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   Chapter 25 Once upon a Time...

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 8932

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The sound of the laptop mouse clicking infiltrated the living room, the sun shining through the open curtains as a gentle breeze caused the leaves outside to flutter in a dance. The living room was beautiful with light wooden flooring, and rich brown leather sofas forming an open square, facing the wall with the flat screen T.V, a low lying wooden coffee table in the center.

On that coffee table sat a laptop with Serafina on the couch, clicking away at the mouse and engrossed in the work on her screen, selecting different modes and editing the picture uploaded. Sighing, she rubbed a hand through her hair, contemplating what to do with the image.

The person behind her suddenly sat up from their lying position, looking over her shoulder and at the screen. Murmuring something incomprehensible, he put his forehead against her shoulder, Serafina chuckling at his antics before ruffling the tuft of dirty blonde hair on his head.

"You've been working on the same image for the past 2 hours!" He groaned. "Stop working, "

"Hey, I have to get this done if I want the exhibition to happen on time, "

"Who needs punctuality?"

"Last I recall, that was your motto: punctuality, dedication and-"

"-Loyalty, " He finished for her. "Smart ass, "

"Hey, I got a great ass, "

"Hmm..." He hummed, a devious smirk forming on his lips as he wrapped an arm around her waist, leaning towards her neck and placing a kiss on the skin. "Not to forget the great body, "

"I know, cupcake, you just can't keep your hands off me, can you?" She smirked, still focused on the screen.

"Never, " Alessio relented, placing tender kisses across the back of her neck. "You're my weakness, " He admitted as she gasped at his hands snaking under her shirt.

"No. Later." Serafina voiced sternly, pulling his hands out from beneath her clothes. "I have work to get done."

He groaned in response, falling back onto the sofa with an arm over his eyes. Rolling her eyes in exasperation, Serafina saved her work before continuing with another one. Inhaling deeply, Alessio looked up at her, a smirk forming on his lips as he braced himself on his elbows.

"How did that saying go?" He trailed in thought. "As long as you're in my house, you follow my rules? Is that it?"

Sighing, Serafina let her head fall, a small smile making its way across her lips at his words before turning to look at him from over her shoulder.

"And what rule would you have me follow?"

"Since I'm bored, you stop working."

Chuckling at his antics, she closed the lid of her laptop, looking back at him to see if he was satisfied, but given the expecting

ting light-heartedly over the appetizer and simply savoring the heavenly taste of the main course. Serafina was hardly able to contain a moan at the creamy zesty taste, enjoying it with the creamy garlic bread and wine. And finally, they both giggled and chuckled as they tried feeding each other the cake, pulling back just before the other person could bite.

It felt utterly romantic and Serafina couldn't keep the smile off her face as he gathered the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Turning around, Alessio was surprised to find her mere inches away from him, looking up before getting on her tiptoes to see if she would be his height. Chuckling at her, Alessio grasped her sides before lifting her into the air as she held onto his shoulder, squealing and giggling as she looked down at him.

She stared at his beautiful green eyes, the ones that were so vibrant and seemed to shine in the morning light, little specks of brown dotting the iris and turning into a thin ring of gold around the pupil. Like always, she found immense adoration and gentleness reflected in his eyes, as well as in the way he spoke to her, or touched her, or looked at her, even in the way he spoke about her.

She had always known he had loved her, yet never believed it until it was all gone away.

Serafina stared up at the dark ceiling, the memory so fresh as if though it happened yesterday, but it didn't. Alessio was gone and she didn't know where he was or if she'd ever see him again.

She just wanted to see him again.

She wanted to see his adoring eyes again.

Or his smile for her.

Or the way he called her 'baby girl'.

She wanted to lie in his arms, hold him close and ask for his forgiveness.

But most of all...

She wanted to feel loved by him again.

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