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   Chapter 37 Graveyard

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 6986

Updated: 2018-10-31 14:39

The graveyard was so neat. Row upon row of white marble tombstones all rising from the thick blanket of snow. Each one was perfect, polished and exactly the same as all of the others, except the name it bore. They were lined up perfectly with those in front and behind, a city block for the dead.

Life is but a roaming shadow, a pitiable thespian. Who struts and frets his few moments upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale imparted by a foolish wit, full of noise and fury... yet meaningless nonetheless.

A beautiful lie.

A depressing truth.

And beyond the hedgerows and white picket fence, a new grave would arrive...

Serafina stood with her hands in her coat pockets, staring at the expressionless face of the woman whom she once had lovingly called "mom", but what sort of a mother would want her own child dead?

The younger girl took a step back as Gia walked forward, not even giving her a second's glance as she crouched before the grave of her son, she placed a hand on the limestone and lowered her head, sending a silent prayer before looking at the headstone to her left, the grave of Ricardo.

"You weren't at the funeral, " She stated with her head bowed in prayer. "You ran away to Brazil, "

"I did, " Serafina did not deny it, she did run, she ran at the very first opportunity that presented itself and didn't look back.

"A lot of people came, your family did too, " Gia resumed emotionlessly, caressing Paolo's name. "They gave their condolences. Your twin was a pallbearer despite having been the one to kill my baby, "

"He did what he had to do, "

"Oh, I know. My Paolo did the exact same; he did what had to be done."

Serafina stumbled back in surprise when Gia swung a small dagger in an upward arc, missing her chin by an inch. Stumbling, she slipped on the snow, nearly falling to her knees but steadying herself.

"And now I will do what has to be done, " Gia seethed, her emotionless eyes burning with rage. "You kill my husband and then my son!" She shrieked, hurtling towards Serafina again with the dagger, the you

scream escaping her at the excruciating pain that coursed through her.

"This is for Ricardo!" She screamed at Serafina, applying more pressure onto her hand as tears blurred her vision, the glint of the forgotten dagger catching her eye. "This is for Paolo!" Gia continued, jumping onto her palm as a scream stuck in her throat, the bones broken, pain engulfing her senses like fire as her free hand trembled to grasp the dagger.

"Die!" Gia shrieked like a vulture when she grabbed the gun, ready to empty the mag into the back of her head.

Just as she pulled the trigger Serafina moved her head out of the way and plunged the dagger into her thigh, a scream escaping Gia as she twisted it into the flesh, blood oozing down her pant leg and onto the pavement as the gun went clattering once more.

Without missing a beat, she lunged for the weapon, holding it up and pointing it at Gia, but taken aback when she fell on top of her, grabbing hold of the hands clutching the gun and trying to make her let go by squeezing her broken hand and turning the barrel of the gun away, trying to twist it in her grasp to point it at her and end it once and for all.

Both of them grunted as Serafina was pinned beneath her, the gun between them as they struggled with one another.

Just then, three gunshots rang through the falling snow of the cold January evening.

"It's over, now, "

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