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   Chapter 8 Subterranean Devildogs

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Mystic led a team of Squatch into the underworld, to where she knew the shallowest outpost was located—where they quickly took the Snakes by surprise and dispatched them.

From there, they ventured deeper, coordinating through sonic calls that echoed nicely off the subterranean walls. They were no strangers below ground. They had been training.

The Squatch had long been patiently preparing for the Annunaki invasion.

They also had teams scouring the world over for Reptilians in any form.

The first rout would have the element of surprise—and blood would rise.

Soon, Vedek discovered that a Squatch Rebellion had begun—and he knew he could wait no longer. He had no more hope of controlling the Squatch now—but he must act.

He punched his widescreen up to Highlord Wrythrn.

'The Beast bites back. The time has come to strike.'

"We are still confident Edgwyn will provide us info."

'We have no more luxury for masterminding subterfuge.'

"You are Elder Grey, but we can over-rule early invasion."

'Very well, but mind me closely, this War will begin soon.'

Vedek would go to the Carnal Mother for permission.

In the meantime, Wrythryn had bought Edgwyn time.

He was just no longer sure she deserved the favour.

What little loyalty Snakes had for their kin was gone.

The next time Vedek came calling, he would acquiesce.

Deo and Rex holed up above Clay's Cafe, unsure what to expect next. They checked their guns and paced about. Deo checked the paper, reading that Nibiru was throwing a wake of tsunamis across the Earth that was rushing toward the Western world—and would arrive before dusk.

Rex flipped on the tv to see a report about meteors pummelling every hemisphere.

Down below, Deo's dad Clay was alerted by staff to some suspicious men in black.

Crashed out at their rented pad in Old York, Kyle had a crazy dream about Heather.

It was a perfectly normal scenario, where he just woke up, came out to find her making breakfast—and gave her a big hug from behind. But then, after some small talk, a feeling washed over him that this was the first time he had seen her in forever. He told her as much—to which she smiled: 'You know why that is babe? It's because I have been gone.'

"What do you mean? You slept beside me all night."

She only smiled. 'Did you really know me so well?'

The comment felt like an ice pick in his heart.

Then he woke up in a cold sweat—cursing.

Heather came in to see that he was alright.

He told her everything about the dream.

She nodded imperceptibly at the details.

She told him it was just a nightmare.

He agreed and they got ready to go.

They could not stay in one place for long.

They would head west toward the Silver Coast, in the hopes of the Snakes eventually losing interest. They would run as far and wide as necessary to get away from it all.

But all the time, Kyle could not shake this feeling like he was alone.

Om nodded gravely from up on Miramar. Jax had rented a room next to Kane and his snake girl—where he unwrapped a small orb on the bed--which allowed Om to spy on the two with ease.

'His subconscious is struggling to recognize conscious weaknesses. At night, he knows exactly what is going on. In the morning, he returns to a corporeal existence, unwilling to see Truth.'

"The longer we stall, the more chance of other Snakes coming round. Let me do it."

"Nonsense. This may save these Wynderelves from certain doom—and keep us out of it. That has always been my main concern—not interfering with the waves of the Synthesistika."

"As you wish, but mark my word, this girl is no prey. She is a deadly predator."

'I am sure you can handle yourself Jax. Hold tight and keep your eyes peeled.'

"They're clearly on the run. What do you suppose from? It's a mistake to wait!"

'Do you wish your freedom? This is not up for debate. These are your orders.'

Clay's restaurant was his pride, but his real business was a street game, so he knew how to take care of his territory and tackle security matters of import with a distaste for restraint.

Approaching the men in black, he kept his hands behind his back. He bowed.

They hardly acknowledged his presence.

"Good afternoon ... How is your day?"

The men in black turned toward him.

Clay cleared his throat. "Gentlemen ..."

"We will spare you, if you give him up."

"Excuse me?" Clay said, slack-jawed.

"Your son, Deo .. and the man Rex."

"I don't know who you think you are ..."

"Silence. You must chose shortly."

"I am ... not hiding anyone, I swear ... I have not seen my son in many months. Now the two of you ... You can either order something or leave."

"We will return in one hour for your boy."

Clay retired into the kitchen, sweating hard.

"What do they want?" his wife fretted on.

He went into the back to fetch Old Dawn.

It was a sentimental pet name for a pistol.

But by the time he returned they were gone.

They left a note saying they would be back.

They warned that he had one hour to comply.

He did not warn Deo, but made some calls.

His boys would back him up in a heartbeat.

But sometimes professionals were in order.

Then he plotted—remembering his instincts.

When his heart hammered, senses soared—then he was in the zone—ready to be cunning

g the Elder more room to maneuver.

Mystix came on strong once more—but Vedek was ready, closing his eyes.

He summoned Firebrand--Stardaemon—before which even Snakes quaked.

It stood twenty feet tall, aflame from head to foot—a serpent of Hellfire and frost.

It's eyes were as hot as brimstone—yet its gaze was of an icy air—of a calculus cold.

It's breath was as bright as the sun—yet it's presence was darkly intimidating—vampiric.

It's wingspan danced in exploding stars—yet its black claws cut swaths through reality's fabric.

Mystic did not flinch under the broad shadow of the Serpent—sharply drawing her courage up.

Callen came up behind Vedek, careful not to alert his presence, shielding his mind from him.

Mystix lunged to one side when the Firebrand breathed funnel of flames across her far flank.

Callen came down upon Vedek's head with two fists, roaring in rage as he crushed into flesh.

The Firebrand breathed a river alit in sparks at Mystix, who was burned harshly in the onrush.

Vedek crumpled to the ground under Callen's attack, but cast back with bolts of fire surging.

Callen dodged to one side, caught in the line, as his face was singed up by licking flames.

Mystix bore through the piercing pain of her burns, pressing on, lunging at the Firebrand.

The Firebrand swatted her back with its wings, but she replied with a harrowing war call.

The lizard bird shuddered at the sound of primal ultimatum—the sound of madness itself.

The hesitation alone was long enough for Mystix to find fault in the Firebrand's defenses.

She swatted her way in then grappled the dragon down to the hard, broken street, flailing.

The Snake Lord writhed beneath, burning her, firing flames and slashing with claws.

It cried havoc and created misery for most, but not this day, not this way with Mystix.

She struck and slammed--slugged and slashed--the winged beast into utter obliteration.

She had no plans past annihilation, no conceit but inevitability—no shame but failure.

The Dragon would die, extinguished into irrelevance—but the Carnal Mother yet lived.

Callen smirked, numbing his material self to the physical pain of assault, striking Vedek.

The Grey struck back—so the two were locked into an intimate battle for pure survival.

He feared Vedek winning—for too much was on line—too much was at stake overall.

But because Vedek had the spark of evil in him—his perseverance could not outlast.

He succumbed under Callen's rabid onslaught—slowly getting pummelled into dust.

His final desires were of mortal bent—as he regretted ever wanting to be everlasting.

"Let me help you, " Vedek croaked, barely able to vocalize his surrender, so defeated.

Callen briefly considered the offer, then proceeded to destroy him—but was stopped.

Mystix held him back, shaking her head—denying him the Bloodright he had earned.

They shackled Vedek's hands behind his back and began to assess their next moves.

The Squatch chain of command was notified that the Elder had been taken prisoner.

Subplanet Reptilians who bled through the barricade continued to surface all over.

Nibiru continued to shake the planet into temporal oblivion—colliding mountains.

Meteors went on disfiguring Mother Nature into the wee hours of the End of Times.

Nothing could have stopped the subterranean Undergods, but the Squatch did well.

Humanity had a chance to fight back--but it was up to them to team with the Yeti.

Dark days lay await for many—but for the few who chose hope—chance changed.

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