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   Chapter 27 Guilt

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 18706

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After that glimpse of Alessio, Serafina could not bring herself to get out of bed, her mind plagued by guilt; her stomach squirmed in fear and the tears kept streaming no matter what she did. Her parents had called a couple of times, checking in on her, and everytime they called, she made her voice as even as it could be and told them she was fine.

She did not go to the gallery, nor get any more pictures developed, just day after day, she spent it lying in bed and crying.

Although, the worst she felt was that evening, when she had gone downstairs to grab something to eat, and saw that her plants were dying. Sniffling, she filled the water pot and sprinkled it over her plants, the sound of voices having her halt.

Kneeling behind the door, she pressed her ear to it, listening.

One voice was Theo, she recognized his voice, and the other was her night guard, Eduardo.

"She wasn't always like this..." Theo's voice spoke uneasily. "She never said anything to me, but...she seemed to have a personal vendetta against Alessio, "

Serafina's breath hitched in her throat when it occurred to her that they were talking about the way she had treated Alessio.

"She is, well was, nice. Greeted us good morning and sometimes bought us coffee, but then it all suddenly changed. She started bossing Alessio around and treated him like her errand boy, and I could see it infuriated him, I mean, why wouldn't it? His job was protecting her and not do her errands, but worst of all, she always found some flaw, no matter what, and it was always something benign like there is too much milk in my coffee, or this perfume isn't the exact one I wanted or stuff like that, but you know, Alessio, he did everything right, down to the last detail, yet still she found something."

"Damn, that sounds tough, " The other guard shook his head.

"You know, the other day, she slapped Alessio, "


"Yeah, he had just returned from France where he had gone to visit his mother, and she calls him in and I hear a slap." Theo nodded. "He spent about half an hour in there, but after he came out, his cheeks were red and he looked like he would break down. He didn't even say anything to me, just walked across the street and drove off, he's been reassigned since then."

"Any idea where?"

"No clue, haven't heard from him in a while, "

"Well, as long as it's far away from this bitch, he's good."

"You can say that again, " Theo scoffed, their conversation suddenly shifting to their training.

Serafina leaned against her door, knees pulled to her chest as she muffled her sobs through her hands, the pain and guilt of all she had done to him resurfacing as she just wanted to go to him and ask for his forgiveness, she would even beg him if she had to, but there was nothing more she wanted in this world than to hold him close again.

She couldn't spend another day wallowing in guilt.

Gasping for breath, she scurried to her feet, rushing upstairs and pulling on her coat, her hair an unruly mess as she struggled with it before throwing away the coat in frustration. Pulling on her shoes, she grabbed the car keys to her Mercedes before rushing out of her room and out of the house.

The sudden opening of the door had the two men jump up as they stumbled back when she ran past them, getting in her car and driving off, meeting their calls with a deaf ear, not even caring that she didn't have any security detail because the man she would be going to is all the security she needed.

Arriving at his bachelor pad, Serafina rang the doorbell and waited. A minute passed by, then two. Ringing it again, she waited and knocked on the door, hoping he would come and open the door. Frustrated, she walked around the house, peeking into the window, the interior of the house matching the darkness of the night.

A fresh torrent of tears sprung forth as she made her way back to the front of the house, sniffling as she leaned against the locked wooden structure and took out her phone, sliding against the solid at her back. With bleary vision and trembling fingers, she looked for his contact, a sob escaping her at realizing she had deleted his number in her anger. Her fingers hovered over the keyboard, her mind trying to remember the numbers but only her family's phone numbers swam through her mind.

Giving up with a frustrated scream, she sat with her back to his door, her knees pulled up to try and keep her warm as she sobbed into her arms.

Serafina had no idea how long she sat on his doorstep, crying before her tears dried up, the cold unbearable around her as the temperature continued to drop with every passing hour. Shivering, she felt lethargic, her eyes dropping as she huddled into herself, her eyes closing and falling asleep.

The music blared loudly in the interior of Alessio's car as he sang along to it, on his way back home after a long day at the Regnante's. His headlights illuminated his driveway, his eyebrows knitting in confusion to see the Mercedes standing there before the headlights pointed towards the figure huddled in his doorstep.

An icy sensation prickled at his spine as he recognized the car, praying to God that it was not whom he thought it was.

Stepping out, he walked towards the figure, kneeling down and placing a hand on the person, shaking them, but waking them was a futile attempt. Alessio swallowed thickly as he caught of a whiff of her shampoo, fear, and anger churning in his stomach. Slowly he reached into her pockets, looking for her car keys before he went and started the Mercedes, turning on t

ut of her house with a backpack slung over her shoulder, locking the door behind her as she momentarily was surprised to see her cousin Alberto and Gun's son, Russo to be standing guard.

"Hey, Sera, " Her cousin, Alberto greeted, walking over to her as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her into his side. "Where do you think you're going at 1 a.m. in the morning?"

"To mom and dad's?" She asked meekly, not understanding what was going on.

"Great! Russo and I would be more than happy to take you to Uncle Angelo's." He grinned, leading her towards her Mercedes as she got in the back, the two men seated in the front.

"What's going on?" Serafina asked once they were driving. "What happened?"

"Well, dear cuz, " Alberto spoke behind the wheel. "You decided to fall asleep in freezing 3 degrees Celsius on a January night, and were brought home, where it was discovered that you had two very incompetent guards who have been taken care of and will be replaced first thing in the morning."

"Who-who brought me back?" She asked in confusion, her heart hammering in her chest to hear everything.

"Alessio, " Russo spoke up. "Alessio was the one who ensured you didn't freeze and the one who brought you back, as well as the one who called Boss to let him know what had happened."

"Did...did he say where he found me?"

"Said something about a park bench, "

Serafina collapsed in her seat with relief, glad to know that Alessio didn't mention where he had found her, which no doubt would have raised quite a few questions.

"What were you sleeping on the park bench for?" Alberto inquired.

"I felt suffocated at home and wanted fresh air; I must have fallen asleep without realizing it."

"You're lucky Alessio went to the park that night, God knows what would have happened if you were left there."

A silence fell over the car until they arrived at her parent's house, Serafina stepping out as she unlocked the door with her key, walking inside and surprised to see her parents sitting on the stair, seemingly having been waiting for her.

"We prepared your room for you, " Her dad informed as she looked down, shuffling on her feet. "We heard what happened, too, "

"I-" Serafina tried to explain, her voice cracking as the tears streamed down once more, her mother coming to hug her as her father joined a minute later.

"We'll talk in the morning, sweetheart, " Rosalie assured her. "But for now, just go to sleep, you need it."

Sniffling, Serafina nodded before making her way upstairs, changing into fresh clothes before cuddling into her comforter, inhaling the fragrance of the familiar washing detergent as her laundry never smelt the way it did at her parent's despite her using the same detergent as her mother. Closing her eyes, Serafina allowed sleep to overcome her.

Meanwhile, Alessio sat at the edge of his bed, staring at the contact name on his screen with bloodshot puffy eyes, wanting to know she was alright but not being sure who to ask without raising suspicion. Closing his eyes tightly he clicked the name and held his breath as he waited for her to pick up.

Serafina's phone vibrated behind her sleeping figure on the side table, buzzing as she squirmed at the sound. Sitting up, she glared at the device before taking hold of the phone, looking down at the screen which displayed an unknown number.

Sighing, Alessio sniffled before declining the call, just as Serafina picked up, calling into it but receiving no answer. Pulling the screen away, she looked at the one missed call, having this feeling that she had seen it somewhere. Ignoring the sensation as sleep deprivation, she lay back down, drifting off to sleep and ignoring the number.

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