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   Chapter 34 Nostalgia

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 13534

Updated: 2018-10-31 14:35

Serafina hadn't been to this estate since her wedding day, and even looking at it now, a wave of nostalgia hit her.

It was a beautiful mansion with cream walls and Greek columns, windows on almost every side, and was generally surrounded by well-kept lush green grass and flowers, but given the snowfall, it was surrounded by fields of white. Unlike Salvatore's estate, it was much smaller and had only two floors with a single basement. Being rectangular in shape, it wasn't divided into wings, but there were certain rooms which had been kept closed off to the public when the Costa's resided here.

She knew this mansion like the back of her hand and could very easily make her way around with her eyes closed and knew every single secret this house had to offer. Having lived here for almost 5 years, she was well acquainted with not only the architecture but also the people.

When she had lived here, Serafina divided the household's staff in three, those who adored her, those who despised her, and those who were indifferent to her existence.

Now she had to wonder how many people remained, and how many of them would be willing to talk to her.

Inhaling deeply, she stepped out of the car, her ankle length boots crunching the snow beneath her feet as she was flagged by Russo, Tazio, and three bodyguards: two of them were her brother's personal henchmen and the third his contracted assassin. The more dangerous people she was surrounded with, the safer she would be, was her brother's thought, but Serafina knew that no amount of fear would help her in this situation.

Russo pushed open the wooden door and Serafina inhaling sharply once she entered.

It was no longer how she remembered it.

All the pictures, painting, furniture, electronics, upholstery, everything. Gone. The walls barren and the floor devoid beside a long table where various men sat and all chattered together, a cacophony of sounds infiltrating the interior as Serafina couldn't even remember ever there having been so much noise in the interior.

She did not know whether to feel sad that the place she had made her home was now no more, or whether she should be glad that it ceased to exist given her fiancé's ulterior motive.

Suddenly the noise died down as the scraping of chairs filled the room, all the men standing and greeting her with bowed heads as they knew she was the sister of the man who had taken over the Costa mafia without so much as a fight, and they were a force to be reckoned with.

"Who is the head of staff?" Serafina's voice rang clear through the interior as the men remained silent.

"That would be me, madam, " A man with dark oak skin came walking down the stairs in a two-piece black suit and grey undershirt, beady black eyes with a bald head that seemed to shine in the lighting.

"This is Silvio Gonzales, your brother had him brought from Tbilisi to overlook his operations here, " Tazio whispered into her ear as the man approached.

"Brought?" Serafina questioned in confusion.

"Transferred, " Russo murmured to her left.

"How may I be of assistance, Ms. Regnante?" Silvio inquired, bowing to her as Serafina felt as if though she could see her reflection in his bald head.

"Is there a private place we could talk, Mr. Gonzales?"

"Of course, please, this way, "

She was led down the stairs and towards a room in the basement which had been a lounge for the guards under Paolo's reign but now had been converted into a conference room. Tazio and Russo followed her inside as the three guards remained standing outside when the door closed.

"Mr. Gonzales, I have been sent here on behalf of my brother and I would like to see a list with all the staff's names."

"Of course, ma'am, " He nodded without a question, leaving the three as he went to get a list.

"Why a list?" Russo asked, swiveling in his chair. "Why not just go up to the men upstairs and ask what's been going on?"

"Well, because when I lived here, there were people who liked me, who hated me, and who didn't care if

he turned around and began walking.

"Wait here, " She muttered to Tazio, walking after the man and disappearing behind a corner.

Her breath gave in fogy mists as she caught up to him, grabbing his shoulder and turning him around.

"You know something, " She stated with certainty. "And you want me to know that you know something, "

"I don't know what you're talking about ma'am, " Alessandro shrugged.

He had been the second last man she had met with and his response had been very much like that of the others, but now, his eyes gave away the truth. Something was going on and this man was in on it.

"Tell me, what's going on?"

"I've told you before, " He stated with nonchalance, beginning to walk away. "I don't know."

"Alessandro, " She called after him, chasing after him, but gasping when her foot broke through the snow, nearly sending her toppling as a shallow ditch was beneath her feet.

Pulling out her soaked boot, she looked up, grunting when he had disappeared.

With resignation, she knew it was time to head back.

Once at the estate, she went up to Salvatore's room and settled down at the edge of his bed as he was slowly walking the length of the floor.

"I had no luck with learning anything from the guards, " She sighed, bracing her knees. "What about you?"

"Just learned all that we already knew: it was Gia who had ordered the weaponry; and Gia who ordered the attack; and Gia who wants to see you dead, " He informed as he scratched the pup behind his ear. "Nothing new, "

"So we have made zero progress, " Serafina groaned, falling back on the bed and rubbing her eyes.

Salvatore came and settled against the headrest, rubbing his temples before nudging her with his foot. Removing her hands from her eyes she glared at him.


"Let's watch a movie, "

"How can you think of watching a movie when I might be dying?" She sat up, staring at her brother incredulously.

"Yes, dying of boredom, "

She gave him a deadpanned look before relenting. Thinking that a movie would help combat the lack of progress they've had.

Leaning against the headboard, her brother turned on the flat screen T.V. before they bickered back and forth on what movie to watch before eventually relenting and picking one with their eyes closed.

Half way through the film, Salvatore fell asleep, but Serafina sat upright, watching the screen, but not comprehending as the events of the day buzzed through her mind. The change, the people, the faces, the news, it all had a very sad feel to it and Serafina didn't understand what to do. Heaving a sigh, she leaned against the headboard and closed her eyes, falling asleep without meaning to.

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