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   Chapter 38 Dismissal

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 15451

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Alessio stood in a black button up with denim jeans, his foot up on the bed as he struggled to tie the laces on his high ankle sneakers. With a puff of air, he stood from the bed, a hand against his wound as it still ached in protest of the movement. Going about the room, he slowly put everything in the brown leather overnight bag that lay on the mattress, having insisted that he could do it and sent his mother and brother away before they could try and pack for him.

Despite his wound not having completely healed yet and his grey complexion, he was finally getting discharged today and the doctors had done some tests before handing him a list of medicines which his brother went to get, his mother back at the cottage with his future-sister-in-law.

A knock on the glass panel had him look up from his packing, his mouth slightly falling open at the sight before him.

"I hope I'm not too late, " She asked with a gentle smile, a bandage covering the area above her eyebrow with her lower lip busted but healing and her right hand in a cast, "Serafina, " Alessio exhaled as he walked towards her, ignoring the pulsating pain in his abdomen as he pulled her into his arms, holding her close as she clutched back just as tightly, her fingers clutching the back of his shirt as she rested her forehead against his shoulder. "Thank God you're okay, "

She didn't say anything as she allowed his warmth to envelop her, the familiarity of his hold having her heart jump in her throat as she closed her eyes and allowed the safety of his presence to protect her.

"Serafina, " He pulled back, cupping her face into his hands as he looked over at the bandage and the wound on her lips. "She's dead? What happened?"

"Three bullet shots, " Serafina nodded, walking over to Alessio's bed as she sat down. "Well, we were fighting and she was hell-bent on trying to kill me, she had a dagger and gun and towards the end, it looked like I was going to be in a coffin. She was on top of me and she tried to twist the gun in a way it would shoot me, but somehow between all this twisting and turning I managed to pull the trigger and shoot her in the stomach, and by then my guards had arrived and they shot her in the back, ensuring she was dead."

Alessio heaved a breath of relief, running a hand through his hair before shaking his head at all that he heard. Letting out a shaky breath, Serafina looked at the bag which was half packed with half the things still laid outside. "Glad to be going home?"

"You bet, " Alessio walked back to the bag, resuming his packing. "Niccolo is gone to get my medicine and mom is at home with Carina, "

She nodded and placed her hands into her lap as she watched him pack in silence.

"So what's your plan?" She asked curiously, looking up at his green eyes, feeling a sense of familiarity wash over her.

"Well, I won't be returning to work for another month or so, neither mom nor Salvatore would allow it, " He chuckled half-heartedly. "Then...I guess I'd continue working for your parents, "

"So you won't come back to me?"

Alessio's movements faltered and he halted in his packing, putting the shirt down as he looked at Serafina, gauging her expression to try and figure out what she was attempting to do.

"We saw how well that turned out, " He muttered with a shrug. "I think it's best for both of us if I went to work with your parents, "

"So you've decided on Tatiana?"

"No..." Alessio trailed uncomfortably. "No, we concluded that we're better off as friends."

"I see..." Serafina nodded with a thoughtful expression. "So you're single, "

He looked at her in confusion, not understanding what she was attempting to do as the smile on her face only bewildered him more.

"You know the answer to that question, Serafina." He murmured, feeling uncharacteristically embarrassed and began to play with the zip of his back.

"True, " She nodded, standing up from her place as he watched her from the corner of his eyes. "But I don't know the answer to my next question, "

"Which is?"

"How about coffee?" Serafina tilted her head to the side, her eyes holding an uncertain sparkle as she bit her lower lip in nervousness. "Just you and me, "

"Just you...and me?" He repeated in confusion, squinting at her suspiciously. "Why?"

"For the love of God, cupcake!" She burst into a fit of giggles. "I'm trying to ask you out on a date and you're looking at me as if though I'm going to lock you up in a freezer or something, "

Alessio stared at her as if though she had grown another head, turning to face her as he couldn't understand why s

catching in her throat at the sight of him as his steps faltered a moment.

Looking up at his boss, Alessio watched him gesture to a seat as he swallowed thickly. Slowly walking over to the chair and settling down beside Serafina, both of them tense and unable to meet each other gaze as well as unable to look at Salvatore.

"Yesterday was quite...eventful, " Salvatore stated, gently swaying in his seat as they both remained quiet. "To put it mildly, that is, "

"I thought about what I should do with you given that this is a breach in your contract of employment, " He directed his words to Alessio, the man wincing as Serafina's gaze snapped up in concern, her throat drying at his next words. "And I have come to the conclusion that Alessio Romano, you have been dismissed from all your duties to the Regnante Mafia effective immediately, "

"You can't do that!" Serafina exclaimed in his defense, standing up from her place and glaring at her brother. "You can't fire him over a simple kiss!"

"A simple kiss?" Salvatore taunted with amusement, his eyebrow raised. "What about Brazil? Those nightly visits where he would sneak into your house from the back door? What about those times where you would run off to his house in the middle of the night? Were all those "simple kisses" too?"

The color paled from their faces, Serafina's mouth opening and closing like a gaping fish as Alessio looked like he would pass out, his clipped nails digging into the leather armrest as fear had the small hairs on his arm stand to attention, a dreadful cold oozing down his back as he couldn't bring himself to breathe.

"Don't tell me you two actually thought I had no idea, " Salvatore chuckled humourlessly, shifting his gaze between the couple that sat before him. "I knew from the day this little fling between you two started, "

"T-then..." Serafina stammered, collapsing in her seat.

"I wanted to see which one of you would tell me first, I had my bets on Alessio, but neither one of you came forward to me about it, " He shrugged nonchalantly, standing from his place and reaching into his blazer inside pocket, Serafina ready to defend Alessio in case her brother pulled out a gun. "Alessio got off easy by being dismissed, technically speaking he should be killed, "

"You wouldn't-"

"-Of course not, Serafina, " Salvatore halted her, a leather business card holder in hand as he opened the flap. "After everything the Romano's have done for us, I wouldn't kill them, "

They looked at him in confusion, not understanding what game he was playing. The color slowly returned to Alessio's face as he jumped back when Salvatore held out a card to him. Taking it slowly, he looked down at it.

"Come to this address when you feel better, " Salvatore spoke, buttoning his blazer before heading towards the door. "You'll be interviewed for a position in Armamentarium, "

"A businessman is more to your liking, isn't it Serafina?" Salvatore smirked over his shoulder at his sister and Alessio, about to step out. "At least everyone seems to thinks so, "

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