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   Chapter 5 Outlaws Of The Multiverse

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Kyle fell asleep for a half hour while Heather watched over him.

Her cell rang and she answered it. 'The Beast is on her way ...'

"He has no clue. Typical man with a heart in between his legs."

'You were not to seduce him Lyra, that was not in your script.'

"I have no script anymore. You sent me to babysit a wild man."

'You will not have to do it for long. The Squatch will kill him.'

"Just make sure that position you promised is held open for me."

'You will never work in the field again. This assignment is final.'

"Between me and the others you've got him running three ways."

'Be sure that he is not human. We must be certain he can die.'

"There is another of his kind, named Deo—probably more."

'We cannot afford errors. If they bleed, then we will carry on.'

"And if they don't? We've come too far on to turn back now."

'Exactly, so if we must, we will wait, until we learn of them.'

"They are interdimensional like us, but Kyle does not know it yet. I do not think he has quite opened his Third Eye yet, more like he's blinking and still unsure. The other, however, Deo ... he is a Master ... I am afraid he will see through me if I let him linger long."

'Then be done with him, if you can find a subtle way to do it.'

"Babe?" Kyle said. He had been drifting up from sleep a minute.

"I'm here, hun ... I, uh ... was just checking my messages is all ..."

"Ah, ... what time is it? Oh, I'm missing it ..." he said getting up.

He went across to see the sunrise and put his hand on her back.

She purred and put her hand on his. She kind of liked humans.

Security pounded on Deo's door, but he did not answer.

They had seen him go in there and so knew what to do.

The retrieved the emergency key and unlocked it on him.

This was a last resort, but they needed to ensure his safety.

The attendant had described him as drunk and or a bit crazy.

But when they went into the roomette he was not in there.

They searched through everything, but he left not a trace.

He had simply summoned his Soulfyr and stepped away.

Through the mirror, he passed into the next dimension.

It was a trick as old as the world, of which he often tired.

These days he preferred sticking to one dimension more.

He preferred the challenge of dealing with his problems, rather than running off to just yet another one of infinite alternative planes of existence, forever leaving troubles for new troves.

In his mortal life, he always dropped the ball before long—and as a Wynderelf, he suffered the same affliction, ever prone to giving up on those who needed him.

This was why it had taken him so long to earn Passing On—for only recently had he finally learned to hang in tight when the going got rough—not check out.

He must have failed a hundred souls for every one he helped before, for every-time they screwed up, he was the one who got sick of trying and let them down.

But not this time, for with Kyle he felt different, done with fear.

Ironically, it was Kyle's very disdain for following the rules that might free Deo in the end, if it taught him how to be a patient, loyal friend to someone—anyone—again.

The train pulled into Darkhill and Kyle and Heather disembarked.

"Where did your friend go? I never really even got to talk to him."

"Probably got off before us. We'll see him again soon I'm sure."

"Well I hope so, maybe we can stop off at his place on the way?"

"No ... I don't know where he's at these days ... He'll turn up."

"Don't you have his number? Can't you call him, make sure?"

"Why are you suddenly so intent on seeing him again anyway?"

"Well—no reason. I just thought, since you two were so close."

"We're not that close, I never said that. Anyway, let's catch a cab."

The pod landed in a field North of Darkhill, automatically opening.

Mystix was awakened from her starry slumber, set out on her hunt.

She moved quickly through old territory, intent on finding Kyle.

She could taste his blood already, as fear washed over him at once.

She just kept thinking how good men must die and it was her will.

It did not occur to her that she had lost time to account for at all.

It did not seem strange that her values had suddenly changed.

No longer was she a killer of the evil in men, but its defender.

No longer did she think of the Earth first, but only human blood.

Now at last, she was free to be an animal, with no moral trappings.

He heart was disengaged—her inner lizard set free to rip and rage.

"RAWWWRRROOOARR!!!" her cry boomed through the forest.

She came upon the highway, when headlights nearly blinded her.

It was the cruiser who had stopped Kyle before, his eyes bulging.

He had been driving all night without a sign and suddenly it was her.

He could not believe that she was real even though she stood before him.

He grabbed his radio handset: "This is Officer Humble on 88 just past Darkhill.

"I've got this situation here ..."

The CB crackled and returned: 'Hey Ted, what's the story, over ...'

"Oh Hey Nance, this Squatch we've been hunting, you know, to keep the Mayor happy ..."

'Yes dear, let me guess, you got another eye witness asking about the reward money.'

"Not even close ..." Ted said, gulping. The Squatch was approaching his driver's side.

"Or closer than I care for this close to my holidays. I got a positive ID on it."

'Ted ... could you repeat that ... You're breaking up ... a bit ... ID on what?'

"That would be I'm looking at the Squatch as we speak. Send back up ..."

'Ted ...? Ted ...' But Ted dropped the transmitter, grabbing for his gun.

Mystix reached out and ripped the door off, tossing it aside effortlessly.

"Good God!" Ted cried out, aiming his gun and firing. She took two.

But the bullets were just like bug-bites to her—and she reached in.

She pulled Ted out, who quivered in fear, lifting him up to the moon.

She salivated at the thought of devouring him whole, no longer vegan.

Squatches were always omnivores, but unless pressed renounced meat. When they did eat it, it was usually only in winter—and with preference toward non-sentient animals. Even the ones she had killed the day prior, who were evil in heart, she had not eaten out of respect.

But today was different, she felt alive for once—and willing to do it all.

She grabbed Ted's gun from him and threw it across the road, growling.

But before her mouth met his neck, she had a better idea spring up.

She set him back down. "If you want to live, do exactly as I say."

Ted's face fell pale. To his astonishment, the Squatch could speak.

"Tell me, human, do you understand? There is no time for delay."

He nodded. She had him get back in the car and contact dispatch.

"Ya, that was a false alarm there Nance, just a bear in the sunlight."

'You don't say?' Nance responded in laughter, crackling in and out.

"But tell me there hun, could you run a name for me on the fly?"

'Sure, Teddy ... What you got for me? I'm all ears.'

"One Kyle Kane in Darkhill. I need an address."

'Okay, give me one minute. I'm on the go tonight.'

"Why what's going on? Anything strange in the air?"

Mystix gestured for him to quit the chit-chat at once.

'Just everybody thinking the world is ending and all ... Okay that would be Carol Kane at 222 Dove Crescent is my guess ... No other Kanes in Darkhill.'

Before Ted could thank her for the help he was dead.

Mystix dragged him into the ditch then took his ride.

She was a feral huntress, but she still had half a mind.

She put on his hat and jacket, then drove down to Darkhill.

Deo hiked through the jungle up to Mount Miramar.

He climbed the overgrown trail up to visit with Om.

The small cabin stood unchanged on its cliff shelf.

The small man sat unchanged in his wicker rocker.

His long white beard was no longer, nor shorter.

His bald head still reflected the morning sunlight.

His crooked smile still disarmed Deo on contact.

"Afternoon, Deo, how nice of you to join me."

"It wasn't my first choice, " Deo said, irritated.

"Ah, yes—you have been considering things."

"Yes, many things. Mainly why Wynderelves."

"What do you mean, Deo? I do not follow."

"I mean, when you chose to save us, why us."

"Because you were the suicides, as I've said."

"Yes, but what about others who went too soon."

"None go to soon but those who choose it first."

Deo bowed his head. Om was always like this.

"Cryptic to the very end, I see, Om. True, no?"

"Deo, " Om said, pouring the Wynderelf tea.

"I have never misled you, in anything I've said."

"Then tell me, Om, once and for all, who are you?"

Om was very quiet for some time. "Finally you ask."

Deo sighed. "Sometimes we ask Keye questions last."

Om smiled. "You are beginning to learn at last, Deo."

Deo smirked. "You're not getting off that easily now."

"Very well then, " Om said, moving a chess-piece. It was a never-ending game he played with whoever came to visit him. He was just an Old Mage from the Golden Age of the magic weald French's Forest, which was a powerful nexus. He had found immortality long ago, but only in the constant pursuit of good, in saving suicidal souls from themselves.

Deo moved a knight, trying to remember how to play.

"So I wyrded this globe, " he said, spinning the world. Thousands of pin-prick red lights flashed all over it. "These are those killing themselves every second. I sit here and save them, as I did you Deo—from certain death—with just a wish and a breath—but on one condition—as the Fates have bound me to do—that you must in turn also choose to save yourself.

"Yes, I understand all of that, first hand—old man--believe me. Apparently I've been living in your game for quite some time, but because I never asked—I never knew--"

"What did you think I was Deo? God perhaps? No, I'm afraid not, but I never directly tell the Wynderelves such. It's far more effective if they think I'm Almighty."

"So you are just a ... fraud? Some sorcerer behind a veil?"

He felt his blood pressure rising. Om was a liar all along.

"Nonsense! I never lied in words. You filled in the gaps."

Om moved another piece, but sensed this game was over.

"But who gives you the right to interfere in mortal affairs?"

Deo smashed away the chess pieces, dashing the board.

"I believe I am doing right by mankind. Judge for yourself."

The globe lit up in green lights now. "These ones I saved."

"Good for you. Just sounds like you have a God complex."

Deo stood up—reaching over, grabbing Om by the collar.

"Deo, you are so close now, I can feel it ... Before Passing."

"Whatever, old man ... There's a new game in town today."

Deo shoved him to the ground and stormed out of the cabin. Om followed, but the sunlight was too much, driving him back indoors.

"You cannot ignore your Calling Deo! It will not work!"

"It's working so far!" Deo yelled back. He walked on, free at last."

He heard Om in his head: 'Do not be a fool. I cannot let Wynderelves just run amok. The kid Kane can still make it, he has time left before his threshold is reached—but you, Deo, this is your ultimate chance. I will cut you off from your Soulfyr and it will eventually run out. Do not make me do it, Deo—I do not wish it to go down this way. But if you disobey, Hell will Welcome you soon, Deo.'


Deo grunted and turned back down the path, away from the cabin.

'Please, Deo, ' the old man whispered in his ears, now desperate.

Om did not want to watch Deo go, they had grown so close now.

But he knew it was his duty to see the Soulfyr remain unabused.

So he pulled Deo's piece from his custom Wynderelf chessboard.

From thence forward, Deo's Soulfyr would dim over a spin of Earth—so that nothing remained to keep him from Passing On—and he would die, having forsaken his Calling—and be bound for Hell.

Om poured himself some ginger tea and stepped onto a shaded porch.

The walls of Miramar blocked in one side of the view—forest beyond.

The wood called out to him, wildlife echoing up the sides of the Mount.

This was his home and it had been so for nearly an eternity it seemed.

He was reluctant to give up on a Wynderelf any day of the week.

But the sacrifice of one was the survival of many in his logic.

The Fates would not allow his Game to ensue unapproved.

They did not like idea of cleaning up after rampant lives.

'Godspeed, to you, Om of French's Forest, in your Quest to Save Lost Souls, ' they had said, in their signature enchanting harmo

ny. 'But if your Wynderelves ever veer from saving themselves, then we will end your experiment and ensure you practice magic no more.'

"I understand, " he had said. "And I thank you for this!"

So he had go about his ways, through the days, steady.

He had plodded along—following the plots of his pawns.

He had divined the Three Keyes, through trance writing.

He had met with the Wynderelves and instructed them.

Together, they saved many lives—including themselves.

But theirs was a closed circuit. This was a singular operation, divorced from the whole of reality. This was a loop-back to a second chance for so many under Om's tutelage—a take-back of a suicide, an early exit, in a life still left with unfinished business.

If word of the Wynderelves ever got out—if any God or Devil ever knew—then the entire effort would be for naught—and centuries spent invested in it would become worthless.

No, Om would not all Deo to ruin all that all on his own. He would go down just as that bullet out on the frozen lake had taken him—and this time he would stay head.

Grim—with a new focus—Om closed his eyes and remote-viewed Jax, his assistant werejaguar. 'Jax, you are summoned to the cabin, I have some business for you.'

Jax arrive shortly, in his biped form, approaching Om's table with purpose.

Jax never said a word. He listened at length—and he killed without hesitation.

Om sat waiting for him. He invited Jax to sit and asked him what he smelled.

"I smell a man ... I think. He smells of Death, but yet he walks ... A Gatewalker."

"Close—not that, but one of my own blends. His Soulfyr will expire in three days, at which point you should have little problem dispatching him. Consider this your last debt to repay."

Jax brightened up.

"Yes, your freedom. You've earned it."

Jax stood to go, eager to carry out the deed.

"But just be careful, for he has friends ... and tricks of his own."

Deo stumbled down the mountain, drunk on a sour note or high on a fever, however he chose to look at it. One minute he was brooding, then next elated to be free at last.

But the timer was on, he did not believe Om would let him go so easy.

His warnings were well heeded and Deo would not linger long around here.

The snow was knee deep at parts but he ploughed ahead oblivious to the pitfalls and perils of mountain-hiking all around him. His mind was working over-time planning for contingencies.

The next stage could play out so many different ways he was going crazy comprehending it.

He knew he had to get back to Kyle and explain everything that had happened.

He went into the woods and then found a good clearing, where he spun.

He spun the Soulfyr in whirling motions, deft like a fire-eater, until the green tendrils of light formed a torus shape around him—and the landscape before him changed to Darkhill country.

It was a splice through space, as Om often said—and the next step he took was miles away.

He walked down the highway past the Welcome to Darkhill sign—then thumbed it.

He figured if he caught someone going in to Darkhill they might know Kyle.

He needed to find him fast before Om cut him off from the Soulfyr.

It did not take long before someone stopped, but they did not know where the Kanes lived—only that Carol Kane frequented the local bowling alley.

"That doesn't really help me, I need to find her tonight."

"Oh, she'll be there alright, she's there every single night without fail."

They dropped him at Flint's Bowl. "Wait, how do I find her?"

"Just look for the red-head, she's the only one in Darkhill."

Stepping inside, Deo felt like six fingers and a glove.

All the old timers eyed him up as he looked around.

"Can I get you something dear?" a waitress offered.

"Sure, get me a menu ... and point out Carol Kane."

"Oh, now who's asking, not some crazy ex I hope?"

Deo chuckled. "No, friend of her son's, out of town."

"NO SHIT! You know, I never would have guessed."

Deo laughed, sensing the jibe. "Alright, just a menu."

He watched Carol bowl for awhile, drinking coffee.

"Did you decide what you wanted to eat yet dear?"

"Yes—I'll have steak rare—eggs over easy—OJ."

"Coming right up hun. Our Angus is all grass-fed."

"Brilliant. Not to worry, last meals always taste good."

"Do you always eat breakfast in the evening sugar?"

"Oh—I actually haven't eaten in about fifty years."

"Oh—hooo! You must be starving then darling."

She left. He tried to act casual but felt otherwise.

He was reeling in his first free time in forever.

Kyle let himself and Heather into his mom's house.

He figured his mother was out bowling about now.

Reggie would be out drinking, so he would bother his friend tomorrow. Tonight, he just wanted someplace safe and secure where they could hide out.

"What about Deo, are you going to call him?"

"He'll call, trust me ... Do you want cereal?"

She loved her cereal, so he filled her up.

"Remind me never to eat cereal again."

"What ...? But you love cereal babe."

"Oh ... right. Just joking. Got more?"

"Anyway, anytime you want to crash."

"Okay, show me where to clean up."

He led her into the guest bedroom.

She went right into the washroom.

He checked the window, shut blind.

He set the alarm for early, but did not plan on signing off anytime soon if at all. He would watch Heather sleep and keep an eye on the outside.

His mom would come home and check on them.

They would only be there one night, just to be safe.

While Heather slept he switched on the television.

News 27 was reporting on the proximity of Nibiru.

According to new estimates, days or weeks were left.

He heard some noise coming from the bushes outside.

He went out with a flashlight but saw nothing odd.

Only when he turned to go back in did he see it.

A Grey stood in his doorway, looking out at him.

"What do you want with me?" he demanded.

It simply stepped back and shut the door.

He heard the dead-lock slide across.

His heart sank in an instant.

He pounded the door.

He howled in protest.

He tried smashing it.

His Soulfyr writhed.

He blasted it down.

He dashed inside.

The Grey stood at the top of the staircase.

He raced up there, as it shut itself in their room.

He tore the door open, but it was nowhere in there.

"Kyle?" Heather said sleepily. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing ... Nothing, hun ... Go back to sleep, I'll be back."

He went back down and shut the front door again, cursing aloud.

He leaned against the door and slid to the floor, nearly defeated.

The frustration was becoming too much.

He needed to corner these things soon.

Suddenly the door started to unlock and he jumped up in shock.

But it was just his mom coming home from bowling, with Deo.

"Kyle, your friend here was lost ..."

"Kyle, I'm so glad I found you ..."

"Deo, what are you doing here?"

"We need to talk, somewhere ..."

"Mom—we'll catch up soon."

Carol shrugged. "I'm off."

"Where are you going?"

"Got a hot date. Later."

"Not even a good-bye?"

"Son, I'll see you soon."

Kyle scratched his head.

Deo smirked and shrugged.

They hoped that she was right.

Kyle led Deo into the library.

Mystix pulled into Darkhill.

The cruiser was conspicuous.

She decided to ditch it first.

She walked the remaining blocks to 222 Dove Crescent, losing the hat, but keeping the Sheriff's jacket on. It was small on her and she looked ridiculous, but she figured even just a jacket might be enough to deflect attention. All it would take was one long look and someone would call the cops.

She passed a long-haired, squinty-eyed old hippie who just grinned and nodded.

She nodded back, winking. He must have been too stoned to notice her fur.

Some drunks stumbled out of a pub, but they too were too gone to notice her.

When she got to the address, she spotted the man Kyle Kane in his window.

He was pacing back and forth talking to another man, arms waving around.

She approached the window, crouched in the bushes, peering in at the two.

"So ... what did you do then?"

"I shoved him down and left."

"What do you think he'll do?"

"It's crazy, because now that I see him in a different light, I see that he's capable of anything ... Whereas before I would have said nothing."

"So we don't have much time."

"None at all, really, honestly."

"So we move quickly, then."

Deo turned up his palms.

"Nothing to lose, " he said.

"So we need a plan, something concrete, step-by-step ... flawless."

"I vote we take out Om before he takes us out, it's our only chance."

"You really think he has that kind of power over us? That he would?"

"Think about it ... He's the only reason we're still alive. We are dead."

"Correction ... We should be dead. We did kill ourselves. But he gave us new life. How do we know he can take that back just as easily? Maybe his powers only go one way."

"That's just what I was beginning to wonder, actually. He made the threat, but I didn't feel like he seemed so convinced of it himself. I've never seen him do it before, send a soul to Hell. But more than that, prior to us meeting, he had begun to fret about Nibiru's arrival. He kept talking about how it would thin the interdimensional veils and his magic—and that it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to track all his Wynderelves and communicate with them at a distance."

"So he might have been bluffing. He might not be all powerful after all."

"I'm sure he'll do something though. He feels responsible for what we do."

"Then he will feel the blame of a little more than us saving ourselves. Isn't that what he wanted, after all? Didn't he spare us to give us a second chance at achieving everything?"Deo smirked. "It's not how he saw us do it, but I'm in. We go Outlaw."

"He is not the Cosmic Law. He's just a fraud, an interloper egomaniac."

"But there is one thing we must do, before we can be properly Deputized."

"What do you have in mind?"

"You need to learn to Shyft."

"What do you mean Shyft."

You have the Soulfyr, but you never use it. You can move through walls, Kyle—through time and space—as well as fly and fortify your body and mind. I can show you how."

"Then let's work quick, before we lose the chance. We'll march on Om."

"We'll need to prepare. Miramar is his backyard. He has the advantage."

"No matter, we have the will. We will get ready and delay no longer."

"What about Heather, what will you tell her? Does she need to know?"

"I will--" he began, but just as he spoke he noticed Heather by the door.

"I ... heard you two talking, just thought I'd say hello ..."

"How much did you hear?"

"Oh—nothing, just now ..."

"You remember Deo ..."

"Yes, nice to see you."

"I ... was just leaving."

"Drop by in the morning."

"It's late, why not crash here?"

Kyle sighed, but she was right.

"Well, if it isn't imposing too much."

"No ... Sleep here and we'll get started in a few hours."

"Why, what's going on?" Heather said. "What's up?"

"Nothing, we've just got some catching up to do."

"Kyle and I go back, " Deo supported the story.

"Well, look ... Let's all get some sleep soon."

Outside, Mystix was beginning to form a plan.

But then, as the full moon came out from clouds, her memory of Vedek and the Greys returned—and she snapped back into herself. She recalled Vedek wanted her to murder good men—and that she was being used as a pawn. She grew furious, but also scared she might relapse at any moment.

If she left, no matter how far she ran, once the mind-control kicked back in, she would return.

Up on the highway, the men in black drove on toward Darkhill.

"Wait, I think I saw something, " Huntington said.

Rex pulled over, where they found Ted.

The Sheriff's body lay half in the ditch.

"He's still warm, the Squatch is here."

Huntington alerted Headquarters.

"We are approaching contact."

'Ensure the Kane is killed.'

"If the Squatch does not follow through, what are our orders?"'Eliminate the beast, as well as Kane and his undead companion.'

"What do we know about their abilities yet? How do we prepare?"'We know they can Shyft and Summon. Good luck. Control out.'

"Damn it, " Huntington cursed.

"We already knew that ..."

"What good are they ..."

"This is a death-trap."

"Not necessarily. Only the one Deo has shown Shyfting. Let's see if the Squatch follows orders. She may yet do all the work."

"Everybody's an outlaw but us."

"Above the law is better by far."

"Whoever's left standing is best."

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