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   Chapter 26 Something Different

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 17584

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'Serafina' The contact name read, the man sitting with his gaze looking down at her contact details, even clicking open their exchange of messages as an ache spread through him, contemplating typing something or calling her.

"Coffee?" A voice brought him out of his reverie, tearing his misty green eyes from the phone screen, he was greeted by the sight of her smiling at him in amusement.

"Yeah, sure, " He nodded after a moment, placing the device into his blazer's inside pocket. "Uh...two sugars and milk, please, "

Nodding to his words, the girl poured the coffee into two mugs, preparing his the way he liked it before handing it over to him with a soft smile, cocking her head towards the lounge.

Getting up from the bar stool, Alessio's figure dwarfed her petite frame as he allowed her to lead him into her lounge. It was beautiful and cosy, he had no doubt, with medium brown wooden flooring, a white rug covering one portion of the floor as she had a sofa placed against the wall with one to its left, the window niche being a little sitting place of its own, and a cane hanging chair between the niche and the fireplace. The fireplace had a white and black tapestry hung on the wall above, family pictures, candles, and small decorations on the counter with floor cushions placed by the hearth.

She led him towards the window niche, settling on it cross-legged, Alessio seeing the bookshelves installed into the wall on either side, overflowing with books and pages as he sat down next to her, his back to the shelf.

"You said you lived with your sister, where is she?" He asked, taking a sip of the coffee, surprised at how good it tasted.

"Since she has winter break, she decided to go on a trip with her friends." She swallowed. "What about you? You live with Niccolo?"

"No, no. I have a bachelor pad about 30 minutes' drive from here, " Alessio nodded, momentarily looking out at the January snow covering the houses.

"A bachelor pad, " She inquired with a raised eyebrow. "Very...masculine, "

A chuckle escaped Alessio at her words as she offered him a dimpled smile, getting up before returning with a tray of cookies.

"Why do you make so many cookies, Tia?" He bit into the crunchy gooey chocolate chip cookie, never being able to resist the temptation.

"Well, since I'm an elementary school teacher, I tend to deal with kids who are rather...rambunctious and often don't want to do work. So I started making cookies and told them that whoever does their work, or submits their homework, or does extra well in class will get a cookie. You know, as a method of positive reinforcement." Tatiana shrugged with a shy smile.

"Did it work?"

"Oh, like a charm, " She exclaimed with a scoff, having Alessio chuckle at the way she said it, biting into another cookie, knowing that he would do anything to get one of her cookies. "Although, sorry if I'm intruding, but what is it that you do?"

"Well..." Alessio trailed, thinking of a way to explain to her what it is that he does. "I'm Mr. and Mrs. Regnante's housekeeper, "

"I have never seen a housekeeper show up for work dressed in a Gucci suit, "

Alessio shrugged before and put his coffee mug on the table, reaching into his blazer's pocket and retrieving a cigarette case.

"Is it okay?" He questioned Tatiana, holding up the packet.

"Yeah, sure." She waved dismissively, watching him place the cigarette between his lips and light it, taking a drag before exhaling the smoke into the air over his head.

"Why a housekeeper?"

"Sorry?" Alessio turned to her in confusion.

"Why a housekeeper?" She repeated. "You told me you served 2 years in the army before you went off to university and studied accounting and business administrations, right? Then how come you're a housekeeper with such qualifications, "

"Well..." He trailed, taking an inhale from the cigarette. "I hit a rough patch and wasn't able to find a job for my field and somehow ended up working for the Regnante's, "

Tatiana looked at him with a soft smile, shaking her head before giggling at his words, her chin-length hair bobbing with the movement.

"What?" He looked at her in bewilderment, his confusion growing when her giggles morphed into laughter. "What?" Alessio chuckled at her amusement, watching her move ahead and wrap her arms around his neck, placing a kiss on his cheek.

"You're a horrible liar, " She giggled, one of his arms wrapped around her waist with the other keeping the cigarette away from her. "And lying is bad, " Tatiana chastised, shifting to sit across his lap as he looked down at her, her brown eyes melting into amber with the sunlight pouring in and her pink lips pulled into a dimpled smile, showing off her white teeth.

"I'm not that bad at lying, "

"You're horrible at it, " She threw her head back with a laugh.

The air around them felt light and easy going as Alessio found it surprisingly easy to talk to her. Her non-threatening look, her small height, and the innocence on her face, it was all rather appealing and endearing. Standing at 5'1 she was a good 11 inches shorter than him, and Alessio had to admit, he found it cute.

As a matter of fact, he found her cute.

With the chin length hazel hair and dar

nchalantly. "We can just sit here and enjoy the hot chocolate. Their drink and the cake are the best cure for a broken heart."

Alessio swallowed thickly when the drink arrived, watching Tatiana take a sip before smacking her lips at the wonderful taste of the beverage. He felt guilty, knowing that he was here with this wonderful girl, who had been excited about coming with him and both his mind and heart were occupied by another girl. It wasn't fair on Tatiana, and she knew that he had someone else on his mind, yet she didn't leave, she was here, she brought him to a cafe and wanted to help him with his broken heart. After all the days and hours they would spend together sitting in her window niche and talking about everything under the sun, they were finally out on a date, and he had to meet Serafina here.

"It was just sex, " Alessio murmured quietly, pulling the drink to himself as Tatiana looked up from her beverage. "We weren't dating; we weren't boyfriend-girlfriend, hell her parents or brothers didn't even know. I was just her boy toy, "

"But you fell in love?" Tatiana asked watching him take a sip of the drink.

"I've been in love with her for 2 years, " Alessio informed, watching Tatiana swallow a cough that threatened to spill. "It's just now that I got so close to her, "

"2 years, " Tatiana spoke in a small voice, never having expected him to have been in love with her for so long.

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you much without putting you in danger, " Alessio informed. "But all you need to know is that I've loved her for two years, then I became her boy toy of sorts, even though that goes against my employment agreement, and it all ended almost 2 months ago. I haven't heard from her, nor talked to her, much less seen her. And seeing her at the gallery just had everything resurface, "

"This doesn't sound very nice, " Tatiana shook her head leaning back as she watched him down the drink, Alessio feeling better with every sip of the beverage. "But despite everything, you still love her?"

"I don't want to, " Alessio spoke in a small voice, shaking his head before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "I'm tired of loving someone who can never feel the same for me, someone who hates my brother, someone who just used me. Despite every horrible thing she's done to me, I still love her, but I don't want to anymore."

"I see, "

"I'm 31 years old, " He chuckled humorlessly. "Now I just want to find a girl whom I can get married to and settle down with."

"Oh, " Tatiana whispered, not having expected that. "Well, it all takes time." She offered him a comforting smile, patting his hand as he looked up at her with guilt.

"I'm sorry, "

"Hey, you have nothing to apologize for, " She shook her head. "I'm sure Serafina had her reasons, and so do you, but you don't need to apologize for your heart aching."

Alessio gave her a weak smile, Tatiana returning it with her signature dimpled grin.

"Come on, I'll feed you cookies at my place with a glass of milk and some movie." She stood from her seat, urging him along by holding her hand out to him. Getting up, he took hold of her hand as she led the way out.

Arriving at her house, true to her word, Tatiana warmed two glasses of milk, put on a comedy movie and they both sat down on her couch with the cookie jar between them as they dipped the biscuit in the milk and ate it, watching the screen and laughing, the air light between them despite all that Alessio told her.

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