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   Chapter 9 Snakes Never Far Behind

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When there came a knock upon the door, Kyle became suspicious.

Under a heavy-handed hush he urged Heather to hide in the bedroom.

She would have agreed--but she could already smell her Highlord cometh.

She shook her head and pointed at the door. "Our future ends behind that door."

He looked at her oddly. Once again he felt as if she was foreign to her own skin.

"Who is here?"


Kyle smirked nervously.

He checked the eye-hole.

A man in black nodded back.

"Mr. Kane, I just want to have a word of your time."

"What do you want?" Kyle spoke through the door.

"Just let me in a minute, I promise you it's important."

"Listen to me, " Heather said, suddenly de-morphing.

She allowed her psychic cloak to fall away as well.

Suddenly where his girlfriend was stood a Snake.

"What the Hell is going on ... Heather? Is it you?"

"Kyle, I can explain ... Just don't open that door."

"Why? You better talk fast, whatever you are .."

"Mr. Kane ...? This will only take a minute ..."

"Kyle ... He's bound by an ancient tradition, that we must be invited in to our victims' domains. None are bound to abide, but most do ... If you let him in--"

"Just tell me one thing ... What happened to Heather?"She shook her head, wishing he would not ask her of it.

"You do not want to know ... Please, I promise you ..."

"You owe me this much ... if you respect me at all ..."

"I cannot ... I'm trying to tell you ... She's dead, Kyle."

She did not want to lie, but she did not want to lose him.

"I don't believe you!" he said, reaching for the door knob.

"Please Kyle ...!" she cried out, unsheathing her long claws.

"Mr. Kane ... I know where your Heather is ... May I enter?"

Kyle's hand began to turn the knob, when finally he had an idea.

He opened the door, but when the man went to cross the threshold--he summoned the Shfyt, sending the man into the past once more—back into French's Forest of Olden Days.

Then he followed, stepping through the doorframe—bending Synthesistika.

He found himself on a mountain summit. The man had fallen in the snow—but when he went over to him—he found the man had lost form—and reverted to Snake like Heather had done.

"So ... She was right to be wary ... What else are you hiding devil? Is Heather dead?"

Wrythryn recovered his feet under him, now towering over Kyle like an Ancient Giant.

"Very crafty, for a human—or whatever manner of hybrid you are—but we are done."

"What do you mean? You have come with knowledge. I must ensure it is delivered."

"The girl was bait. You were just a distraction. Now the world burns—and you die."

Wrythryn swung—but Kyle backed off—reluctant to get entangled in mortal combat.

His priority was finding Heather—and this lizard was no longer useful. He Shyfted.

Back in the room with the imposter—Edgwyn begged him to tell her what happened.

"Listen—don't ever talk to me again. I don't know what you were trying to pull here—or who you were trying to deceive—but I could never love ... a Lizard. If Heather is dead—then I am done here ... Let us go our separate ways and never cross again, because I do not want to kill you."

She frowned at his fantasy, knowing full well she could rip him in half in a second.

For the first time in her life, she felt herself tearing up as she watch him walk off.

She did not hang around long, fearing Wrythryn's imminent return. The Highlord could Gatewalk as well. It would just take him some time to figure out what dimension he was in.

She tracked Kyle out of town, as he headed back toward New London to find Deo.

Jax followed her in turn, growing increasingly nervous about keeping her around.

"She's a wild card, " Jax reiterated to Om. "She could suddenly become unsound."

Back on Miramar, Om gravely nodded.

"If you want Kyle alive, she goes."

'Very well, Jax. Have it your way.'

"You've decided wisely, old man."

'Just ensure she does not escape.'

"She'll not see tomorrow's light."

When Wrythryn returned through a Shyft of his own, he picked up all three scents of Kyle, Edgwyn and Jax, tracking them back to New London. They became a chain of unstable elements.

He also sensed Vedek had been taken prisoner by the Squatch, so the time-line was tight.

He ordered that the real Heather be brought to Clay's Cafe, in order to be used as bait.

Edgwyn and the hybrid humans would be removed from history all in one fell swoop.

The Squatch would fall to his power—and the final invasion would shortly commence.

As space rock resurfaced the countryside—and tsunamis closed upon cataclysm ... as Nibiru vibrated the very electromagnetic shield of Earth—and volcanoes erupted violently ... as earthquakes shook into action, crumbling mantel crust to dust—so these endgame players lived out their last day.

Clay heard a quiet knock at the door and he knew it was men in black come back.

His heart hammered as he reached out to pull the curtain aside and see them there.

He fumbled with the lock, then stopped—taking a moment to recalibrate his calm.

Then he opened it in swift motion—dead-locking their gazes with his own in steel.

None of them moved for a good three seconds—when the man in lead broke first.

"Your time is up. What is your decision, old man? We are prepared either way."

"Are you sure there is really no other way we can r


He had to find him before the light went out, leaving them without their tether.

Reptilians now swarmed the streets, as people ran in all directions screaming.

He pulled over his hoodie low, dousing his Soulfyr—climbing out of the cab.

Little did he know, as he marched across the street, that Edgwyn watched over.

She could not reveal herself, from hiding under darkness in the next dimension.

But she would have him—Kyle would be hers again—before the day was done.

Little did she know, as she hung back in anticipation, that Jax could smell her.

He rode in fast—and he knew where she crouched—up atop a gargoyle spire.

Little did he know, as he closed in on her, that Wrythryn closed in on him.

Wrythryn now flew through the air, with his ten foot wings, towering.

His shadow flitted across the fearsome faces of humans below.

He tracked Jax at a matched pace, coordinating his Greys.

He could now see Kyle, in his mind's eye, close enough.

He instructed nearby Snakes to square off with him.

This was going to be a collision of colossal forces.

There was going to be no survivors—at least in spirit.

An eclipse of the human collective conscious was occuring in tandem with the arrival of Nibiru—as negative reflected light—as darkness sunk into sand—and anything that goes went on for awhile—before being born again—in a New World Paradigm of consciousness.

Wrythryn also sensed that Vedek was tracking him—shackled down in the back of a truck under Squatch guard—flanked in the street by gangs of the beast on Clydesdales. So he would soon get one last chance to subjugate the collective mind of the Yeti--pleasing the Carnal Mother.

He also sensed humans marching beside the Squatch. Policemen rode along on horse or motorcycle—military in jeep—and tanks front and rear—escorting the beast. Cop cars and unmarked swarmed throughout the side-streets. Helicopters buzzed back and forth above, gunning down Reptilians left and right. All over the world, as the dimensions collapsed in on themselves, the criminal elements of the humans, who were in collusion with the Snakes, were now exposed—paving way for the Yeti and men to band together against the common threat of the Nibiru invaders.

Humanity was rising up at lightning speed, ousting the tyrants and taking prisoner those in bed with Snakes—reclaiming their worthiness of virtue—teaming up with the beast at last.

Some men in black went rogue, turning back from the shadow side just in time.

Some Greys grew a heart again, remembering the true value in mortality—removing their suits that had kept them alive so long, as long as they wore it—now finally settled on dying at last, releasing themselves back into the Great Stream of the Universe—absolving their greedy grip.

Squatch dispatched Snakes by the dozens, with firepower and numbers behind them. The Lizards had already been severely crippled and thinned by the Underground War—so few of them had amassed more than a few dozen together at once—not enough to make them a dire threat—but nevertheless more were always never far behind—and so their numbers were never-ending—plus their ships overhead were faring better—heavily engaged in dogfights with jets and other ufo's.

But little did most of them truly know, as they battled for their right to life that day, in every possible way, from continent to continent—across every ocean--that Om ever loomed over all, even more powerful than Wrythryn in the Shyft—even more prescient than every Elder Grey in union—almost as ever-present as Nibiru had now become—supercharged by the dark sun's dynamism.

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