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   Chapter 28 Old Habits Die Hard

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 15048

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"Something urgent came up, dad and I will be back for lunch." Serafina read her mother's message, yawning and rubbing her head.

Stretching her arms, she decided to take a shower before going downstairs and grabbing something to eat. Changing into a dark grey sweatshirt and slim fit denim jeans, she combed the tangles out of her hair before making her way downstairs, wondering how obsessive her mother was about cleaning that the entire house was spick-and-span even at 9:30 in the morning.

Shaking her head, Serafina walked into the dining room and found a tray of chocolate croissants placed on the table. Grabbing one, she pushed open the swinging door of the kitchen and grabbed a plate from one of the cupboards before putting the croissant into the microwave and turning on the coffee machine.

Looking out the window, she saw how everything was covered in snow, her mother's garden white rather than filled with usual vibrant colors. She didn't see anyone outside and realized everyone was gone to work.

Grabbing her breakfast, Serafina made her way into the lounge, staring out the large one wall window and munched on the chocolate filled croissant with her coffee.

Alessio pushed open the side door which led into the kitchen, the day's groceries in his arms. Struggling with the weight, he put it all on the center counter before shaking off the snow from his clothes. One by one, he emptied all the bags, putting everything in its place, ensuring to dispose of anything unwanted.

Since he resigned as Serafina's bodyguard, Salvatore had asked how he would feel being assigned to his parents. Alessio didn't mind, he liked them and they were very welcoming people. Salvatore had told his parents that Alessio would help his mother with the house, which majorly consisted of cleaning and cooking, but in reality, he was there to ensure their safety, despite each of them having at least 2 guards with them at all times.

But he didn't mind, he enjoyed the mundane act of cleaning and cooking, it made him feel...productive.

Every morning, he would come in at 7 a.m. and make breakfast for Mr. and Mrs. Regnante who both left for work at 9. He then cleaned the house, leaving the upstairs rooms alone before he went and bought the necessary groceries, like now.

Removing his coat, he exited the kitchen and entered the dining room, walking through the archway as his eyebrows knitted in confusion to see a plate and coffee mug placed on the table. Hanging his coat and scarf on the hook in the entrance foyer, he grabbed the dishes, looking around him for any more.

"I could have sworn I cleaned everything, " He muttered to himself, scratching at the back of his head in confusion before returning to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

Serafina came bounding down the stairs, her hair tied into a messy fishtail braid as she went to grab her plates, surprised to see them gone.

"They were here, " Serafina looked around in search for them. Walking towards the dining room, wondering if she had left them there, bumping into the chair and causing it to drag as she winced at the noise. "Did I put them in the kitchen?"

Pushing open the swinging door, she stepped in, looking around her and walking forward, freezing when she felt the barrel of a cold gun placed against her nape.

"Don't. Move, " The voice threatened, Serafina's eyes widening at the recognition of the voice.

"Alessio?" She turned around, surprised to see him standing in her parent's kitchen, looking at her with momentary confusion before straightening.

"Oh, " He moved away, his eyes hard before he put away his gun. "I was not aware you would be here, ma'am, "

"What are you doing here?" Serafina exclaimed, her heart nearly jumping out of her chest to see him in the last place she would have imagined.

Alessio didn't respond as he walked towards the shelf where her mother kept all her cookbooks. Picking one, he flipped it open, looking through the pages.

"Alessio, I've been looking for you, " She walked to him, placing a hand on his shoulder as he pulled away from her, trying to create as much distance between them as he possibly could. "I wanted to apologize, "

Serafina swallowed thickly as he refused to acknowledge her and took out various ingredients from the fridge.

"I went to your house and I tried calling you, but I deleted your number and couldn't remember it and then I saw you with Tatiana and I wanted to talk to you but you left and I tried following,

"BATTLE READY!" He yelled, all the guards stationed around the house ducking as Alessio hurtled himself towards the Regnante's, all of them looking at him in confusion when he pushed at Arcangelo's chest, sending both him and Rosalie toppling back and he covered Serafina, both him and her falling back with a gasp.

"Sniper on the roof!" Alessio groaned at the impact, his breathing coming out in wheezing pants, panic and fear enveloping his senses while four guards covered them, two more running towards where the shot had come from.

Everyone glanced around in concern, Arcangelo pushing Rosalie towards the safety of their house as he walked over to the fallen figure of Alessio and his daughter. Grabbing hold of his arm, he tried pulling the man up, resulting in a pained cry from him as he instantly let him go in fear.

"Alessio?" Serafina spoke weakly, her trembling fingers cupping his face, seeing how he had his eyes shut tightly, turning pale with sweat beading his forehead.

"Are you alright?" He gritted out through his erratic breathing.

"I'm fine, I'm fine, " She rushed out, watching as two men helped Alessio up, gasping when she saw the blood blossoming on the front of his shirt, the man groaning as he pressed down on it.

"Russo! Call an ambulance!" Arcangelo commanded before turning towards his wife. "Rosalie grab the first aid kit, " She nodded and ran inside to do as told.

"Apply pressure here, baby, " Serafina's father grabbed hold of her idle hands and pressed them on the bleeding wound under his own.

"Alessio, " Serafina's voice shook and the tears blurring her vision, pulling her hand out beneath her father's palms and cupping his face. "What have you done?"

"Protected you, " Alessio groaned with tears welling in his eyes as the blood making his clothes cling to him, the chill even more unbearable. "Fuck, it hurts, " He moaned, shaking due to the pain that flowed through him like the blood in his veins.

"Y-you weren't supposed to, " Serafina choked out, pressing down on his wound, four men covering them with their guns outstretched. Looking down at his stomach, she saw how he clenched it, his breath coming out in shuddering whispers as he leaned his head against the house. "Where is the ambulance?" She screamed at the men in panic, watching how the blood wouldn't stop.

"You're going to be okay, kid, " Arcangelo reassured giving him a determined look. "Just hang in there little longer, "

And Alessio looked at him in desperation, wanting to believe him with all his heart, but he felt it. He felt there was something horribly wrong and he was scared. He was terrified as this time the tears spring forth with fear.

"Fuck, " Alessio whimpered, his fingers trembling and his grip loosening on consciousness as he grabbed hold of Serafina's wrist, squeezing. "Mom is going to kill me, " He exhaled, his grip going slack and leaving a trail of blood on her skin as he rested his head back, his eyes falling to a close.

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