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   Chapter 4 Where Every World Ends

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Kyle and Heather caught a cab to the train station. The plan was to take it up to Darkhill, where he had some friends who could put them up—let them lay low for awhile.

He needed to figure out what type of game the Greys were up to, before he made his next move. Once he was sure Heather was safe, he would return to New London on his own.

His Soulfyr was getting more powerful now, he could feel it in his bones.

The got their own roomette on the train, for safety and some privacy.

After Heather shut the door behind them, they both relaxed immensely.

Seven went out for some coffee and muffins when Heather heard a knock.

"Come in, " she said, thinking it must be an attendant after their tickets.

When no one opened the door, she got up to see who it was—trepid.

There was no one in the corridor. She frowned and closed the door.

Seven soon returned and she told him about the mysterious knock.

He shrugged but was secretly worried the Greys were on their heels.

He went for a look around, on the excuse of fetching the newspaper.

He checked all the front cars, up to dome level and back to luggage.

There was nothing, no sign of Grey anywhere in sight. He sighed.

He sat down in the dome car to read the paper and keep an eye out.

The first page headlined blazed: ROGUE HABITABLE PLANET.

It read about how a planet had been detected on course for Earth.

Its presence explained certain gravitational anomalies of orbits.

He could not believe what he was reading, but did not really care.

He was more concerned with getting the Greys at that moment.

He looked up out the glass dome into the night sky as they rolled.

The trees either side looked like jagged monsters marching along.

The twilight stars shimmered—with the full moon hanging on.

The article said this 10th planet, or Nibiru as Sumerians called it, would come across the far side of the Sun and present itself in Earth's sky all of a sudden one morning, dawning like a banshee. It was a planet, that like all planets, contained an inner sun in it's hollow core.

It's outer shell was doused, but its furnace still burned over.

It was a dark sun--a dark, ugly sun on course for Earth.

Its elliptical path through our solar system happened only every many millenia, when its inhabitants the Annunaki would then visit, going back as far as 200, 000 years ago—when amphibians were first spliced with the DNA of lizards—and the hybrids were born.

Kyle sighed, setting the paper aside. Next to Nibiru—Greys were lame.

All his life since he was a kid he wanted to beat ufo disclosure to the punch.

But if this article was right, they would be seeing the 10th planet dawning soon.

Then, everybody in the world would be an eye witness to the event, and nothing would ever be the same again. Suddenly Kyle's quest to catch the Greys was cast a little more dimly.

A young asian woman came up into the dome car then, followed by a man in black.

The girl sat opposite Kyle, and began to listen to her pod while thumbing a magazine.

He could see in his periphery that the man in black had sat behind him and to the left.

He could feel the man's gaze burning into him—and he suddenly had a thought dawn.

What if, he wondered, the Greys were somehow in bed with government agencies.

That, he thought, could well be an even bigger story than just some new planet.

Mulling over the notion, plans for his site began to take new shape, and new life.

It seemed to him to be the perfect ploy, distract the subject with alien visitation, while observing unnoticed from the shadows. He started to think his only protection might be real evidence of the Squatch, not the Greys. They were after him to keep the Squatch covered up, not the Greys. They likely actively promoted Greys in pop culture, since that would benefit their intimidation programs.

It did occur to Kyle that he might be getting a bit paranoid with the whole lot of it, but then again, nothing that had happened the last few days was any less crazy to consider, so he thought.

"What's your story?" the asian girl inquired, a little bit forward but seemingly friendly.

"Oh ... not much, my girl and I are visiting friends in Darkhill."

"Oh, I'm from there ... Who do you know? It's such a small town."

"I know everybody, I grew up there. It shaped my life living there."

"We just moved there. My mother opened an Acupuncture clinic."

"That's great, I've always wanted to try that. Did you hear about ..."

He passed her over the paper. "Oh yes, " she said. "We've known."

"What do you mean?"

"It's a fable in our family."

"That a planet would come?"

"Yes, but what can we do?"

"What did your story say?"

"That '[Snakes will fall from the skies and we will all be forever changed, as our ancient ancestors return to reclaim their slaves.]'"

"Sounds crazy. Believe it?"

She nodded nearly imperceptibly.

"Well I have a hard time until I see it."

She looked out the dome. "Only those who want to see it will see it, the rest will deny its existence until the lizards land. Even when their houses are stormed they will sever from reality and refuse to believe their very eyes. They will die."

"Bloody Hell, " Kyle swore, jaw dropping.

"No one knows the day, but it will be soon."

Kyle suddenly realized the man in black was gone.

"Did you see that guy sitting back there a minute ago?"

She slowly shook her head, looking him deep in the eyes.

"Will I see you around Darkhill?" she said, smiling now.

"Um ... yes, of course. I'm Kyle by the way, nice to meet."

"I'm Cordelia. I cannot stay now, my mother is waiting."

She got up and left. He noticed smokes in her back pocket.

He wished he could light up, but it was a non-smoking car.

He returned to make sure Heather was okay. She was gone.

But just as he began to panic all over again, she returned.

She had just gone to use the washroom. He hugged her.

"Where have you been?" she said. "I was getting worried."

"Just talking to a girl ... Nevermind, I think I saw something."

"What? This whole situation is crazy, Kyle. What are we running from? Who trashed my apartment like that? What kind of trouble are you in, just tell me, okay?"

"There's no time to explain, come on ... We're safer around people."

They went out to the dining car for a late meal but it was very quiet.

The waiter kept looking over at the man in black sitting by himself.

"I'll have the salmon and she wants a burger. Coffee and water."

"The works, " Heather added. "Salad. Vinaigrette. Green tea."

"See that guy over there, he keeps looking our way, I swear it."

Heather went to look. "No ... don't just look ... Wait a second."

She waited and then pretended to drop her fork, catching a shot.

"Oh, he looks creepy, why's he wearing glasses it's night-time."

"I think he's been following me."

"Why? Was he the one at my place?"

"I don't think so ... But I've got an idea."

"Has this got something to do with your job?"

"Security State? I ... haven't told you yet."

"Told me what? Oh shit, Kyle ..."

He nodded. "Just got laid off."

"I'm so sorry, after all that."

"Guess I was right all along."

"You were suspicious for sure."

"Well now I've got other plans."

"But what about this dude in dark."

"It's something unrelated, that's all."

"Did you start gambling again, Kyle?"

"No, I swear ... I will explain in time."

"You've got to start talking to me soon."

The waiter came back. "Call for you ..."

He pointed at the phone at the front.

It seemed suspicious. "I'll be a minute."

He walked up past the man in black.

Picking up the phone, he paused.

Looking back, the man still sat.

Heather was sipping her tea.

"Hello?" he spoke reservedly.

"The Second Keye is a matter of mind--where time turns to dust—and you learn what you must. Its name is not magic--nor goes by any name at all—for it is in you who you are—and who you become. Reality casts more doubt than love.'

He hung up in a hurry, spinning.

The man in black was getting up.

Heather turned to look back at them.

As the man passed her, she winked.

Kyle came up behind, concerned.

"Did he look at you weird at all?"

She shrugged, frowning. "Nope."

They started back to the roomette.

"So who is this Reggie friend?"

"Oh—old high school buddy."

"What does he do? Is he cool?"

"For sure. He fixes up bikes."

"Like bicycles or motorbikes?"

"Both—and snowmobiles."

"Oooh, I've always wanted--"

"One day at a time, but fine ... You just relax and pretend like we're on vacation. That's all Reggie needs to know too. Then I'll take care of business and we can get back on track."

"Whatever—you'll tell me when the time is right—I think you're just over-reacting, whatever it is ... Why don't you just talk to the guy, sort it out?"

Kyle chuckled. "I will, babe. No worries."

They finished up their meals and retired.

The rocking of the train was relaxing.

The slept in each other's arms silently.

The full moon in the sky seemed to smile.

He never would have imagined the Squatch was on that rock in space, still alive, battling for her mind and her home planet Earth—trying to drive a stake into the heart of the Grey lunar colony.

Mystix approached the main deck. She had found her way back, for they had not taken her far. She had dispatched a few more Greys before reaching the final Annunaki guard.

She approached it in long black robes she had ripped from another Annunaki.

It did not notice anything usual until the last moment, then she growled pouncing.

The lizard man spun on cue, cutting upward with his scythe, slicing up Mystix's face.

She roared in disapproval, gnashing down on the serpent alien's neck, tearing tendon.

Beyond the door, on deck, Grey Elder Vedek sat patiently, ordering a ship-wide stand-down. The Squatch had proven more strong of mind and body then any of them had anticipated—and he was pleased, for this only meant more bloodshed once they had her in their service.

Her mind would be a harder grind, but they would break her nevertheless.

They had patience as long as the universe—and many more tricks to try.

Neuroscience was everything and more to them—and they had mastered it.

The Reptilians did not have the scope of the neo-cortex, but they did have the unending drive to excel at deception and manipulation, without hesitation, without shame but a strong pride.

The door was opened with the thumbprint of the guard who hung dead in the Squatch's arms.

She slowly walked around in front of Vedek and dumped the guard's body before him.

"There is your pathetic defense. Now you will do as I say or face the same fate shortly."

"Bravo!" Vedek said, applauding. "I am most delighted in your performance."

Mystix stepped up to him, menacingly. "Listen to me Grey. I mean what I say."

"Oh ... I do most assuredly believe you. But do you think one guard was all? Do you not think I could call a battalion in here at the slightest inflection? All I need to do is say so."

"Then why have you not done it? I will take on them all! But you first ..."

"No wait, " Vedek implored, holding out his hands as she closed in on him.

"Speak your case quickly, Grey, for my patience runs short. What use are you?"

He gestured toward the glass screen again. The vision snapped from space to Earth.

Mystix recognized the city as New London. She had not stalked its streets in some time.

"This is what all your efforts are for, Mystix ..." A ship came into view, descending.

It hovered above the buildings for a bit, before being joined by many more saucers.

"They are cloaked, so the humans cannot see them. We have them everywhere."

"What are your plans? I thought you wished for us to do your dirty work for you."

"Oh, we do. That is still the case. But we will be watching, ready to clean up."

"So after we have murdered most of mankind, then you will swoop in to rule?""Yes—or if you fail—then we will wait for orders from Nibiru when she arrives."

"So no matter what I do here, it matters not, for my world is lost—and you have won?"

"I would not put it so dramatically, my dear. You will be returned to your forest havens, after all is said and done. We will not bother the Squatch after you have done this one deed—as long as you stay out of our business and let us rule civilized Earth alone—unchallenged."

Mystix stood long and quiet, grimacing at the pride they would lose.

"Very well, " she said finally, turning back from the screen to him.

But then, out of a flash, she grabbed him by the throat and squeezed.

He tried to call out for help, but only a squeak came out, falling short.

"So much for the cavalry, when I have your voice-box in a vice-grip."

Kyle was jarred awake in the night by a great rumbling and a dull thud.

The train had just passed over a bridge, but now he saw a hand out the window.

Something was on the outside of the moving train, crawling across the glass pane.

Kyle caught his breath, almost yelping—careful not to wake Heather. His heart worked hard. He reached for his gun. It was one of the Greys, now peering into their roomette. It saw him.

Kyle scrambled out from under the sheets. He shut the blind on the window and dashed.

Out in the corridor, he started toward the next car in a panic, when he ran into Deodorph.



"Thank God we found you ..."

"What are you doing here?"

"We couldn't just leave it."

"Deo, this is not the time."

"But this is all the time left."

"The Greys are on their way."

Deo did not looked surprised. "That is because you have not learned your lesson."

"It is NOT because of THAT!" Kyle growled, slamming the wall next to Deo.

"This has gone on too long Kyle, they're going to damn you to being with us forever, that is not what you want is it ...? What about her ..."

"What about who ... Heather ...?""Won't you miss her, when you're with us ...""I will NEVER BE WITH YOU!!!" Kyle roared. He turned toward the next car and opened the door and then the side emergency exit, stepping out between the two cars of the moving train—reaching around for the ladder and starting to climb up.

"KYLE!" Deo called after him futilely. He sighed and climbed out after Kyle, frustrated that this was his big assignment, someone who would not listen even if his life was on the line.

"KYLE! It doesn't work like this ... GOD will NOT let you just do whatever!!!"The two of them stood atop the car now, as it rushed along in the night, shooting stars spearing the sky now above them—full moon shining brightly, lighting up every dancing shadow.

Kyle spotted several Greys creeping along the cars, climbing down either side.

He turned back to Deo, grabbing him by the collar. "There IS NO GOD, Deo!!! It's all in your mind! You think you have this grand purpose, that you made some mistake ... But this is a gift not a curse ... We have been given these powers ... AND the chance to stay on Earth. Why don't you embrace it like I am ...?" Kyle said, almost cackling now, at the cosmic absurdity of it all. "I'm having a great time here Deo ... and it's all thanks to your supposed curse!!!"

"But what happens when ... HE comes to take it back, Kyle?""Who is this HE you speak of? Have you seen him even once?"

Deo hesitated and Kyle shook his head. "No, I didn't think so."

Kyle turned to go after the Greys. "Either help me or go home!"Deo sighed again. He was blowing his big chance, but he could not let Kyle get killed on his watch, even if it meant throwing the Three Keyes out the window and going rogue.

He plodded after Kyle along the top of the train as it now wound through snowy-capped mountains. The chill wind blew hard, but they used their Soulfyr to keep planted on the roof energetically, icy blue fire flaming up from their shoulders, pushing down their centres of gravity.

Kyle approached the two Greys that remained on the roof. It look like they were sitting waiting for further orders, wh

en they noticed him and Deo. He brandished two fists of Soulfyr.

Deo lit up his whole body in his trademark green glow, positively vibrating.

"This should be the easiest decision you ever made, " Kyle boomed over the rush of trees whipping by and coyotes crying in the night. "Leave this train or die where you stand."

The lead Grey blinked once then raised a gun. He fired but Kyle blocked it.

He deflected the Grey's photon blast with a swath of Soulfyr from open palm.

The Greys looked shaken, as if they did not know Kyle and Deo were not human.

'Let's end this ...' Deo said, stepping forward. "This does not need to happen."

"They will not listen, " Kyle corrected. "Do not be tricked by their appearance. They will be deadly in a flash at a moment's touch If you look away just once you might end up dead."

"I think I can take care of myself, newcomer, " Deo dissed. "This is my lead hand."

The second Grey threw an electric net at them. Kyle jumped straight up, but Deo was ensnared and electrocuted. He convulsed on the roof of the train, when suddenly, a tunnel through a hill rushed right up—and Kyle landed just in time to duck down, just as the Greys turned around to both catch the brick lip of the tunnel with their heads—going decapitated in a nanosecond—leaving them alone.

Kyle cried out: "DEO!!! HOLD ON!!!" They rushed through the pitch of the tunnel. Kyle dared not move until moonlight returned. The moment it did and crawled over to Deo.

The electric net was no longer active, the Grey and it's remote device being crushed—but Deo was unconscious. Kyle checked for his pulse, but could not find it—so he pressed both hands against Deo's chest and summoned the Soulfyr—charging Deo once, twice—three times ...

Finally, on the fourth charge, Deo coughed and choked, spitting up blood.

"My friend, you are not getting out of helping me that easily, " Kyle kidded.

Deo smiled. 'Can't believe we're doing this, you're supposed to be learning.'

"Who says my lesson has to be giving up ufology? That's your deal, Deo. Besides, I don't care about getting shots of Greys anymore, I just want to get rid of them—and snap a Squatch."

'Well, maybe, but when we were debriefed on the Mount, the gist was you should quit.'

"Wait, I thought you said that you had no idea, about the plan for me—that this was all just as much a mystery to you as it was to me ... What do you mean, when you were debriefed?"

He helped Deo to his feet and they carefully climbed down into the car below.

'All I know is there's a flash, and then it's like a waking dream. We every Wynderelf find ourselves kneeling at the foot of Mount Miramar in French's Forest—and we climb. We know not why or for whom our mission should fall—but we just climb. Finally, broken and thirsty by the top, we kneel again, this time before a great shining vision of God, with lava spitting up from the mouth of the volcano behind him—and he tells us the Three Keyes and Rydlles of so-and-so of such-and-such ...'

"... and what did your God say about Kyle Kane of Darkhill. All good things I hope."

'He said you were possessed by fantasies, thereby losing your girlfriend and family. He said you must come to terms with the fact that there are no Greys, no Squatch—no men in black.'

"But now you've seen them. There's the bloody legs left over from them over there."

'I know! I know ... but you have to understand, we always see what the new one sees. It doesn't matter what his or her lessons are, we go through them with her. If you believe in the Greys, then so do we—and they will exist as long as this window of warning lasts. Your time is almost up, my friend.'

Kyle smirked. "Good, can't wait to get it over with. In the meantime, Heather needs me."

He headed forward toward their roomette, with Deo reluctantly running along in tow.

'Maybe I should tell you the Third Keye just in case. It might mean something to you.'

"Why would you wait?"

'Truth loves small doses.'

Kyle stopped Deo dead.

He squeezed his shoulders.

"Second thought, keep it."

'You don't want to know?'

"Not if my life was on it."

'But it just might be Kane.'

"Your God. My Way."

Deo nodded low.

Kyle turned off.

They marched on.

Vedek struggled to speak.

Mystix loosened her grip.

He breathed: "Sleep ..."

Her eyes went blank.

She forgot herself.

Remembering her orders.

She let go, standing down.

He stood up, straightening.

"It is a shame we could not talk like civilized beings, Squatch. But now you see, even though we have not fully broken you yet, it is but a simple thing to flip you back into our fold."

She nodded vacantly. All she could think of was squeezing the life from the eyes of good men.

Vedek called in a flank of guards who were waiting just the other side of a nearby door.

They shackled Mystix down double-strong this time, with double their number at her sides and more alert now to her unsteady trance. They had a tranquilizer shot ready the moment she struggled.

"Take her back to the Psikotron and start from the beginning. We will have her heart and soul yet, if it is the last command I give, " he said, stepping toward the view of Earth, pondering long.

He was a sage, a knight of old, from when men knew their place—and Kings ruled right.

These days, however, things had changed. The world was in turmoil, from the uprising populaces to the weak-willed rulers. But the Annunaki were going to change all that, restore the order that was natural to Earth's kingdom—whereby the lizards sat atop the pyramid—and the mammals cowered below. The snakes would bring back the iron fist, down on humanity—with his help.

He had been the fabled one of the Dark Ages, who had entered the lair of the Dragon and survived—but it was not for his strength, but his wisdom in surrendering his will. From that day forward, he was possessed by the Dragon's mind—and though he became immortal, his body began to shrink—eventually forcing him to become a hermit, hiding out from regular folk—until modern times when these suits were invented to carry forth the plan of the Serpent—the greatest trick in history.

Finally, when the Greys believed Mystix was sufficiently brainwashed, they loaded her into a return pod and Vedek attended to confirm her final orders and send her off.

"What are is your mission, Squatch Mystix. Who do you serve?""I serve you, Elder Grey Vedek. My purpose is to kill all good men."

"And who is your primary target, before proceeding with that plan?"

"Kyle Kane of Darkhill—and his girl Heather Horn of New London."

"And what do you remember of our meeting, of everything else said?""Absolutely nothing, " she said, but faint flashes, it still came back.

"Very good, then off with you beast, do our command in earnest."

Mystix gazed from her pod as it blasted off, leaving Moon behind.

Lying in wait on return home, she flipped between memory and nil.

One second she salivated at the thought of good men's blood, then the next she recalled the programming and schemed how to stop the Greys from destroying humanity.

"Heather!" Kyle called, bursting into their roomette. She stood.

Deo stepped in behind him, checking the corridor before closing door.

"Who is this?" she said.

"Deo ... I'll explain later."

"What is the matter now?"

Kyle turned to Deo. "Back in town, I think they had Heather but then released her ... Why do you think they would do that? Just games?""Maybe it was a message."

"But saying what exactly."

"Hmm ... Listen Kyle, this is probably a longshot and not what you want to hear, but maybe they were trying to tell you to back off."

"You mean leave them alone? But they were the ones after me."

"Are you sure, or the other way around? Or does it go both ways."

"It doesn't matter, I'm not after them now, if they just leave us alone."

"Well after what happened to those two they might be pissed off now.""What happened to what two?" Heather interjected.

"Nothing—alright, listen ... Heather, " he said.

He took her by the shoulders and sat her down.

"I'm going to tell you everything now in a minute."

"Fucking finally. I've been feeling totally left out."

"Um ... Should I leave?" Deo pointed to the door.

"Ya, maybe stand look-out, we won't be long."

"Look, babe ... I'm not crazy, but crazy things--"

"How about save some time and start at the end?"

"I ... I could do that, well ... I guess it's like this--"

"Let me guess, it's about another girl right? I get it."

"No ... what? Wait a second, Heather ..." he said.

But until she saw a Grey for herself, he did not bite.

He could not bring himself to tell her aliens were afoot.

The last thing he needed was for her to think him paranoid.

She was already jealous of the ufology enough that it mattered.

But the moment one of these Greys reared their ugly mugs in front of her, she would know for sure. He just had to keep thinking of excuses for staying in Darkhill until he figured it all out.

"It's not about another girl, ... My dad's sick and I need to see him."

"Why didn't you tell me? Kyle ... I would have come anyway."

"But there's some other stuff. I need you to trust me, just once."

"It's Christmas, babe. I'll go anywhere as long as I'm with you.

She pulled him close and kissed him, when he noticed a twinkle.

It was not a look he had ever seen in her eyes before. He smiled.

He kissed her back, hard and long, relieved to be with her again.

They fell together onto the fold-down bed and began at it madly.

Nibiru could rise tomorrow and he would happily live it with her.

"I'm not leaving your side even just one more time for anything."

"Promises, promises, " she said and laughed, tossing head back.

Outside, Deo checked his phone. It read: 1 New Message from Om.

He sighed. He could not ignore him forever. The phone rang again.

"Yes, " he said, answering, while looking out at the passing landscape.

"No, I haven't been checking my messages. I've been busy. Yes ... No ... No ... not yet ... I haven't yet, no ... Listen, I've been doing alot of thinking ... I feel like ... as if ... just maybe he's not crazy ... no ... I mean it ... I mean ... I'm seeing what he's seeing, too ... I know, but it's more real than usual. Usually it tunes in and out, but these ... Greys ... they feel real to me ... He's on to something."

"Yes, I know, you told me before ... Aliens are angels not little grey men. But maybe they're not alien. Maybe they're from here ... Christ, I don't know ... look, just give us some more time, I'll help him work it out or whatever ... I know, it's my eternity on the line. Believe me, I get. He thinks you're going to let him get away with going it alone. Okay, alright ... I'll try my best, but he's convincing. No, I won't interfere anymore ... Taking the girl was not right—and it backfired. It was supposed to make him give up on the Greys, but he's still ... conjuring them every chance he gets.

"No, he wouldn't listen to the Third Keye ... Oh---look I got to go--" he said, seeing a Grey.

It stood at the end of the corridor. He looked down the other way and saw another over there.

He went to warn the two, but heard them love-making and pulled back. He turned back scared.

The Grey to the right raised one hand, signalling with two fingers—then began to back away.

He looked back and saw the other doing the same. He started after the first, now determined.

He could not take his gaze off it's eyes. He almost seemed to be leading him along at times.

Kyle and Heather climaxed to a soft knock at the door. "Kyle!" she cried in a hush pointing.

"That's the same knock as before ..."

Kyle jumped, putting his pants on.

He opened the door but saw nothing.

"Maybe it was the wind or something."

"Kyle, that was clearly someone knocking."

Then there came the knock again, louder.

"Damn it!" Kyle hissed, ripping it open again.

There was nothing there and he slammed it shut.

"Okay, then ... just leave it open, " she said.

So he did. "Deo's probably getting coffee."

He sat in silence as she finished dressing.

"So did you hear about this new planet?"

"Ya—but no worries. It'll never show up."

"Why do you say that? Everyone says so."

"Because nothing ever happens for real."

Deo started chasing the Grey, that ran.

It disappeared into the luggage car.

He searched everywhere but lost it.

"Damn it, " he spat, pushing someone.

He saw he was getting angry these days.

He used to be an angry person, in life.

His suicide had been an exit from it.

But ever since, it still lingered on.

He had not left it behind even now.

Perhaps it was because of being between worlds. He still had that mortal passion pushing him over the edge from time to time. He could not help it—and it was his lesson he had yet to learn.

His face grew red as he stormed about the passenger cars checking everywhere for the Grey.

An attendant tried to ask him what he was looking for, but he scowled and chased her off.

She went to tell the engineer and get security.

Just then Deo thought he heard thuds from above.

He left the car and climbed outside up top again.

There he saw the Grey just suddenly jump off.

It disappeared into the wood falling behind.

He was not even with Kyle and he saw it.

He saw the Greys with his own mind's eye.

It could only mean they were real even to him.

He returned to the room and rapped on the door.

Kyle answered. "Where's my coffee, brother?"

"I ... couldn't find any, " Deo replied, winking.

"Can I speak to you in the hall for a moment?"

They stepped out together. "What happened?"

"I saw two of them, I went off to follow one."

"You should have told me what was going on."

"I tried to! You were too busy getting it on."

Kyle smirked. "Shit, sorry. What happened?"

"It got away, I mean, like literally off train."

"They want to stay close but never too close."

"You think it's all about the Squatch don't you?"

"Well, sort of—that's exactly when it all started."

Deo turned around, looking down. "Kyle ...

"I got another message from Om, my Astral Guide. He ordered me to continue dissuading you from these Greys, no matter what they want ... He believes it's all in your mind—and you must battle through it, to realize you are summoning these visions--"

Kyle went to interrupt him. "But wait, " Deo said.

"I want you to know, I'm not going to follow orders."

"What? Deo, listen ... you don't have to do this ..."

"It's nothing to do with you, Kyle. I was going to—"

"This is my life ... You've already suffered for yours."

"It's not that. You see, I saw ... well, let's just say, I believe you now ... That those Greys are real—and I don't know what to think of it. How could the Om be so wrong? The Om is never wrong, Kyle, ever ... It's just not possible, goes against everything."

"So now he has a name, Om. What else are you hiding?" Kyle said eyeing Deo dead on.

"Nothing, I swear, " Deo said nervously. He was beginning himself to wonder who was Om.

Heather opened the door. "Are you boys done yet? I'm thinking of staying up until we arrive."

"Ya, we're just about done here, " Kyle said, pulling her close. "By the way, this is my old friend Deo from Darkhill, I just happened to bump into him coming home ... from your sister's in New London, right Deo?"

Deo nodded.

"Ah ... nice."

"But I should get going for now, " Deo said and left. Kyle noticed train security passing by shortly after and they closed their door again.

Heather sat and stared out the window.

Then came a high knock at the door.

Kyle answered it to see the security.

They checked their tickets and left.

Kyle sat down to check the internet.

He went to the weather forecast first.

Sunspots were on the rise, storms brewing.

He sighed, leaning back, unsure of tomorrow.

In any case, he relaxed, knowing home awaited.

If the world must end, Darkhill was the place to die.

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