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   Chapter 21 Nightclubs

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 19641

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Once Serafina stopped with her antics of treating Alessio as an errand boy, he wished to return back to that time after what the night guards would tell him. It ended up that Serafina had begun to go a little...wild. She begun partying, drinking, drugs, it was all there. Worst of all, she begun sleeping around, a new boy almost every night, some younger than the one the night before, some older. It was always sickening to see them walk out of her house and Alessio wished nothing more than to strangle out the haze of lust in their eyes.

He was just thankful that her companions of the night opted to leave on their own and he didn't have to drag them out; and he was even more grateful of the fact that he did not have the night duty to witness it all before his eyes since Filippo had told them that sometimes she would be so drunk that they would have a go at it in the back of the car with them driving.

Alessio never said anything or gave away any reaction to it, but he knew that Serafina was itching to get a rise out of him. He cursed himself for being so foolish as to reveal his feelings for her that now she was personally attacking him.

It hurt to see what she was doing to herself, he was afraid that she was drowning out the pain of her husband's death with narcotics and sex. Sometimes he just wanted to go up to her and tell her what she was doing was wrong, but it suddenly occurred to him that it was exactly what she had done with him.

Used him to forget the pain of her loss.

The realisation had him feel utterly manipulated, and it all suddenly made perfect sense as to why she never told him what they were, why their relationship was purely carnal, why they weren't serious, or why she kept avoiding his questions.

It all made perfect sense.

The hurt must have shown across his face because the next thing he knew, Theo had placed a hand on his shoulder asking if he was alright.

"Yeah, why?"

"You just suddenly went really pale; I was worried you might pass out on me, "

"I'm fine, " Alessio wove dismissively and began to wonder whether her parents were aware of her actions, or if her brother was aware. By the lack of restriction, it seemed unlikely.

He watched how much of a different persona she had during the day: the suave professional photographer who had her own gallery and house, but at night she showed an entirely different face.

The sun was setting behind the houses as both Theo and Alessio awaited the arrival of the night guards, the older man noticing his partner's fidgeting and anxious glances at his watch and phone, a small smile quirking at his lips.

"Date tonight?" He asked with his hands folded before him, the wind caressing his face.

"Huh?" Theo looked up in confusion, blushing at his unsubtle actions and rubbing a hand over his nape. "Yeah, "

"Go on, " Alessio cocked his head towards the car. "I'll wait for them to arrive."

"You sure?" He asked with hope shining in his bright eyes.

"Yeah, go on."

"Thank you! I owe you one!" Theo hooted, running across the road and getting in his car, smiling at his partner before driving off.

Alessio stood patiently waiting for Filippo and Eduardo, greeting the later with a quick hug and a pat on the back, before they waited for news on Filippo.

Suddenly, the blonde man's phone rang, showing it to be the one they had been waiting for.

"Where are you, man?" Alessio asked into the device.

"I'm so sorry!" Filippo spoke in panic over the line. "But Ella just went into labor and I'm at the hospital-"

"-Don't worry, " Alessio halted him, hearing the nervousness in the new father's voice. "I can cover for you tonight."


"Yeah, go and be with your wife."

"Thank you!" The man sighed in relief before hanging up, Alessio slipping the device into his blazer pocket.


"-Yeah, "

"Rock-paper-scissor, " Eduardo held out his fist, Alessio imitating the action. "1-2-3"

They both threw out their hands, the older man cursing given he had rock and the other had paper.

"You'll be going in with her, "

"I know, " He grumbled, pulling at his collar since it felt uncomfortably tight, the realization hitting him that he would be witnessing his worst fear before his eyes, his stomach churning in unease.

An hour later Serafina stepped out in a black sequenced bustier crop top and tight leather skirt, locking her door behind her with her shoes and bag in hand. Turning around, Alessio could see the devious glint of her eyes at the sight of him, his hands getting clammy at the thought of what she had in store.

Getting in the car, she told him to drive to one of her brother's nightclubs, Alessio's eyebrows rising in surprise at the location. He knew she knew that all the men there were her brother's and would no doubt recognise her as well and inform him. But maybe that was her plan all along. Without a word, he put the gear into reverse before driving down the road, picking one of her brother's 12 nightclubs and pulling into the parking lot. He watched her pull on her stilettoes from the rear-view mirror before she refreshed her blood red lipstick. They left Eduardo to sit in the car and walked past the long cue, Alessio greeting the bouncers with fist bumps and quick hugs before following after her.

The heavy bass of the music reached their ears long before they were completely inside, the hallway bathed in red light with people leaning against the walls, kissing or doing various other activities, the smell of smoke and alcohol clinging to every single person he passed. Inside the club it was like dancing on Northern lights; beneath the dry-ice smoke swirled an array of blues, acid greens, hot pinks, and gold. The music played over the dance floor as if it had fused with the bodies on the ground, everyone moving in sync to the sound.

Serafina made

n a small voice, his head having suffered enough collisions in one night.

"What? No, Damien, baby come on home with me, " Serafina insisted, clutching onto his arm.

"No, thanks, " He chuckled uneasily, pulling away from her after catching sight of the murderous glare sent his way by the bodyguard. "I've had enough for one night, maybe next time, yeah?"

"But-" She began to say as he got out of the car.

"-Besides, I don't even know your name, " Damien shrugged before closing the door of the Mercedes, the car driving off as Serafina stared gaping at the door.

The car came to a smooth halt at the next red light as she raised her arm to deliver a hit to the back of Alessio's head in her anger, gasping in surprise to see him holding her at gunpoint.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Serafina, " He tsk-ed sternly as her face burned with rage, the only sound being that of her blood rushing in her ears. Eduardo staring at the man in shock, wondering if he had a death wish.

"Who the fuck..." She seethed. "Do you think you are to-"

"-I am your brother's eyes and ears who has been assigned to keep you fucking in line no matter what it takes." He told her firmly, Serafina falling back with wide eyes at his tone, never having heard that much venom in one sentence, lest of all from her innocent Alessio. "Now, properly sit down and fasten your seat belt, and I do not want to hear a godforsaken word from your mouth until we are home, do you understand?"

"My brother will hear of this, " Serafina grumbled, tears brimming in her eyes as she sat back, and fastened her seat belt.

"What brother? The one who was dead to you?" Alessio taunted, driving as she swallowed the lump in her throat crossing her arms over her chest and staring out the window.

A couple of times, he caught her hastily wiping at her cheeks as it made him feel a little bad, but she had been pushing him, and Salvatore had given him permission to do all this until he didn't hurt her physically, and Alessio had to wonder, did hurting her emotionally count?

The moment they arrived at the house, Serafina was quick to get out of the car, shakily unlocking her doors before stumbling in, slamming them shut behind her.

"Wow man, " Eduardo muttered from beside him, both of them still sitting in the car. "That was scary, "

"Sorry, "

"No, no, don't be." He shook his head. "If Boss gave you permission, who am I to intervene?"

Sighing, Alessio watched him get out as he sat with his head thrown back a moment, knowing she was crying in her bedroom, maybe even on the entrance floor if she was in a horrible state – which he had no doubt she was in. Getting out of the car he settled down on the patio steps, Eduardo beside him as the rest of the night went by uneventfully.

In the morning, Filippo and Theo arrived to take over, the new father telling everyone that he has a baby girl. Everyone congratulated him and hugged him before heading out.

Getting in his car, Alessio made up his mind about what to do. Arriving at his destination he got out with his blazer draped over an arm as he made his way up the path and towards the white wooden door. Standing before the surface, he took a deep breath, telling himself this was for the better as he knocked and waited.

A second later, the door swung open, revealing the woman before him as she smiled widely at seeing him.

"Alessio?" Rosalie smiled at him, stepping aside to allow him entrance. "To what do we owe this pleasure?"

"Is Mr. Regnante home?" He asked her with a soft smile, the woman reminding him so much of his own mother.

"Yeah, in the dining room, " She gestured the way. "Is there something you want to talk about?"

Alessio nodded, following her into the dining room.

"I came to talk about Serafina, " Alessio informed, feeling guilt rise in his stomach for some reason. "She's hurting more than we realize, "

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