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   Chapter 18 Infuriation

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 13604

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For the past 2 months Alessio had been working for Salvatore's parents given that Serafina had gone on a multicultural tour around the world in order to get photos for her new exhibit: "Diversity". This time around, he wasn't the one to accompany her, rather it was his partner; Theo.

These two months away from her allowed him time to himself as well as to create a significant bond with her family, given that he was there five days a week and the Regnante's all came together at least once a week, if not twice.

Besides, working for Mr. and Mrs. Regnante, he had met a woman who was almost everything he wanted and had been flirting with her whenever they came across and wanted to ask her out. Due to that he wanted to ask Serafina a few things - about them, and he felt that maybe he wouldn't like the answer he could receive but there was nothing he could do other than accept.

However, some night he missed Serafina's presence, or her talk, or her warmth. But nowadays he just missed her and it had Alessio wonder if she missed him as well - he doubted it given that she had better things on her mind.

Currently, he stood in his kitchen, making a casserole and had just placed it in the oven when his doorbell rang. Grabbing his beer off the counter, he took a swig of it as he made his way towards the entrance. Opening it, he was surprised to be tackled in a hug, stumbling back as he tried to regain his balance, holding onto the person who had their legs wrapped around his waist and arms encircling his neck.

"Serafina, " He chuckled, pulling back to see the ecstatic smile on her face.

Hugging her in greeting Alessio put away the beer bottle and lowered her onto the ground, grinning at him.

"Hey, "

"You're lucky I didn't have my gun on me, otherwise I would have shot you."

"Ouch, " She winced with a chuckle; making her way over to him again and getting on her tiptoes to place a kiss on his lips as he took a step back, surprising her.

"I reek of onions, " He stated with a forced chuckle, getting out of her grasp. "I've made a casserole, would you be staying for dinner?"

"I don't have an issue with staying, " Serafina grinned, coming to sit on the barstool as he worked around the kitchen, cleaning up the mess he had made. "So...what have you been up to these past two months?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah I was temporarily assigned to your parents." He informed with a shrug. "Salvatore wanted me to take these two months off, but I said I wanted to work otherwise I would go insane."

"I see...and did you miss me?" She spun on the bar stool, noticing that he hadn't looked up at her once.

"How inappropriate, "

"Tell me honestly, cupcake. Did you miss me?"

"Your parent's didn't allow me the liberty to miss anyone."

"Even at night?"

"Well, I would generally collapse to sleep."

"You're beating about the bush, Alessio."

"Eh, I didn't miss you that much." Alessio shrugged, swallowing the lump in his throat as he kept scrubbing at a clean patch of granite. "Oh, it's clean."

Serafina looked at his back in confusion, not understanding what had him feeling so tense and on edge. She had thought he would be happy to see her, but by the looks of it, she was the last thing he wanted to in his home. Getting off the bar stool she walked over to him, placing a hand on his back as he gave a startled jump at the touch, the suddenness having Serafina take a step back.

"Ha, you scared me, " He breathed out uneasily, placing a hand against his chest.

"What's wrong?" She knitted her eyebrows in concern.

"What? Nothing's wrong."

"Don't lie to me, "

"Seriously, nothing is wrong."

"Okay, so this edgy behavior is just a constant with you, is it?" Serafina crossed her arms over her chest, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, I was hoping to have this conversation after dinner, " Alessio muttered with a sigh and leaned against the counter. "But, since it's become inevitable, answer something for me, "

"Okay, "

"What are we?"

"What do you mean?" Serafina chuckled, looki

"Sex, " Alessio informed with a shrug, allowing his brother entrance as he chuckled.

"I had no idea my baby bro was a kinky bastard, "

"Ha, coming from the guy who seems to know a lot about BDSM, "

"Hey, I read an article once, " Niccolo defended.

"And remember it since?" Alessio asked in disbelief. "You sure you don't have experience in that area."

"Oh fuck off, " Niccolo laughed, settling down on the sofa as his brother chuckled. "And put some clothes on, will you."

Alessio rolled his eyes at his elder brother before making his way over to his bedroom, closing the door behind him and seeing Serafina pull on one of his t-shirts, his heart sinking to his feet at how gorgeous she looked.

"Do not leave this room, " He warned her. "I mean it, "

"Wasn't planning on it, " She shrugged, settling onto the bed, and gently leaning back, exposing the bruises he had left on her thighs. "We're going to reach a conclusion tonight."

"Don't leave the room, " He stated again, pulling on a pair of pajama bottoms before leaving and closing the door behind him.

Just as he left, Serafina scurried to the door, pressing her ear against it to hear what Alessio's interactions were like when he was with his brother. She heard them laugh and tease one another as they ate the casserole he had made with bottles of beer, both of them joking and generally easy-going as they cleaned up the table. They settled in the lounge as they had momentarily reverted to speaking in French before speaking in Italian and then settling to speak in English.

"Where the hell have you been?" Alessio finally asked, taking a swig of his beer. "I haven't seen or heard from you after the wedding. As a matter of fact, neither has mom, "

"How is she?" Niccolo asked worry etched on his face.

"She's good, joined a gardening club to pass the time" Alessio sighed as Serafina listened in silence. "She misses us a lot, and keeps asking about you as well, please call her."

"Yeah, okay, " Niccolo spoke with a somber expression.

"She misses you, Nico, " Alessio sighed. "And I had no idea where you were."

"I had orders, " He muttered quietly.

"What orders?"

"This stays between us, " Niccolo leaned forward, Alessio doing the same as Serafina strained to hear, not catching what they said, and slowly opening the bedroom door a fraction to hear their words.

"-Boss told me to stay away until he knew for certain that it was safe, "

"Safe from what?" Alessio asked in confusion.

"He had me kill him, Alessio, " Niccolo told him gently, Serafina's heart sinking to her feet as bile rose in her throat, the color draining from her face.

"Salvatore had me kill Paolo at the altar, "

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