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   Chapter 6 The Window Is A Mirror

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Jax galloped into town on his mystical black steed Kormak.

He could still pick up Deo's scent enough to keep him on track.

He was mystified by it, yet committed to killing the Wynderelf.

Whatever earned freedom was worth doing, whether moral or not.

He tied up Kormak at the pub, oblivious of the gawkers and goons.

He walked down the middle of the street, when some kids cruised by.

They eyed him up as they pulled away, but he noticed not, too intent.

Then he spotted a Squatch squatting by the window of a residence.

He observed the lights in the house go out. The Squatch went around to the side and seemed to be checking all the windows and doors to find a way in. He wondered what the Squatch's business was with the Wynderelf. He decided to wait and see what he could make of it.

Suddenly then a dark sedan pulled up. Two men sat in wait as well.

Mystix was about to leave, to regroup her thoughts, when she sensed it.

It was the shroud of evil she had developed a sixth sense for long ago.

It was coming from the house, but it was neither of the Wynderelves.

It was the girl Heather. She was different. She was hiding something.

It seemed she was not the only imminent danger to the Wynderelves.

She tracked around the side of the house, found the side door open.

She lowered her hulking frame and stepped inside, careful and quiet.

She heard the Wynderelves downstairs in the basement talking lively.

She saw a bedroom light on upstairs—and a shadow cast by the girl.

Huntington and Rex pulled into Darkhill. They pulled up to the house.

"She's just entered in the side, " Rex said, monitoring her on the GPS.

"The Squatch is on the inside, " Huntington said into his headset.

'Copy that. Are we sure she's here to do what she's supposed to?'

"You're asking the wrong man, " Huntington replied. Rex smirked.

Back on the moon, Vedek listened quietly to the entire conversation.

The Squatch would murder the gifted humans and prove her worth.

Then her entire race would in turn be twisted into mental surrender.

Finally, an all out war would surface between Squatch and Man.

Two people who once lived in harmony, when the Squatch was just a legend, would now clash in war, for the first time beast genius and smart ape meeting face-to-face. It would begin under darkness, with the Squatch dispatching good men from the shadows, before finally going full out.

Then both sides would get caught up in an all-out World War, leaving the Greys and Reptilians perfectly positioned to strike the wearied victors in one fell swoop and take back control over Earth, reclaiming the throne of the world for their own—once more sitting atop the pyramid of time.

Kyle led Deo into the basement, where they could talk normally and not wake Heather.

"Now tell me, when you first ... began your Crossing, did anything strange happen, beyond your Soulfyr igniting ... anything unusual or different about time and space shifting or twisting?"

"Only, after I left you in the woods, the Greys pinned me down on a bridge ... and all three of us ended up going over the edge, down into this great chasm that went on forever before ..."

"It's okay. It wasn't a dream ... Usually your Shyft kicks in on its own at first."

"We ...came out of the fog ... miles high in the sky ... like we teleported there."

"I don't know much about the Greys, but I know their suits allow them to Shyft."

"So you're saying they ... Shyfted all three of us up into the sky, for what reason?"

"Shyfting is complicated. The fog mimicked clouds, so

other eyes, so that the controls are clear—and there is no interference from others' observations. Then you will be ready to jump. Now jump!"

Kyle held his breath, dumped his thoughts—and followed Deo through the mirror into the lush jungle realm where he had followed the Greys before.

From that moment, time was suspended—and they had a chance to think.

"Where are we? Or ... when are? I feel like I've lived here before—like it's so familiar."

"Primordial times. Look at the green rivers—the spotless blue sky—the gators. This is where the mind first goes, because it's where the mind evolved from—the reptiles."

"You mean the base of the brain stem right, below the mammalian."

"You are correct. This landscape is the seed of all your thoughts."

"So when the Greys led me here, it might have been me doing it?"

"You might have led them here, in fact. Then they chased you out."

Kyle nodded. They tracked about a bit, careful of slithering denizens.

"So when I jump, I will learn how to go elsewhere, in time and space?"

"Yes, with practice, you will sharpen your focus to where you wish."

"We have to get back ... Heather may be in danger, if we wait longer."

"No matter when we return, it will be at the precise moment we left."

"Okay, well I'll believe it when I see it. Come on, I think I've got it."

"Just get a good look. Remember it clearly for when you must return."

Kyle paused, heavy-spirited. He was getting tired of the endless trials.

"Alright, now we use these two oaks for pillars. Clear eyes—and step."

They marched back into the basement of Carol Kane's place in sync.

Instantly, their adrenaline kicked back in. It was but a moment later.

The footfalls of the men battered overhead, then pounded upstairs.

"Heather!" Kyle dashed for the stairs, roared up them in a flurry.

Deo followed closely behind him. He sensed Kyle was a quick study, but he would feel responsible if his rushed lessons fell short of preparing the kid fully, so he stuck close by his side.

They mounted the steps two-by-two, in breathless beats, just on the heels of the men.

Every second was a window into untold infinity—or a reflection of certain doom.

Kyle could not get his doubts out. He kept letting other eyes into his mind. His Synthesistika was compromised from the start—and he and Deo were mounting headlong into danger.

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