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   Chapter 7 In Tragedy Only Do We Trust

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Mystix reached the girl's bedroom but she was gone. The window was open and a night breeze blew the curtain. She stepped across to look out, but saw nothing. The lizard was gone, but then suddenly, two men in black burst in on her. Their guns were drawn and she whirled about roaring. The entire neighbourhood woke up to her Squatch battle-cry. She flung herself madly at them as they opened up first. One, two, three ... nine direct hits and she bled but did not fall, she only grew stronger. Huntington could not believe his eyes. Rex panicked, distracted while reloading. She grabbed him and threw him against the far wall, where he slid to the floor half broken. Huntington pulled his tazer rod and zapped the Squatch in the back—and finally she stumbled to her knees. He reloaded, taking aim at her temple as she breathed heavily, defeated near death as she turned blood-faced toward the barrel.

"You failed your mission, Squatch. Vedek is not pleased with your performance."

"Can he hear us even now?"

"Every word. Every breath."

"Then he will hear your last--"

Huntington fired as she swung. The bullet shot over her shoulder. The gun flew across the floor. She stood again, towering over him—and he backed away, as Rex recovered himself.

Huntington bolted back into the hall as the Squatch came barrelling after him.

The ran right into Kyle and Deo who both cried out at the sight of the beast.

Huntington pushed past them—and the Squatch followed—giving chase back downstairs and outside. "Can you handle this one?" Kyle said, referring to the Rex in the bedroom.

Deo nodded. "No problem, good luck ..."

They shook hands. Kyle dashed downstairs.

Deo spun about, walked over and grabbed Rex by the neck. He pulled him through the closest mirror, into primordial French's Forest by Miramar.

Kyle bolted out the front door after the two.

The Squatch had the man in black held aloft.

She stood in the street choking him to death.

"Heather!" he cried, but she was simply gone.

He approached the beast, holding his hands out.

"What is the meaning of this? Why are you here?"

To his utter astonishment, the Squatch responded.

"I WAS SENT TO KILL YOU, " Mystix roared. She cried as she squeezed the life from Huntington, for she hated killing any man in the end, good or not.

"Please, " he said. "I will get Vedek to free you ..."

She laughed heartily. "You matter not to him!"

"I swear ... Please ... He will listen to me ..."

She continued to flush crush his voice box.

"Who sent you to kill me? Was it ... OM?"

The beast looked bewildered. "The Greys."

Kyle's face fell flat. The aliens were real.

Then she looked up at the clouds parting.

The full moon and Nibiru hung together.

She tossed aside Huntington's lifeless shell.

"Now you must kill me, to prevent a massacre ..."

"Why? What are you saying? Who will die otherwise?"

"All good men, " she said flatly. "All good men die today."

She handed him Huntington's gun, pointed it at her head.

"Do it now, before it is too late. Vedek's control is strong."

"Wait, who's Vedek? How do the Greys tie in to Nibiru?"

"He's an Elder Grey. The Greys are Reptilian-possessed."

"How does Vedek control you? You cannot break free?"

"He is working feverishly, deep in the back of my mind, trying to break me, to bring me back into the fold—to finally let the killing began. I cannot resist for much longer. The blood calls."

"What if we get you away from here, out of Darkhill ... Away from French's Forest, from the ley lines ... Would he still find you then ...? How far is his reach?

"It's as far as the moon and back, so nowhere on Earth is safe."

"Well, what if I said I could get you off the Earth for awhile?"

Jax watched the scene with Mystix and Kyle unfold intently.

Kyle led the Squatch between two trees, where they disappeared.

Jax jumped from his covered position, scanning everywhere.

The new Wynderelf was more powerful than he had thought.

Suddenly then, a pick up truck appeared—and Kyle returned.

Kyle appeared back from between the trees approaching the truck.

Jax found a new bush to crouch behind and continued to observe.

Kyle leaned into the truck and began loudly gabbing with a guy.

Jax was getting tired of waiting game, but his target was ripe.

As soon as the truck pulled away, he would make his move.

Heather walked briskly away from the house, down side streets.

She stripped out of her clothing, naked in the middle of the night.

She morphed into her Reptilian formed and veered into a park.

Vedek would have a sentry ship sent down for her very shortly.

When aboard, she reported to her commanders of the situation.

A phalanx of Greys would be sent in now, to control the damage.

"The human agents are both out of signal—as well as the Squatch. The new Wynderelf has been learning fast, but it is only a matter of time before they rematerialize. It takes years to master even just a few hours of Gatewalking. Greys will be on the ground and ready."

"Deo has returned but left the Squatch off-map. He still allows my eyes into his mind and I saw them behind a waterfall, likely in French's Forest—but when is harder then where."

"We will summon our brothers from below. It will not be difficult for them to pinpoint the time period in that nexus region. Where is the hybrid Deo now? He must not get far."

"I've earned the right to oversee his kill myself. Allow me the first strike."

"Vedek wishes it to be carried out by the Greys, so that plans may proceed."

"Who gives a damn what Vedek wishes! He is nothing but a flesh puppet.

"He is holding your transfer for you. You are better served biting tongue."

"But I am Annunaki! I am of the Mighty Ones, not some pathetic man!"

"The Elder Greys still outrank us on Earth, according to the First Accord."

"Words! I bow to no man. I will pump the hybrid for more info first."

"We have enough to know that he's dangerous to our mission, Edgwyn."

"But there's more to him ... we need to know the source of their power."

"Very well, Edgwyn ... Heather ..." Highlord Wrythyn uttered—cackling. "You do as you see fit—and I will stall Vedek as long as possible. But do not put yourself in further jeopardy. This is not about you and a man—this is about a race war—a planet-wide depopulation of humanity. There is no reason to draw this out any longer than necessary, when grander conquests await."

"At the very least, consider killing the girl. As long as she remains alive, he will sense her on some level—sense that I am not real. I know her now. I have enough to wing it."

The real Heather had thus far been kept unconscious, strapped to a gurney, on a ship that hovered high overhead in the lower atmosphere. They had mapped her brain and implanted those memories, characteristics, values and behavioural attributes into Edgwyn's mind. Edgwyn had put herself into the Psykotron long enough to stimulate her nervous system and allow her to throw up the physical vibrational embodiement of Heather—down to a hair—more precise than a clone.

The new Heather saluted her Highlord and returned to Earth even more determined.

Deo threw Rex up against a tree, gesturing with one finger for silence.

There was a sabretooth tiger on the other side of the stream.

"This will be the last trip you ever take if you speak."

Rex shook his head. Deo released his mouth slowly.

"Now reason with me Rex, without me, you're dead."

"Where the fuck are we? I swear to God I'll kill you."

"With what?" Deo taunted, waving Rex's gun about.

Rex thought about lunging for it, but Deo shook no.

Deo gestured toward the jungle all around them.

"I'm your only ticket home, my friend. Be nice."

"What are you going to do with me? Kill me?"

"Only if you don't answer my questions honestly."

When Kyle led Mystix through the trees, he could not get Heather's eyes out of his mind—so his Shyft was twisted, unbeknownst to him—and despite arriving at the safest place he could focus on, it was nevertheless closer to the belly of the beast—not further.

They emerged together behind a crashing waterfall.

"You'll be safe here, " he said. "Far from Vedek."

"But for how long? I need to alert my people."

"I will help you. But first I go back for Heather. Wait here and when I return, you will tell me how to reach your people—and I will warn them at once."

Mystix watched Kyle walk into the falls vanishing.

Back on Earth, Edgwyn in Reptilian form saw it all.

Her eyes were inside Kyle's mind—on his every step.

So while he was distracted, Snakes would take the Squatch.

When the pickup pulled away, Jax began to prowl closer.

Kyle looked up and around the street, clearly pondering.

He closed his eyes to calm down his mind. Heather!

Time was the substance he had not, but he was lost.

He was uncertain where to start to look for her.

Perhaps her captors would soon come to him.

He started walking down the street up to Elm.

He stood in a low fog, at a crossroads once more.

The full moon and Nibiru kept peeking out of clouds.

Time was running small for him and Deo to confront Om.

He was feeling strange, as if all dimensions were collapsing.

Somehow he knew it was Nibiru throwing reality into flux.

Its electromagnetic fields were interfering with the veils.

This black death in the sky was wrapping Earth up in a shroud of confusion. It's intense influence would begin to cause havoc in the minds, bodies and devices of men.

He felt a pull, a strong connection drawing his gaze upward, like to a father.

His heart chakra beat strong in opposition, recoiling from the cosmic sight like a cat scampering at a high pitch—or a dog whining at a hollow wind and creaking door before a storm.

This was the end time, he thought, the last days before everything came down.

He realized, he was more than between worlds, more than between life and death—more than beyond logic and lunacy—into the realm of life-changing epiphanies—where angels and demons dwelt—when mankind would face itself and decide between good and evil—right and wrong.

He found himself suddenly wondering what his Third Keye was—what Om saw.

Then he heard footfalls in the distance.

From out of the fog Heather emerged.

She looked dazed and shaken but alert.

"What happened to you? It'll be okay."

"I climbed out onto the window ledge."

"What did you see? How did you know?"

"I just heard some noise ... I don't know."

"Nevermind. Let's get you back inside."

Jax was forced yet again to pull back.

The girl's scent was oddly Reptilian.

This hunt had suddenly gone red hot.

Deo got really close in on Rex, harshly demanding answers.

At first Rex refused to cooperate, until he was struck hard.

Deo was in no mood for delay, so he made haste with fists.

But that was not enough, so he pulled Rex's own gun on him.

He threatened to shoot—and when Rex just scoffed—he shot.

He put a bullet in Rex's side, then aimed next at his chest.

Rex's face kept shifting, his skin going scaly, eyes slitted.

A few times Deo saw a snake in a suit, but just for a flash.

Rex lay bloody and crumpled by the time Deo was done.

He huffed and puffed, struggling for breath, ready to talk.

Deo noticed that wires were sticking out of Rex's wound.

The hot sparks of circuitry were flaring under his bruises.

He had no time to process it, more focused on getting into.

He not only got info out of him—he also blew off his anger.

He had been bottling up that rage for some time now indeed.

But deep down he knew who it was really aimed at: one Om.

He picked up the barely conscious Rex and returned to present.

Rex had finally admitted to Deo that he worked for shadow government.

He also told him that they were working with the Greys and Annunaki.

Outside the Kane residence, Deo hailed a cab and threw the driver out.

He shoved Rex in the back and drove downtown toward the police.

Back in the shadows, Jax decided to stay on Kane, having no wheels.

Deo was the prime target, but he would have to hunt him down later.

Besides that, he had the feeling Om would be interested in th

t, for Rex was every bit as strong a driver as them, with equally fast reflexes and nerves no less steely.

"Mother in Hell!" Deo screamed as the roared toward New London.

The highway was quiet that early, allowing them to weave freely.

The first sedan to catch up to them started ramming from behind.

They fish-tailed but Rex regained control. Deo leaned out his window to shoot back at the sedan. He hit their windshield twice but they remained in constant pursuit.

Two more sedans caught up behind the first, waiting coolly in turn.

Just then a long haul eighteen wheeler appeared over the far crest.

It barrelled their way at a quick clip, giving Rex an reckless idea.

"You know why humans are so strange to us Biodroids, Kyle?"

"No, why not tell me ... Instead of keeping eyes on the road."

"Oh I don't need these, " Rex said, closing his eyes, driving on.

"Cute, but I would still feel better with your bloody eyes open."

"Humans ... trust strangers more than they trust their love ones."

"What ...? What the fuck does that have to do with anything?"

"What I mean is, a man will drive down a highway, fully trusting oncoming traffic will not veer into him—yet he needs constant reassurances that close ones love him."

The semi truck and trailer had almost reached them.

The sedans were firing and swerving and hanging on.

"Oh shit ..." Deo said, beginning to see Rex's wild eye.

"But most times, insecurity in love is unfounded, with more harm coming from the fear of rejection than any real rejection—while a lack of appropriate apprehension in the face of oncoming traffic--despite those drivers being total strangers—is profoundly dangerous."

Then, as if he had a death wish, at the last moment, Rex swerved in front of the semi, spinning out on the far shoulder. The sedan immediately behind also swerved, but was too late, getting smashed into oblivion by the truck. Rex got back into gear and sped down a dirt road just in time to pass over tracks before a long cargo train rumbled by, finally cutting off the remaining sedans from their chase. In their wake, back up on the highway, the semi lay burning on its side, with the first sedan many meters away, crumpled and crackling on fire—a man in black and a Reptilian stumbling free.

"That was quite the move back there. You could have fucking killed us both you know."

"Maybe. If my instruments were tweaked or the sunspots were acting up, throwing my readings off. Otherwise, I'm pretty precise. GPS chips, " he said, tapping his temple. "If I can pinpoint changes in your heartbeat just by listening, I think I can pull a close one like that with more confidence than you realize. Trust me. That's all you've really got right now."

"I'm a Wynderelf remember, I can handle myself, for now at least. Soon it may be different."

Rex pulled over. "Fine then, as you wish ... I'm not going to force you to ride along with me."

"Hell no! If you want out, you get out! I hijacked this cab, remember. These are my wheels."

So Rex got out, but Deo had not driven fifty yards when he stopped and reversed back again.

"How about you just tell me next time, before you go off pulling some maniac maneuver?"

"No problem, " Rex said, getting into the passenger seat. "We'll do it your way for now."

Deo drove on to New London, where they thankfully blended into cacophonic traffic.

"Do you think it's in our nature to be drawn to tragedy, because it seems more reliable?"

"I do think that people are more prone to self-sabotage, " Rex said, frowning. "Which is why sometimes I hesitate at the thought of becoming more human."

"If all of your bionics were removed, would you die?"

Rex paused. "Not necessarily. Flesh has its ways."

"We are two in a pod, but also exact opposites."

They were pulling into the market sector now.

"How so? You mean soul versus synapses?"

"Sort of ... My powers are more natural ..."

Deo focused the Synthesistika and produced a sphere of energy in his open palm.

Rex smirked. "Humans also fail to realize they are more Reptilian than they think."

The sphere turned into the Earth, then to Deo's surprise, dark Nibiru came into view.

Deo closed his hand and the planets vanished. Looking out the windshield into the sky they saw the clouds part and the real Nibiru revealed. The late morning sun was sitting over to the East.

Deo pulled into an alley he knew connected to the next part of the market where he parked.

"What's the plan Commander?" Rex said sarcastically.

Deo remained silent. He got out and went around.

A woman came out barking he could not park there.

It was the back door to the eatery Clay's Cafe.

Deo walked into the kitchen, with Rex close behind.

The woman came in after him, until she realized he was the owner's son. Deo sampled some of the food. "Still tastes good to me—even half dead, " he said. "Do you eat?"

"Half as much, " Rex replied. "The rest of the time I recharge."

Deo's dad came in from the front. "Good to see you son, been some time, " he said, shaking Deo's hand and holding his elbow. The look in his dad's eyes was of sympathy.

"Thanks Clay, " Deo said. He only came by rarely since his suicide. He did not want them to see him like this. It took a lot of concentration for him to look normal—and he had to be realistic, he could not keep it up all the time. But the consequence of that was that his family thought he was in trouble.

"I'm fine dad, I'm sorry ... I've been busy. I'm still busy, actually ..."

"Please ... Who's your friend? What would you like to eat?"

"Grab us whatever you have, we'll eat back here. I have--"

"What is it, Deo? You look ... like you're on the run ..."

Deo nodded. "I have a favour I need to ask you ..."

Deo's mother came in next and they waited.

After she left, Deo confided in his father.

He invented a story about gambling debts.

He explained that loan sharks were coming.

"How much do you need?" his dad inquired.

But Deo shook his head slowly, getting to a point.

"They don't want money anymore. We need to disappear."

His dad frowned, strutting around, frazzled. He teared up.

"We've already been losing you for years now, Deo. How do I explain to your mother that you need to go away forever ...? No, we will take care of this my way, " he said.

He put his hand reassuringly on Deo's shoulder, then hugged his son.

"Don't you worry, my boy, everything's going to be just fine. You stay upstairs with us for now—you and your friend. We catch up and get you back on track—my word."

Rex looked concerned, but he decided to trust the Wynderelf this time.

Whatever new twist threw Vedek off their trail was fine with him, for now.

"I'll go take care of the car, " Rex said.

Clay only smiled. "Already done, son."

Rex looked outside to see he was right.

But looking down to the end of the alley, where the market bustled, he noticed a man in black sniffing about. He quickly disappeared inside.

"I don't think we have much time, " he said.

They promptly retired to the upstairs apartment.

Outside, the Greys were moving in. Men in black were knocking on doors and killing folk. Reptilians were slithering up from the sewer systems. Vedek's forces did not need Rex's heart chip—nor to break the encoding on his temple chip--in order to track him.

They had their men everywhere—and it was only a matter of time.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Heather hopped on a bus headed for Old York. Kyle kept noticing strange differences in her now—changes from the Heather he remembered. He could not quite yet place the reasons, but he was unsettled by it. He was more concerned about Annunaki at the moment. The bus hummed along the highway, most of the passengers asleep. It was too quiet.

Sitting hooded at the very back was Jax in human form, ever watchful.

As well, as all of this was happening, Mystix, ten thousand years older—re-emerged from the Underworld, returning to her Squatch tribe—to be hailed as the Immortal One Cometh. She was the long prophecied Ancient Star, returning from the jungle of history to lead them against the Snakes.

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