not lose focus—for he could not afford to unconciously Shyft at this trying moment.

The flames danced before his eyes—and all he could do was breath and pray for inner strength.

Om vanished--returning to his passive observance—to see how Fate made this now play out.

Deo could still hear him cackling however—in his delusions of grandeur—and wild will.

Meanwhile, Clay and Rex waited for the fire to burn out before going back in for Deo.

"He will be okay, " Rex reassured Clay. "You know it by now. He's more than human."

Clay nodded. "What is he exactly? What happened to him? Does it have to do with you?"

"No. He tried to kill himself—and now he's trapped in two worlds. Some call them Wynderelves. We studied them a bit in training. He's the first that I have actually met in the field."

Clay lowered his head in deep thought. "When did he do it? I mean ... how do you know?"

"I don't ... I never asked ... That is just how the legend goes—and how he related it to me."

Clay smirked. "It's just like him, always going getting himself in some crazy mess again."

The fires were now settled into a steady burn—explosions having ended—building burning.

Structural supports were creaking and so they hurried in dodging beams and flames all along.

They found Deo slowly standing up. He moved away from the fire and finally rematerialized.

Then he nearly collapsed, with Clay and Rex both grabbing him under the arms, pulling up.

"Are you okay, son?"

"I'm fine, but spent."

"Can you walk?"

"I can sure try."

"Can you climb?"

They mounted steps.

Every minute was tense.

Every footfall echoed times ten.

Rescue awaited them on the roof.

All that was left was to hoof it up.

It was a race against all bad omens.

It was a longshot effort for freedom.

It was a last resort—top-side bound.


ing down the winged ones.

Kyle rolled over, recovering his strength fast—dazed but not hurt bad—soon up on his feet.

Deo was running low on ammo, but continuing to fire off warning rounds at any stray Snake.

"Long time no see, partner, " Kyle said smirking. Then he noticed Deo faint and caught him.

"Is it happening then?" he said, laying Deo down on the ground. He appeared to be dying.

"I guess Om will have the last laugh, but I had a good one going down, " he said weakly.

"Hang on … I'm not going to lose you yet, " Kyle said, concentrating, infusing light.

The Snakes were closing in again, sensing weakness—as Kyle tried to revive Deo.

But then the Lizards parted, making way for Wrythryn who landed in their ranks.

He approached Kyle, who was frantically repairing Deo's degenerating Soulfyr.

Kyle could not keep it up for long. "I will set you in the next dimension for now."

"Don't bother, " Deo said, smiling. "I think it is my Destiny. Cannot cheat forever."

"You don't deserve to go yet, brother, just keep yourself together another few minutes."

Kyle cut a ribbon through reality with just a finger—so truly powerful was he now, due to Nibiru's imposing influence—that the very essence of space melted away under a swift and sure swipe.

He picked up Deo in his arms and placed him through the stitch in time, setting him down in a distant time—on a different land—then brushed the Gate closed again, standing up before Wrythryn.

"I have brought you the one thing you seek, " the Snake said, breathing fire so Kyle could see.

In the flames, Heather stood between two Lizards, struggling, gagged—crying in anguish.

"Let her go!" Kyle roared. "You do not know who you are messing with now monster!"

"I know all too well, hybrid … Do not fool yourself into thinking you out-match me."

"I WILL DESTROY YOU!" Kyle screamed.

"She will die if you so much as take a step."

Kyle hesitated, torn between rage and sense.

"That is better, use your head and survive."

"What is it you want from me exactly?"

"Do as I say and you will see her again."

Kyle surrendered, defeated by the game.

"You are my bait, " Wrythryn explained.

"Who is your prey? What do I attract?"

"You already know the answer to that."

Wrythryn stepped closer. "Summon her."

"Summon who? Oh … you mean … …"

Wrytrhyn nodded. "Now you begin to see."

"Do you mean she followed me here then?"

"She is close. Call out to her, in your mind."

Kyle now knelt in submission to the demand.

He closed his eyes. He thought of Edgwyn.

He thought of their time together.

He opened up to her in his heart.

He met her in limbo, leading on.

Come back to me, he summoned.

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