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   Chapter 29 Waiting Room

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 14446

Updated: 2018-10-29 13:24

Her fingers trembled and her leg kept bouncing up and down, Serafina felt utterly out of control as her breathing came in hard pants, her hands smeared in blood with a streak running down her cheek. Letting out a ragged breath, she wiped at the tears that fell, her stomach churning with her throat dry like a desert, worry consuming her mind as to how Alessio was doing.

She feared the ambulance was too late because by the time they had arrived, Alessio had passed out and his breathing shallowed to being almost non-existent.

He was wounded, for protecting her.

She didn't know where her parents were; as a matter of fact, she did not know where anyone was. Looking around her surroundings, she found herself seated in the waiting room, unfamiliar faces around her, none of them seeing the turmoil going on inside her, and none of them knowing why the other was here.

"Where is he?" Someone's voice demanded in panic followed by the patter of footsteps.

Looking up, she saw Alessio's brother, Niccolo run across the floor, his eyes wide and his face ashen, her own brother following after him.

"Where is he?" He asked again, looking around hopelessly.

"Sir, who may you be looking for?" A nurse approached, talking to him calmly as Niccolo gripped at his hair, his breathing labored and his thoughts muddled, worry evident across his features.

"My brother, " He choked out, looking at the nurse in desperation. "My baby brother, Alessio. He was shot. How is he?"

"Alessio Romano?" She looked down at the clipboard in her hand as he nodded, constantly shuffling on his feet, much too restless to stay still. "He is currently in the operation theatre. Yes, he was shot by a-"

"-High precision sniper rifle with centerfire cartridge, yes, yes, I know that. But how is he?" Niccolo cut her off, running his clammy hands down the front of his slacks.

"I cannot say, sir, " The nurse informed slowly. "He is still in operation, "

"Fuck, Salvatore, talk to her!" Niccolo whimpered, moving away with his head clutched in his hands, unable to think straight.

Serafina watched her twin take a step forward, looking at the nurse with his ice blue eyes as she swallowed thickly.

"How badly is he injured, and what are the odds?" Salvatore asked her calmly, the woman looking suddenly uncomfortable.

"Well...The bullet shot him in the abdomen and left an exit wound as well..." She informed lowly, freezing when Niccolo hissed at the words, tears welling in his eyes. "And...the doctors are trying their best-"

"-Give me numbers, "

"30% chance he'll survive this." She blurted, shrieking when Niccolo let out a roar of anguish, punching the concrete wall before him in his anger.

"Leave, " Salvatore commanded as she instantly ran the other way.

Serafina watched her twin go over to the older Romano, placing a hand against his chest as he spoke into his ear, the other man bracing himself against the wall and shaking his head, his shoulders shaking as he covered his eyes with one hand.

Inhaling deeply, Niccolo pushed himself away from the wall, away from Salvatore and turned in the room, scrubbing at his face before his pale blue eyes caught sight of her, and just like that the fear and worry morphed into a raw rage.

"You bitch!" His voice ricocheted through the waiting room, people moving away when he suddenly advanced towards her, his teeth bared and his face red, a vein pulsating in his neck as his eyes held only contempt and a murderous rage in them.

Frightened, Serafina stumbled up from her chair, moving away before her brother intercepted Niccolo's way, him and Alberto holding him back as he clawed at the air, seemingly wanting to grab her.

"You killed him!" He yelled at her, Serafina taking a frightened step back. "You killed him! You killed him!"

"Niccolo he was just doing his job!" Salvatore spoke over his screaming and struggling.

"No!" He exclaimed, pushing himself away from the two men. "His job was to look after your parents! Not her! Not fucking her! He took the bullet meant for her!" He pointed accusingly at Serafina.

"She is the reason my brother is dying in there! My mother won't live through the grief of losing her son! She killed them both!" Niccolo spat, shoving Salvatore aside as he stumbled, Alberto instantly going t

w us all to sleep a bit better at night, "

He looked at all the faces one by one, seeing if anyone had an issue. "Are we agreed then?"

Nods passed around their little family as Salvatore gave a firm nod himself.

"Alright, other than that, it's best if you all head back now. You all must be exhausted given what mom, dad, and Serafina just went through, Marco you just landed this morning and Arsenio you just got off duty two hours ago. Go on back to the estate and rest up."

"What about you?" Marco asked the question on everyone's mind.

"Dad and I are going to stick around a little longer, ensure Myriam is here safely, maybe even stick around to hear about Alessio, but we're going to stay, "

"Let me stay with you, " Serafina spoke up and moved away from her father's hold, everyone giving her incredulous looks as she ignored them all. "Please?"

"Serafina, you are the last person that should be here, " Salvatore told her bluntly, the harshness of his words having her wince. "Niccolo blames you, his fiancé doesn't fancy you much either at this point, and God knows how the mother would react. They all know Alessio threw his life to save yours, and the tension is still too hot here, just go home, alright? I'll let you know what happens."

"He's right, " Their father agreed. "You shouldn't stick around for long, "

She wanted to protest, say that the guard would protect her and keep her safe from any harm and that even Salvatore would be there to keep an eye on her. But then the words of her guards from the other night came back to her, and how much they hated her for what she had done to Alessio. No doubt the others' knew of it too, and for all she knew, they all might share Niccolo's views, even the mother whom she'd never met. Who's to say that she wouldn't be harmed by any one of the men standing for protection once her brother's back was turned?

The realization having her clamp her mouth shut and cross her arms over her chest.

"He's right, Ina, " Arsenio was the one who spoke up. "It's best that we go back to the estate, and besides, my girls miss their one and only aunt, "

Those words had a small smile overcome her face as she hadn't seen her nieces in a while either. Relenting with a sigh, she nodded. She watched Salvatore beckoned a few men as they escorted the Regnante family out the hospital and into two Range Rovers. Arsenio, her, and two guards in one with her mother and Marco in the other.

Heaving a heavy breath, Serafina leaned her head against her elder brother's shoulder, the pilot chuckling as he interlaced their fingers on his thigh, giving her hand a firm squeeze.

"Everything will be alright, Serafina, " Arsenio assured her. "Just you wait and see."

I hope you're right brother. She thought silently in response. Otherwise I would have the blood of the Romano family on my conscience.

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