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   Chapter 30 Comfort Zone

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 14356

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Serafina loved her bedroom in the estate.

Her walls were a very subtle grey with a white platform bed against the wall opposite the entrance door, photography hung atop the bed. Two round vanity tables on either side, matching her bed with lamps on them. Her sheets, this time around were a blush pink color - last time they had been navy blue. There were floor cushions in front of the bed, facing the flat screen T.V mounted on the wall and a Persian rug was beneath her bed with a door leading to the walk-in-closet and then the ensuite bath. To the left, there was a cozy window niche with a throw blanket and cushions, the windows looking over the back courtyard which was currently washed white with snow.

Her bedroom was nothing like the massive and luxurious bedroom of her twin, but it was very comforting and soothing, and Serafina loved that; it even smelt comforting, like chamomile and lavender.

Sitting in her window niche, she looked out the window, her hair tossed into a messy braid with the throw blanket covering her legs, the T.V. playing on mute.

She started out the window, the side of her head pressed to the cold glass as her eyes followed the men patrol the ground, their footsteps leaving a trail in the snow, and she knew they would disappear in the next few hours with the constant snowfall. She watched some men play fighting, others checking their guns, some smoking at the edge of the evergreen forest surrounding the estate.

Her brother's estate was on a hill, surrounded by forest and almost an hour's drive from civilization. Sometimes she had to wonder whether this isolation was the cause of the way her brother turned out to be: sick and twisted.

Since they had gotten back from the hospital, the entire Regnante family was living at the estate, all of them having their own bedroom on the third floor. Salvatore and Arcangelo had returned late that night, looking disheveled and exhausted. They informed them that Alessio was out of surgery – which went better than expected – and had been shifted to the ICU. Myriam Romano had arrived almost an hour after his family's departure, and Salvatore had braced himself for a slap or some form of lash-out but was instead greeted by a sobbing hug from the mother.

After having learned that Alessio would live, Serafina returned to ignoring her twin like he never existed. Refused to eat when he was around and even rejected being in the same room as him, much less talking to him – despite his efforts of getting her to interact.

A knock brought her out of her thoughts, turning her gaze towards the door, she watched Arsenio step inside with a sheepish smile, waving at her as he closed the door. Giving a short wave back, Serafina resumed looking out the window.

"Gee, I had no idea how fascinating white snow was, " Arsenio stated sarcastically, sitting down beside her on the niche, his sister rolling her eyes at him. "Well, it's clearly better than your elder brother coming to pay you a visit despite his wife being pissed off at him, "

"Why is Angelica mad at you?" Serafina's gaze snapped to her brother, who gave her a cocky smirk.

"She isn't mad, she's sleeping." He chuckled. "I just knew it would get you to talk to me, "

Giving him a deadpanned look, she returned her gaze to the window.

"Are you and I having a fight?" Arsenio asked with his head tilted to his side. "Are you and Marco mad at each other? Did you argue with mom and dad?"

Serafina looked at him from the corner of her eyes, not understanding what he was getting at.

"I don't think any of the above apply, then explain something to me, Ina, why the actual hell are you estranging yourself from your family?"


"I am your brother, Marco is your brother, Angelica is your sister-in-law, Irene and Aurora are both your nieces, those are your parents across the hall, believe it or not, " He told her sternly, pointing at her door. "Yet, you seem to act like we are all strangers. You don't have any meal with us. You don't come downstairs for coffee. My daughters keep asking me whether their Aunt Reena is here, and you know why? Because they haven't seen her since they've been here for the past three days. They see everyone; play with everyone - everyone but their Aunt."

"What do you ex

the capacity of my father or my Consigliere?"

"Both, "

Salvatore looked around at the faces, all of them looking at him with disapproval or worry, his eyes lingering on his twin before he shrugged and nodded to his father, giving an order to one of the men behind him who nodded to his words.

"Well, anyone cares to learn what I found out?" He asked, removing his gloves and coat, smiling and waving at his two nieces.

"What did you learn?" Marco asked, stepping away from the wall.

"They are specifically attacking Serafina, " He stated nonchalantly, his twin freezing in her place as she stared at him in shock. "Now, why is what I don't know?"

"The man guarding only knew that he was to hold the crates until further instructions were given to him to deliver it to another address, who then deliver it to another man who'd deliver it to the people who ordered it, "

"Then why'd you take the crates?" Arcangelo asked in confusion. "Wasn't it better to put a tracking device on them and leave them there?"

"The man would tell, "

"Then kill him and replace him with one of your own, "

"Couldn't, the crates would be delivered only by him, they have facial recognition delivery."

"What? You won't find out who's after me then?" Serafina demanded haughtily, standing from her place to glare at her twin, anger flaring when he smirked at her.

"Are we talking now?"

"Just answer the fucking question, Salvatore!"

"Hey! Kids!" Arsenio spoke over the two, reminding Serafina to mind her language.

"I had no need for the man, nor a tracking device because the crates have their delivery address written on them inside the lid." Salvatore shrugged with a coy grin. "The man gave me the address he was to deliver them at, which was an intersection beneath a bridge and told me that they typically open the lid, not to check the delivery but to read the address."

"And it's not encoded?" Marco asked in confusion.

"It is, " Salvatore nodded, chuckling. "But it's written in Greek, "

"Greek, " Their father looked at him with astonishment. "Are you sure?"

"I learned Greek that one summer I was an exchange student in Mykonos, remember? And I could read it just fine."

"What are you going to do?" Their father questioned.

"The delivery is expected to the address in two days' time; I will send an envoy under my name instead of the weapons and learn what they want from my sister and why they have ordered so much weaponry."

"In exchange for what?" Marco questioned.

"That I'll give the weapons back, "

"What?" Everyone stared at him in disbelief as he raised his hand to calm them.

"Without the clips, " Salvatore appeased them. "The weapons are useless without the clips."

"I would never have thought of that, " Arsenio muttered solemnly.

"Well, I'll go as far as needed to protect my family, "

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