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   Chapter 36 The Cadavers under the Bed

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 10242

Updated: 2018-10-31 14:38

Men went about grabbing their preferred gun of choice, loading it with bullets, and storing additional magazines into the folds of their vests. Each one having replaced their immaculate suits for all black camouflage pants, matching t-shirts and combat boots. Bullet proof vests covering their chests with additional weapons hidden in their pockets. Salvatore was one of the men in the midst of all the preparations, dressed like every single of them and loading the mag of his semi-automatic pistol.

"Are you sure you should go?" Arsenio asked hesitantly from the side, glancing uncertainly at his parents who watched with disapproving looks. "Given the concussion and all..."

"I will do, " Salvatore trailed, putting the gun in the waistband of his pants. "Whatever is necessary to protect my family, "

"All these men are doing just that, " Their father stated. "What is the need of you going?"

"All these men are risking their lives for me and you, alright?" He sighed, having had this conversation at least 6 times with his parents. "The least I can do is be there with them, "

"And die?" Rosalie taunted.

"The weapons they have are useless, "

"They have weapons other than those in the crates, " His mother hissed in irritation. "They would have figured out by now that those weapons are useless and ordered more-"

"-Who will supply them the weaponry against my order?"

"Men who want to live." Marco sighed. "Men who have been threatened, Salvatore, they are the ones who will do everything in their power to stay alive and keep their families safe. Salvatore, you are better off staying here than in the middle of the battlefield."

"What sort of a leader would I be if I hide behind my mother's skirt while these men with families, with wives, with children, are out there, fighting my war?"

"It's my war, " Serafina finally spoke up from her seat, having watched this exchange in silence.

"And what do you propose, huh?"

"Let me go with you, "

"Absolutely not, " Every single one of her family members stated in sync as Serafina leaned back with an exhale.

"And why not?" She demanded.

"Why should we?"

"Because Gia is after me-"

"-Which I exactly why you should stay here, " Her father and twin spoke together, both the former and current Mafia boss thinking the same.

"You will stay out of this, " Salvatore commanded in a tone that left no room for any further discussion. "And that's final."

"Yes, boss, " Serafina mocked through gritted teeth, getting up from her place and marching up the stairs and into her room, overhearing her brother's last order before disappearing behind a corner.

"Keep an eye on her, "

Standing on the balcony, Serafina watched 5 SUVs and 2 trucks loaded with men and weapons drive down the hill and towards the main road, bracing themselves for the 4-hour drive to Milan and then the bloodbath waiting for them there.

Sighing, she went back inside, and retreated to her room, knowing that her brother was out there, risking his life for her despite everything she

d Salvatore who had you killed. Sometimes I think that I might have been dead, but then other times I think I might have been alive, but you would have made me lose my will to live.

"That's worse than death, isn't it? Losing your will to live?"

"Gia knows it was Salvatore who killed you. And now we know it was Gia who tried to kill me. And Salvatore is gone to kill her, " She sighed, her legs aching due to her crouching. "You know, I gave him multiple concussions because of you? Because of you, I went against my own family? But you wouldn't care, right? You're dead. Not like you cared about me when you were alive."

"Although a part of me believes you did care, " Serafina stood from her crouching position and rubbed her thighs. "You cared a long time ago, at the very beginning of our relationship. You loved me for me. But then, later on, you just saw my name and not the girl behind the name."

"I loved you Paolo, " She wiped the stray tears, knowing she had cried enough over men. "I loved you with all my heart and you took that love and threw it into the ocean to be lost and never to be found."

Serafina stood above his grave a moment longer, her heart aching but her being feeling like the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders as she threw her head back and exhaled into the air, releasing all the past she had held onto with that white puff she let out.

Running a hand through her hair, she turned towards the way she had arrived, but her breath caught in her throat to see the woman before her. Her peppering hair falling down to her shoulders with her face looking older than the last time Serafina had seen her.

"This is the last place I thought to see you, Serafina, "

Her eyes devoid of any emotions and her voice just as dead as the state of her heart.

She stared in silence, her mouth opening and closing as she tried to formulate a sentence, but instead let out garbled sounds as it felt like a rock had lodged itself into her throat. Only one word escaping her.


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