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   Chapter 20 Errand Boy

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 11667

Updated: 2018-10-27 13:44

Initially, Serafina had resorted to treating Alessio like an absolute stranger; she neither talked to him, nor made eye contact with him.

As far as she was concerned, he was no one to her. A lying, manipulative, and selfish no one, someone who had her anger and resentment for her brother growing day by day.

She had grown to hate her twin to the extent that she wanted to hurt him, and hurt him the exact same way he hurt her. And what better way to achieve that than by manipulating his men?

On this particular day, Serafina had to go to the gallery to set up for the opening of her exhibition. Stepping out in her bathrobe, she called out to Alessio who had been standing guard by the stairs beside his partner, Theo.

"Alessio, " She redirected his attention to her. "Get me a coffee, "

Nodding, Alessio said something to the boy beside him before getting her the coffee. Knocking on her door when he retrieved the order.

Serafina greeted in a white blouse and blazer paired with black skinny jeans. Taking the coffee, she sipped it before pulling a face, throwing it in the dustbin beside her door, Alessio looking at her with an impassive expression

"Disgusting, " She grimaced, dusting her hands. "Did you get my dry cleaning?"

"You never asked for dry cleaning, madam."

"I did, "

"No, ma'am, you-"

"-And who are you to talk back to me?" Serafina demanded with a raised eyebrow, a pretentious air about her. "Go and get my dry cleaning. And get me a decent cup of cappuccino while you're at it. This thing you call coffee is disgusting."

Exhaling heavily, he marched down the stairs, Theo giving him a sympathetic look as he got into the car once more, driving off to pick up her dry cleaning and a cappuccino. When he returned, he handed the clothes back to her as well as the coffee, watching her take a sip, seemingly satisfied given that she didn't throw it away.

Heaving a relieved breath, he walked back to his station. And mere minutes later she was ready to leave. Getting behind the wheel of the black Mercedes Benz, Theo opened the door for her as she settled in the back before he settled next to his partner.

"The studio, " She never even looked up from her phone.

Alessio drove in silence as she attended calls. Arriving at the studio, she put the call on hold and gathered her things.

"Get me all these things." Serafina handed him a list before stepping out when Theo opened the door for her.

Once the car door closed, he drove away once more, looking at the list and realizing he had no idea what most of the items were or from where to get them.

Sighing, he began with the things he recognized, for instance, groceries. Once he was done with all the groceries, he took them to the counter, asking the young girl behind the register if she knew what the rest of the items were. Chuckling, she had informed him that they were perfumes, jewelry, and types of shoes.

Thanking her, he made his way back to Serafina's house, putting away the groceries as irritation rose in him to see that she already had everything.

Calming his temper, he went off to one shop then the next, and then another getting all the things she had written on the list. Just paying for the last item when his phone rang, showing Serafina's contact name.

"Yes, ma'am?"

"Where the hell are you, Romano?" She snapped into the phone as he settled into the car. "I called you 30 minutes ago to pick me up, and you're late."

"Pardon me, ma'am,

oor behind her, he would call Theo, Filippo, and Eduardo inside as these 4 men would rush about, cleaning the entire house top to bottom within 15 minutes, the three men running out the moment they heard the sound of the door opening.

Whenever she stepped downstairs, she would be expecting Alessio to be still cleaning, her smug smile morphing into a scowl to see the meticulous condition before her. Begrudgingly she would let him leave as he always left with a very pompous smile about him just to piss her off. Once the door would close behind him, he would turn to the three guys in turn, thanking them for all their help as they would chuckle at him.

"Hey, we'll do whatever needs to be done to make a brother's life less of a living hell, " Filippo had chuckled, clapping him on the back. "Even dispose of her if need be, "

Alessio had laughed at him before Theo and he would head off their separate ways.

After almost 2 months of enduring her scheme in silence, he finally decided to talk to Salvatore about it.

His boss burst out laughing at hearing Alessio's cunning methods to get her things done, the older man unable to keep a smile from showing at his amusement.

"You want me to intervene?" Salvatore stood from his chair, pouring them both a glass of scotch before handing it to him.

"I'd prefer that you don't because that is exactly what she wants, " Alessio took a sip of the drink. "But, I could benefit from some advice."

"Alright, so here are a few things I should remind you to remind her."

"Those being?"

"The next time she tries to treat you this way, remind her that you are her bodyguard whose sole responsibility is to keep her safe and an eye on her; and if she wants an errand boy, she should go and hire one." Salvatore downed the remaining drink. "Then when she demands it, tell her that you don't take orders from anyone but me and if she pulls the "who do you think you are" card, gently remind her that you're my eyes and ears."

Alessio looked at him in surprise, wondering why he never thought of that.

"And if she begins to cross a line, tell me and I will definitely set her straight, " The glint in his eyes and the smirk on his lips had Alessio shudder at the thought of what he would do, forcing Alessio to pray that it never came to that, for her sake.

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