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   Chapter 31 Wreck of our Hearts

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 13766

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The hallways were deserted with just a handful of people lingering around, but none of them paid her any heed as she walked across the ceramic floor.

That was exactly what she wanted when she decided to come late at night; no one would bother her with unnecessary questions nor try to stop her either. Inhaling deeply, Serafina halted at the door of the room, gently sliding it open and stepping into the dark interior.

The lights had been turned off, but the moonlight peeking through the blinds including the light from the beeping machinery was enough to illuminate the rough outline of the room, and the lamp overhead added to her vision.

Shuffling across the room, she walked over to the side table with the vase on it. Taking out the dead flowers, she replaced the water and was about to place the new bouquet into the vase.

"Oh, the joys of being born with the name Regnante where no one will question you in fear for their life, " The person spoke on the bed, the suddenness of his voice having Serafina gasp and jumped back in fright. "Much less would they ask why Serafina Regnante was coming into the hospital rooms in the middle of the night long since visiting hours were over, "

"I thought-" She began to speak with a hand on her chest.

"-That I'd be asleep and miss the look on your face?" He finished for her with a chuckle. "You actually knew I'd be asleep given that the medications they give me have a sedative side effect, "

"Then how come-"

"-Don't ask stupid questions when you know the answer, "

"Why didn't you take your medicine?" Serafina demanded, shaking her head and going back to setting the flowers into the vase. "You're injured; you should have taken them, "

"Haven't you heard, it's impolite to sleep when there is a visitor for you, " He grunted in pain as she heard the shuffling of sheets.

"What are you doing?" She hissed at him, helping him sit up with a grunt. "You should keep lying, "

"That's all I've been doing: lying, eating, sleeping, lying, eating, sleeping. I'm a man of combat, not one for bed rest, "

"Well, this man of combat very conveniently got himself shot and ended up bed-ridden so face the consequences now, "

"What? Would you rather I have let you die?" He chuckled with a shake of his head. "I would do it all again if I had to as long as I knew you were safe and unharmed, "

Serafina swallowed thickly at his words, knowing he would do it all over again as long as she was safe. Despite everything she had done to him, he still loved her and didn't even deny it now. He probably got tired of denying the truth; after all, one can only do that to a certain extent before giving up.

"I should leave, " Serafina muttered once she had the flowers set up, about to walk away when he grabbed her wrist into his warm and calloused hand.

"Stay, "

"Alessio, I shouldn't be in here, "

"You're a Regnante, rules don't seem to apply to you guys, " He chuckled, pulling her back. "And besides, I had mom and Niccolo go home for the night, both of them had been taking shifts sitting by my side, "

"How did you manage to do that?" Serafina asked incredulously, sitting at the edge of his bed and staring at him in the dim lighting, his dirty blonde hair an unruly mess with dark circles under his green eyes, his complexion as white as the snow outside and a tired smile across his dried and chapped lips.

"Oh, it took a lot to convince them, but eventually they went home." Alessio chuckled, rubbing his thumb over the back of her hand.

"Back to the bachelor pad?"

"God no, " He let out a short laugh. "Mom hates my bachelor pad. No, Niccolo bought the cottage we lived in when Dad was alive and mom went back there with him, "

"Must be hard for her, " Serafina murmured looking at their conjoined hands.

"Yeah, " Alessio sighed. "It is, "

A silence fell over the two as they sat in the dimness, their hands intertwined, their breathing and the sound of the machines being the only noise in the room.

"Should I turn on the light?"

"No, " He seemed to shake his head. "You feel a lot more real like


"Hey, " He called out to her gently when she released a shaky breath. "I'm okay, I'm good and alive. Please don't cry, "

"I'm such a mess, " She sniffled, wiping at the tears.

"It's okay, you're allowed to be a mess, especially in front of me, I'm not going to say anything, "

She instantly choked on her sobs, not understanding why she was in this constant state of weeping. Exhaling heavily, she lay down with her head on his chest, and true to his word, he allowed her to cry and held her as long as she needed, as long as he needed to. It didn't take long for both of them to fall asleep, Serafina awakening at dawn and realizing that she should leave, but every part of her body didn't want to get out of Alessio's hold, didn't want to leave him again.

"Serafina?" Alessio awoke when she pulled out of his hold, knowing she was going to leave. "Can I ask a favor of you?"

"Of course, " She nodded, sitting at the edge of his bed and cupping his ashen face into her hands. "What do you want me to do?"

"Could you ask Salvatore why he gave Niccolo the order?" He asked her, covering her hand with his own when she looked at his bleary eyes in silence. "I think it's best that we both know the reason behind it, "

She sat quietly for a moment, his words ringing through her head as she saw the logic behind it, get to know from Salvatore himself why he ordered the killing attack on her fiancée at the altar. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she nodded, inhaling deeply before gently pressing her lips to his cheek, surprising him when she pulled back.

"I promise you there will come a time when I will visit you during the properly allocated hours, " She smiled at him softly and rubbed her thumb over his cheekbone, getting up from the bed and kissing his forehead before grabbing her bag to leave.

"I'll look forward to that day, " He called after her when she slid open the door, looking over her shoulder to give him the smile he had fallen in love with, his heart thundering in his chest at the sight.

It wasn't until a few hours later that his mother and brother arrived when he was having breakfast, the three of them talking about mundane matters and laughing, greeting Tatiana when she arrived later that day.

Alessio watched how Tatiana interacted with her brother, both of them talking politely and chuckling every once in a while, his mother seated beside him.

"I like her, " His mother told him in French, Alessio looking towards her at the words.

"Tatiana?" He questioned since she was looking neither at the girl nor at him.

"No. Her." Myriam stated, cocking her head in the direction of the flowers.

The flower bouquet which Serafina had gotten him.

"I like Serafina, "

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