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   Chapter 32 Hubris

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 10563

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Serafina paced the length of the hallway outside her brother's bedroom, gnawing at her lips as her legs were beginning to ache with her excessive walk. She had no idea how long she had been pacing the floor, but she knew it had been a good hour, maybe even more.

Maybe he's asleep. She thought hopefully, cautiously standing with her eat pressed to the door, straining to hear any movement. Maybe he has a whore inside.

A frightened shriek escaped her as the door suddenly swung open, Serafina stumbling since her entire weight had been against the structure.

Regaining her footing, she looked up to see her brother standing in nothing but pajama bottoms, his hair an unruly mess and his blue looking at her with amusement as he raised an eyebrow, no hint of a smile across his lips.

"Rude, " Is all he said before leaving her to stand in the doorway as he disappeared behind the corner

Serafina did not want to be here, she did not need any more explanation than the obvious one as to why he killed her husband.

But she had promised.

And a Regnante always stays true to their word.

Swallowing her pride, Serafina straightened her back before closing the door behind her, walking down the small hallway before entering his massive bedroom. A dark canopy bed before her with a window to the bed's left. To her left, there was a door which diverted into two paths, the right leading to the walk-in closets, and the left heading to the master bath. Stepping further into the room, Serafina saw an ottoman bench in front of the bed, with two cream single seaters facing one another and a glass coffee table between them. Opposite the bed, there was a raised platform with an archway leading into his miniature lounge with a leather three seater and matching high backed chairs, a French window covered by grey and gold curtains leading out to the balcony.

As she had said before, his bedroom was massive.

The sound of flipping pages had Serafina look up towards her brother, watching him reading as if though she weren't even there. The navy blue duvet pulled up to his waist with his black Wolf-hybrid puppy lying with his head on Salvatore's legs, his ears pricked up in attention.

"Why'd you do it?" She swallowed the pride, a bitter taste infiltrating her mouth.

"Be a bit more specific, " He drawled, not tearing his eyes from the page.

"Why'd you have Paolo shot, " Serafina spat out, anger consuming her once more, her teeth gritted at how nonchalant he was. "That too on my wedding day?"

"So who finally convinced you?"

"Answer my question first, "

"What guarantee do I have that you'll believe me?" Salvatore asked, putting his book away as he scratched the puppy behind the ear.

"None, " Serafina stated bluntly, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Oh, the truth will burn, Serafina, "

"Then tell me, "

"Are you willing to suffer the pain that comes with honesty?"

"Tell me!" She demanded, losing her patience to deal with her brother's tricks.

Salvatore looked at her from his bed, his blue eyes as cold as her own as she knew he hated when people ordered him. He hated it as a child, and hated it

rve that, huh?"

"He lied!"

"About what!?"

"He lied about why he shot Paolo! He's a fucking liar who won't accept that he just wanted Paolo's Mafia for himself and that's why he killed him! He lied to my face!"

Serafina watched her father shake his head.

"You're so blinded by your anger and pride that you refuse to see the truth, " He spoke lowly, disappointed. "Your brother didn't lie, he's telling the truth, "

"Bullshit!" Serafina jumped from her seat, stepping away from her father with anger boiling up again.

"Do you know how I know he's telling the truth?" Her father asked her, not waiting for a response. "Because I'm the one who told Salvatore what Paolo planned to do."

Serafina's throat ran dry and the color drained from her face as she stared at her father in shock.

"Y-you?" She asked with a small whimper.

"I heard him talking on the phone, running over the entire details of the plan, from having made you believe he loved you for 7 years, marrying you and then poisoning you and making it look like a natural death before slowly killing us all one by one just so that he could avenge his father and take over our mafia and I heard it, and I told your brother and he took care of it, " Arcangelo told her calmly. "I didn't want my daughter dead long before me, so I told Salvatore. He didn't want to, but he had no choice, he had Paolo shot at the altar, and it caused you trauma and he blames himself for what he put you through, but you wouldn't know, would you? You just gave your twin brother multiple concussions, even when he was unconscious."

"If you don't believe Salvatore, then believe your own father." He told her gently, Serafina shaking her head at his words and stepping away from him. "Fine, you don't want to believe us, and then you can live a delusional lie for all I care, "

Her father walked out of the room, the door banging shut and having her windows rattle as Serafina collapsed to her knees, clutching onto her hair as she shook her head, not wanting to believe it.

Not wanting to believe that Paolo was exactly like Ricardo.

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