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   Chapter 19 Smoke Clouds

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 8305

Updated: 2018-10-27 13:42

"Salvatore had me kill Paolo at the altar, " Niccolo leaned back in his seat, his younger brother staring at him with wide eyes. "I didn't ask why, he just said it had to be done, "

It suddenly occurred to Alessio how much it all made sense. Despite Salvatore and Paolo having been best friends since they were thirteen, only a handful of people were aware of the true nature of that companionship which began to deteriorate after the late Ricardo Costa's death. Neither of the two gave way to their true feelings for the other, just for Serafina's sake.

And speaking of Serafina...

"Give..." Alessio stammered out with a shaky breath, recalling that he had the Regnante hidden away in his bedroom, and given her nature, she had just heard everything. "Give me a moment, "

Standing up from his place, he walked to his room and cursed under his breath to see the door ajar. Pushing it open, his heart ached in his chest to see his window thrown open as he gritted his teeth.

"Fuck, " He clutched at his hair. "What have I done?"

Serafina drove away as fast as she could, having escaped out from his window; she sat in her Mercedes in nothing more than Alessio's shirt. Her vision blurred with the tears as her breath hitched in her throat and her fingers shook with the road blurring. Slamming her foot on the breaks, Serafina gasped for breath, holding herself and rocking back and forth, tears streaming down her face with the sob stuck in her throat as she shook her head in disbelief.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no" She heaved through the ache in her heart, choking on the tears. "No. No. No."

"No!" Her voice reverberated through the car's interior, slamming her hands onto the staring wheel as a scream tore through her; leaving her breathless and her throat raw with tears streaming down her face.

Serafina had no idea how long she sat in her car, sobbing with her head pressed against the staring wheel, tightly hugging herself with the wails wracked through her. Anger and resentment brewing inside her with the words ricocheting in her skull, knowing that it was her brother who had her husband killed at the altar.

With gritted teeth and bloodshot eyes, she put the car into drive. It didn't take long for her to arrive at her brother's estate, the men looking at her in concern as she marched across the rough gravel barefoot in nothing but a t-shirt which reached her knees, her hair disheveled, a murderous rage burning inside her.

Walking up t

ly getting out of bed, she pattered down the stairs, surprised to see her house cleaned up, a plate of food placed on the counter as she walked over to it. Warming the grilled chicken and mashed potatoes, she downed it all with a glass of water, never having realized how starved she was.

Once she had eaten, Serafina recalled Alessio telling her that he would be outside. Making her way to the front door, she pulled the curtains to the side and saw him sitting on the porch, his blazer placed beside him with his sleeves rolled back, and his head thrown back with a cigarette between his lips. Taking it out, he blew smoke into the air, taking another drag from it.

She could not remember ever having seen him smoking, but seeing him now, she felt that a cigarette was exactly what she needed.

Alessio looked over his shoulder at the sound of the door opening, watching her walk towards him and take the cigarette from him as he blew out a cloud of smoke. He expected her to extinguish it and admonish him for smoking, but instead, he was taken aback when she placed it between her lips. Serafina took a drag, relishing in the swirl of smoke in her lungs, the nicotine leaving a charred taste in her mouth.

Leaning against the opposite post, she watched him take out another one and lighting it, both of them smoking on her porch with a heavy silence between the two. Both of them waiting for the inevitable.

Throwing away the butt, she began to make her way back inside but halted at the door to regard him over her shoulder.

"We're through, Alessio, " She informed him monotonously watching him nod before blowing out a cloud of smoke.

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