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   Chapter 16 Starting Anew

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 16335

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"That's everything, " Serafina sighed zipping up her bag and stood from her place. "Are you done with your packing?"

"Yup, " Alessio nodded, sitting cross-legged on the bed as he watched her move around the room in a silk nightgown before she lay down on her stomach beside him.

The two had been in Brazil for 2 months, and halfway through their trip, they had started a little affair which had been going on for almost a month now. However, they were expected to go back now, given that she was well enough to return and also because Alessio's boss said so.

"I liked our time here, " Serafina heaved a breath, sliding back to sit up as Alessio nodded. "We're going back now."

"Yeah, "

Smiling at him, she moved closer to him, cupping his face in her hands before placing a tender kiss on his lips followed by another and another, until she pulled away at his lack of response, looking at him in confusion.

"What's wrong?" She gently rubbed her thumb over his prickly beard.

"Nothing, "

"I've known you for three years. Tell me, what's wrong?"

"We're going back." He wrapped an arm around her waist having her straddle his lap. "We can't resume this once we're back."

Serafina massaged the back of his scalp and hummed.

"You're right, we shouldn't."

That was a lie.

Both Serafina and Alessio knew that. Despite having discussed that they can't resume this when they return home, given that it would be too dangerous of an ordeal if her brother were to find out, they both knew that now that they had started this, it wasn't going to end anytime soon. He was still her bodyguard and had the day duty with her back in Tuscany, leaving him to be a simple man during the night time – who coincidentally knew exactly how to dodge the radar of the men who were assigned to her at night.

"You're right, " Serafina shrugged, moving back to her side and lying down on her stomach. "We shouldn't resume this once we're back in Italy."

Alessio bit his lip, eyeing her lying figure as he knew she was baiting him, and he'd be damned if he didn't give in.

"That's Italy." He relented with a groan, leaning over her and pushed her hair to the side, forcing a smirk on her face at the success of her plan. "We still have one more night in Brazil." Alessio placed a kiss on her neck.

"Oh there is so much we could do in one night, " Serafina chuckled, turning around and connecting her lips to his, Alessio's hands instantly roaming as she gasped into his mouth.

"The night is still young, " He murmured against her lips, hitching her leg to be wrapped around his hips.

In the morning, Alessio reverted back to his bodyguard self, dressed in a suit with his hair gelled back and opaque sunglasses on his eyes as he stood in the foyer, waiting for Serafina who stepped down the stairs in white ripped skinny jeans with an off-shoulder navy blue blouse.

"Good morning, madam, " Alessio greeted with a curt nod, Serafina giving him a once-over before smirking.

"Morning, "

"Ready to leave?"

"Breakfast first, "

Nodding, he walked over to the kitchen, Serafina close behind. As he made her something, she had him jump in surprise when she slapped his ass. Whirling around, he stared at her with wide eyes before peeking towards the door where two other men stood to escort her to the airport.

"Don't do that, " He hissed as she giggled in response. "People can't know about you and me. And we agreed we would stop this once we're back in Italy."

"We're still in Brazil, " She pointed out, pouring herself a mug of coffee. "And besides, I can't control myself with you in this suit, cupcake."


"Okay, okay."

Settling down, she ate the breakfast he had made for her while constantly eyeing him, even when he was talking to her brother informing him that they would be leaving soon. Alessio tried his hardest to keep his voice from shaking when Serafina wrapped her arms around his waist, unbuckling his belt and sliding her hands into his slacks as he bit his lips from making any sound.

"Here you go, sir, " He spoke in a level voice, turning around and pressing the phone to her ear as he took a step back, fixing his slacks and glaring at her for the erection she had caused.

"Hey, Salvi, " Serafina grinned into the phone and blowing a kiss to Alessio, watching him walk towards the door, returning a moment later as she was smirking at him, surprised to see him return that smirk. "I'm doing well, what about you?"

Alessio pushed her onto the sofa, straddling her waist as she looked up at him with wide eyes, keeping her voice even as he began assaulting her neck with kisses, his hands sliding beneath her shirt as she tried to keep from gasping.

"We-we'll be heading out soon, " She assured her brother, throwing her head back as he grinned against her neck, his fingers caressing her skin and having her sq

llery was very successful when it was operational-"

"-Thanks to me, " He scoffed.

"So I managed to squeeze quite a bit from my customers, and put it all in a savings account, " Serafina resumed like he hadn't spoken. "And it's enough money to buy a fully furnished house." She finished with a grin, about to walk back to her seat, but stopped when her brother grabbed hold of her wrist and stood from his place.

"What?" She asked in confusion, leaning back when he neared her, taking a whiff.

"You smell like a man, " Her brother noted.

Alessio choked on his water in the kitchen, having heard the words.

"Well duh, " Serafina retorted. "I hugged you, and dad, and Marco, and Arsenio. You all are men."

"It's none of our perfumes, I would have recognized it."

"Goodness, Salvatore." She laughed. "90% of my day is spent with men, of course, I smell like a man."

"Hmm..." Her brother pondered, looking skeptical of her explanation as she broke away from him, going back to her seat.

"Don't hurt that head of yours, Salvi, " She teased. "No need to overthink things that have simple explanations."

Alessio heaved a relieved breath in the kitchen, thanking God that she was able to handle it with ease, whereas he would have been a stuttering mess if he was placed in Serafina's situation.

In the next couple of days, she would take him to various real estates to buy a house and reopened her photo gallery, having it all renovated and cleaned and her cameras taken out. After a week of searching, she fell in love with a beautiful white suburban home in a wonderful little neighborhood – which even her brother approved of. The day she bought the house and her gallery was completed; she ordered takeaways and ate with Alessio on the hood of the car on the top of a hill.

"I'm so happy, " Serafina sighed, sitting on the bumper with a grin. "I finally get to be independent."

"Congratulations, " Alessio chuckled, putting away the containers and dusting his hands. "You deserve this happiness."

"Thank you, "

A silence fell over the two, both of them looking out at the setting sun; Alessio leaning against the car as Serafina sat on top of the bumper.

"Ready to go?" He asked when she slid off the surface.

"No, actually, " She trailed, coming to stand before him as she wrapped her arms around his waist, Alessio not making the effort of taking his hands out of his pockets.

"We agreed, Serafina, " He reminded her sternly.

"I know, " Serafina nodded, looking at the buttons of his shirt. "But...I think I deserve a kiss after all this."

Sighing, he placed a kiss on the top of her head.

"A proper kiss, cupcake, "

"We agreed to stop when we were back in Italy, someone might see us-"

"-There is no one here, " She insisted. "No one will see. It's just you and me."

"Serafina, " Alessio sighed, cupping her face into his hand as he rubbed his thumb over her cheekbone, lost in thought. "Just this one exception, "

"Just this one, " She agreed.

Exhaling through his nose, Alessio leaned down as Serafina stood on her tiptoes, meeting him halfway as the contact of their lips had Alessio's heart feel at ease. The kiss was slow and gentle, both of them savoring it in the setting sun.

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