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   Chapter 33 Cost a Life

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 16499

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Serafina refused to talk to her family. Her parent would come to check in on her and she'd ignore them, she refused to look at Marco, and always walked away when Arsenio tried to approach. Salvatore was on bed rest, and apparently she had hit his head harder than anticipated because he was often throwing up and looked horrifyingly dazed – granted, she had just heard all that and not actually seen him.

It took her a couple of days to come to terms with everything she was told, a part of her didn't want to believe it, but the unbiased part of her knew it was true.

And for that exact reason, she hesitantly stood in front of her brother's bedroom door, two guards standing on either side as they looked at her with an impassive mask, clearly knowing what she had done.

"Could you let Salvatore know that I want to talk to him?" She asked one of them as he nodded and knocked on the door, once he was given permission to enter, he left her to stand outside with the other one who looked at a spot over her head.

A minute passed until he returned, opening the door wide before gesturing her in.

Swallowing thickly, Serafina crossed the threshold, the door closing with a distinctive click as she stepped inside.

Today, her brother's curtains were drawn up, showing off the bedazzling spectacle of snow peaked mountains and fields. Beside him sat a woman with hair as white as the snow outside, and pale blue eyes, smile lines at the edges of her eyes as she looked at Serafina with a smile, confusing her. Turning to look at her brother, she had to swallow the bile rising in her throat to see what she had done to him.

A bandage was wrapped around his crown, sweat beading his forehead with his cheeks sunken and his vibrant blue eyes contrasting against his ashen grey complexion.

"Myriam, c'est ma s?ur, Serafina (Myriam, this is my sister, Serafina), " Salvatore spoke in French gesturing to his twin and squinted with every word. "Serafina, questa è Myriam Romano, la madre di Alessio e Niccolò, (Serafina, this is Myriam Romano, Alessio and Niccolo's mother), " He informed her in Italian.

Serafina held her breath at the introduction.

This elegant woman before her was the mother of the man she had landed in the hospital. Her stomach churned in unease when Myriam stood from the seat beside Salvatore, walking towards her as her stomach twisted itself into knots, her face paling and winced back when she stood before her.

"Bonjour, " She smiled, sticking out her hand for Serafina as she looked at her in surprise, having expected a slap.

"Ciao, " Serafina blurted impulsively and grabbed her hand, wanting to slap herself knowing that the woman before her was French and she was speaking in Italian.

"Pleasure meeting you, " Myriam chuckled in a thick French accent as Serafina was still shaking her hand.

"Pleasures all mine, "

"Serafina, let go, " Salvatore spoke from the bed, watching as Myriam looked down at their hands which his sister was still shaking.

"Right!" She retreated back, standing uncomfortably in front of Alessio's mother, realizing how bad of a first impression she was making.

"You know, the last time I saw you, you were hardly 4-years-old, " She informed, settling back in the chair.

"Really?" Serafina had to gasp, not having known that they've met before.

"Oh, yes, " Myriam nodded, taking the glass of orange juice with a smile when her brother offered it to her. "Arcangelo and Rosalie had brought you two over to France with them. Alessio was 10 by then and Niccolo had been 13." She chuckled at the memory.

"Alessio was so scared of going close to you two because you were such loud and rambunctious children, " She laughed. "Kept running around, pointing and asking what-what was. Alessio kept hiding behind my leg the entire time, but Niccolo eventually got fed up and gave you two crayons and paper. You two spent hours drawing in silence."

Salvatore chuckled as Serafina stared at her in fascination, never having realized that they'd met before or the fact that she had seen Alessio as a 10-year-old.

"Speaking of Arcangelo and Rosalie, would be possible for me to meet them?" Myriam turned her gaze towards Salvatore, her pale blue eyes sparkling with mirth at the thought of meeting her old friends.

"Of course, " Salvatore squirmed on the bed. "You can ask one of the guards to escort you to them. I would have done it myself, but I'm strictly on bed rest, " He grimaced.

"You and Alessio are both men of combat and staying in bed is just torture, isn't it, " Myriam laughed at him, standing from her place and gathering her coat and bag.

"Oh, you have no idea, " Her twin shook his head as Mrs. Romano ruffled his hair in good nature, giving Serafina a carefree smile before leaving the two.

The door closed behind Myriam as a silence descended over the twin, Serafina watching her brother grab a couple of pills from hi

waddling after them. Closing the glass door, she gave the men a two-fingered solute as they all looked at her in confusion before she walked inside. She had just reached the ground floor landing when Alberto's face popped before her, forcing a scream out of her.

"What the hell are you doing?" He hissed at her, grabbing hold of her arm. "Boss is waiting for you!"

"For me?" She asked in confusion before running to keep pace with her cousin's strides as he led her towards her brother's office whose doors swung open as they neared.

Salvatore stood before everyone in dark grey slacks and a black button up, his face ashen and a fine sheen of sweat covering him as he braced himself against the table, clearly overexerting himself whereas he should have been resting.

"I know who's after you, " Salvatore choked out, blindly pointing at Serafina, looking like he was resting the urge to throw up.

"You do?" She asked, taking a step towards him.

"It's Gia, "

"Gia Costa?" Piero confirmed.

"Gia Costa, " Salvatore nodded. "Just like her son, she must also have believed that we killed Ricardo, otherwise she wouldn't have let Paolo pull through with his plan. Now she must have learned that I had Paolo killed and wants revenge for killing her son and husband, "

"But we didn't kill Ricardo, " Alberto stated.

"It doesn't matter, " Salvatore shook his head. "We killed her son and that's all the motive she needs." He choked out before grabbing the dustbin beside his leg, retching into it and emptying the contents of his stomach as Tazio and Piero went over to him.

Coughing, Salvatore wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, heaving and unsteady on his feet. Serafina watched them lower her brother into his chair as he clutched at his head if though it was hurting.

"She'll have proof, " He groaned through the haze of stabbing pain. "She would want to go after Niccolo, I need you to oversee that the Romano's are safe. Alessio isn't well enough to be moved out of the hospital yet, so ensure that it is just our most loyal men assigned to guard them, "

"It will be done, " Piero nodded before walking out and going to carry out the order given to him.

"Alberto and Fransisco, you two find out where Gia is, find out what she's been doing since her son died, "

The dark skinned man nodded and left with Alberto hot at his heel, Salvatore leaning forward as he still clutched at his head, gentle tremors going through him.

"Salvatore, you should be-" Serafina began to insist before he cut her off.

"-Serafina, I need you to go back to the Costa household, "

"What?" She stepped back in shock.

"You're the only one of us who knows that household like I know this one, I need you to find the guards who trust you or would easily come under your persuasion in order to find out what's been going on there, " He grunted. "The Mafia is mine now, but the men are still Costa's. Tazio and Russo will go with you, "

"Are you sure?" She asked her twin, kneeling beside his hunched figure.

"I wouldn't suggest it if I had any other choice, " He groaned, shakily getting to his feet as Russo steadied him. "Have Filipe trace Gia's movements."

"Yes, sir, " Tazio nodded, both him and Serafina watching Russo help him back to his room.

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