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   Chapter 35 Twice the Rebellion

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 10676

Updated: 2018-10-31 14:36

Serafina's eyes fluttered open not even two hours after she had fallen asleep, the sight of her twin brother eating a bucket ice cream greeting her as he was watching a movie on low volume. Rubbing her eyes she looked down at her phone screen, blinking away the bleariness before flopping onto the pillow.

"What are you doing awake at 3 a.m. in the morning?" She sat up and took the spoon from his hands and taking a bite out of the chocolate chip ice cream.

"The medication I'm on has screwed up my sleep and given me weird cravings, " Salvatore stated dismissively, not tearing his gaze away from the T.V and blindly taking the spoon from his sister.

"You sound pregnant, "

"Am I showing?" Her brother looked down at his flat stomach, patting it before looking up at her. "They're saying its been 5 months, "

Serafina couldn't help but laugh at her brother and shake her head before both of them started to fight over the bucket of ice cream.

"Hey! It's mine, get your own, " Salvatore pulled it away from Serafina.

"Oh, come on! I don't even know where the kitchen is, "

"Ground floor, next to the dining room, " Her twin winked and ate another spoonful of ice cream, giving her a kick and sending her sprawling on the bed. "Shoo, peasant, "

"Peasant?" Serafina looked at him with a raised eyebrow before pouncing on her twin with a laugh and sending the ice cream clattering out of his hands as he grasped hold of her shoulders and turning her over, both of them rolling on the bed and play fighting. Salvatore reminded her to watch his just as she rolled them over and banged his head against the headboard. "Shit!" She gasped and got off her brother who was clutching his head in pain.

"I'm so sorry!" She shrieked, looking at her twin in panic. "Please don't tell mom, "

"Fuck, I told you to watch the head, " He squinted up at her, rubbing the abused area before slowly sitting up in bed. "And I'm definitely telling mom, "

"No! I'll...I'll give you my chocolates!" She bargained as her brother glared at her.

"Oh, first you give me a concussion, and then bang my head against the bed, and expect it to be okay with chocolates? I'm not 5, Serafina, I'm not gonna be happy until mom beats you, "

"I'm 24, she never beat me, " Serafina stuck out her tongue in his direction.

"Oh, want me to tell dad, then?"

"Dad loves me, "

"Not after hearing how you banged my head against the bed after you slammed it on the floor, "

His twin glared at him as he just gave a smug smile in response.

"Fine, what do you want?"

"Be my slave for the next 5 days, " Salvatore grinned as Serafina gave him an incredulous look.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, "

"I'm not going to be your slave, "

"I'm telling mom otherwise, "

"Go ahead, it's not like it was my fault anyways, "

Salvatore looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Not your fault?" He repeated as she smirked at him. "Oh, so the concussion was my own doing?"

"You're the one at fault for that, " Serafina shrugged. "You had it coming, "

"I had it coming, " Her twin scoffed in disbelief as his sister turned away haughtily as a silence fell over them. "It was either my sis

ce as red as a tomato. She knew, if it were possible, his ears would be smoking too.

"Come, Serafina, let's not waste our time on a fraud, " Salvatore beckoned Serafina after him, his sister standing from her chair and following after him.

"Gia has 3 crates full of weaponry with over 300 men at her disposal to take you down and 1500 more men on their way, " Alessandro cackled. "Her warehouse in Milan is echoing with the cry for your blood, Regnante, "

"Not if I get to her first, " Salvatore smirked over his shoulder. "Thank you for your corporation, "

Swinging open the door, Serafina watched her brother nod towards two men who came inside and restrained Alessandro. She heard the struggle and looked over her shoulder before Salvatore placed a hand against the small of her back, gently urging her to walk out of the room.

"Let's have breakfast, "

The two had been sipping their coffee when her twin's second-in-command and capos were ushered inside the dining room, one guard holding a rolled map under his arm and a file in hand.

"Come, sit, " Her brother instructed.

The five men took seats around the table as Salvatore had the map rolled out and pointed to a spot.

"Gia has currently 300 men with 1500 more on their way and 3 crates of useless firearms." Salvatore sipped his black coffee. "And is residing in her son's warehouse in Milan. A gentleman under the name of Alessandro was very kind to provide this information to us, "

The five men looked at him in silence, trying to grasp what he had said as Tazio the first one to speak.

"And what are we to do?"

"We will go to Milan and take them unaware. They won't be able to fight back since their guns are useless and would give up without much a fight." Salvatore stretched his arms over his head, lazily. "Then we'll take Gia, doesn't matter whether she is dead or alive, "

"What about me?" Serafina asked, putting down her coffee mug.

"You?" Salvatore stood up from his seat, buttoning his blazer. "Stay home and clear matters with mom and dad. Hopefully by this time, tomorrow you all will be back in your own homes, "

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