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   Chapter 15 Unvoiced Desires

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 18369

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Serafina awoke alone in bed, moaning as she stretched across space like a cat, before sighing in content. They had been here almost a month now and Serafina felt a lot better than when she had arrived. Smiling some even laughing at Alessio, she even resumed calling him by his nickname: 'cupcake'. Since most nights she woke in fear, she had Alessio sleep beside her, that way she felt safe and he got to sleep in something that wouldn't cause his back to break.

Rolling out of bed, Serafina pattered across the floor, washing her face and putting her hair into a messy bun before making her way downstairs in a pink cotton bra and a pink, turquoise and grey sweatpants, a light cardigan on top.

"Morning, " Alessio's voice called from the kitchen when he caught sight of her.

"Morning, " She yawned, giving him a soft smile when he placed her coffee on the bar counter. Taking a seat on the stool, she sipped it in silence and watched him work around the kitchen, noticing how his shirt was inside out, the tag sticking in the air. "Cupcake, your shirt is inside out."

"Oh, " He looked down at the black jeans and grey t-shirt he wore, noticing the inseams before chuckling at his mistake. Turning towards her, Alessio gave her a sheepish smile. "Sorry, "

"No, its alr-you're taking your shirt off, oh okay, " Serafina blurted out when she saw him pull at the back of the neck, pulling it off his body and exposing his toned and muscular upper body. His biceps flexing with the action of pulling it back on. "I did not-"

"-Breakfast?" He smiled nonchalantly, holding out a plate of Raspberry and Ricotta cheese stuffed French toast with powdered sugar and Raspberries sprinkled on top.

"Sure..." She took the plate along with the fork and knife handed to her before digging in, chewing slowly as she watched Alessio make himself the same before coming to sit beside her, both of them eating in silence.

"Hey, want to go swimming?" He was the first to break the silence, sipping his coffee and glancing at her from the corner of his eyes. "I mean, if you want to, "

"Sounds like a plan, " Serafina shrugged, finishing her food before going to settle down in her favorite spot by the window looking out at the ocean and called her parents, Alessio sitting in front of her staring out at the view.

Recently, he had lightened up a bit and stopped wearing his suits in exchange for a t-shirt and jeans. He looked good in them, especially if the shirt hugged him just right, which his current shirt coincidentally did.

When the weather outside had gotten better, Serafina went and got changed into a black off-shoulder top and high waisted bikini set, stepping downstairs to find Alessio in navy blue swim shorts. She couldn't help herself but stare at his ripped chest and muscular arms, his waist slim and his shoulders broad, noticing how he his body had changed in the year she hadn't seen him. Alessio turned around and gave her a smirk when he realized she was checking him out.

"Like what you see?" He teased, gesturing to himself, surprised to find Serafina look at him with a raised eyebrow before stepping closer to him, only an inch's difference between the two. "What are you-"

He inhaled sharply when she placed her warm hand against his stomach, slowly running it down and leaned towards his ear. "I do like what I see, and I hope to see it more often."

Alessio stood stunned and flustered as she sauntered away from him. Looking over his shoulder at her, he could not help but smirk, knowing exactly what she was doing.

"Oh, the game is on, "

Walking after her, he watched her lay out a towel before settling on top. Fixing her sunglasses in place, she took out sunblock, leathering some onto her arm and legs and her neck, before turning to look at Alessio standing a little way behind her, watching her behind his opaque aviators.

"Could you do my back?" She asked innocently, forcing him to swallow thickly at how sexy she looked in her swimsuit.

Stepping towards her, he took the bottle, watching her stretch out on her stomach before putting all her hair over one shoulder, exposing her back. Settling beside her, Alessio leathered the lotion onto his hands before massaging it across her back, Serafina lying before him in silence as he couldn't help but marvel at how gorgeous her body was and how soft her skin felt beneath his calloused hand, intrigued by the fact that her waist was the size of both of his palms.

"Done, " He informed her, glad that his voice didn't sound uncharacteristically husky and rested his hands to the side. He watched Serafina turn to be on her back and prop herself up on her elbows, looked at him behind her opaque sunglasses.

"Thank you, " She smiled at him, lying down on her mat, deciding to sunbathe for a while.

Getting up from beside her, Alessio went swimming to cool down, enjoying the cold feel of the water against the heat of his body. He spent time swimming and glanced up in search for Serafina, finding her mat vacant. Waddling towards the shore, he stood with his thighs submerged in the water as panic rose in his throat at not being able to see her. He was just about to walk back when he was suddenly tackled from behind. His mind going into fight mode as he grabbed that person, throwing them off his back and into the water, his eyes widened in surprise to see a stunned Serafina sitting before him.

"Oh shit!" He exclaimed, kneeling before her wide-eyed figure. "I'm so sorry

back to him. Sighing, Alessio placed a kiss on the top of her head before heading over to the other side of the bed and getting under the covers

Heaving a heavy breath, she got on her side with both of them laying silently, both of them awake and blankly staring into space: Alessio looking out the window as Serafina stared up at the ceiling.

"Alessio?" She turned to be facing him as he hummed in question. "Do you like me?"

A chuckle escaped him as he turned to look at her, a hand rested on his stomach with a smile on his face.

"Yes, I like you, "

"No, " Serafina shook her head, knowing that he didn't understand what she was asking.

Shifting, she straddled his waist as Alessio stared at her with wide eyes, never having expected her to do something like that.

"Do you like me?"

"I do, but Serafina what are you-" He tried to question, but halted when she shook her head in frustration and pulled off the shirt she had on, exposing the purple lace bra and panties she had on below. "Fuck, "

"Alessio, my question is: do you like me?" Serafina whispered lowly, leaning down so that he was caged beneath her, her nose almost touching his as he couldn't bring himself to speak, arousal washing over him like a tidal wave.

"Serafina, " He choked out, his voice thick as he cleared his throat before resuming. "My answer still remains the same, but we...we can't do this-ah, " He gasped when she placed a kiss on his neck, sending jolts of electricity through him as he grabbed hold of her, his fingers digging into her side as she groaned above him, the sound having Alessio freeze, and close his eyes to try and regain control over himself.

"Serafina...we can't, we shouldn't...your brother-" Alessio tried to reason, his words muddled as her lips drew nearer to his.

"My brother isn't here, no one is, " Serafina whispered, her lips hovering over his. "And I know you want this just as much as me."

"It's...fuck, Serafina, its wrong, I'm your bodyguard and you're-"

"-Call me 'baby girl' again, " She demanded, her lips brushing over his with every word.

Alessio lay beneath her, his heart hammering in his chest as arousal flowed through him like the blood in his veins. His eyes dilated and his breath came out ragged. She was right, he wanted this just as much as she did – hell he's wanted this for the past two years and now he was finally getting the chance.

"Your brother-" he tried to talk her out of it, regain some sense, but he was only greeted by her lips on his.

Alessio couldn't help but groan at the feel of her lips against his, they were softer than he had imagined, a little chapped, but oh so delicious. He felt the way she moved against him and the way she seemed to just melt into him as if though she were the puzzle piece he had been searching for, alas he did not notice all that until much later, but for now, all he did was growl as he threaded his fingers through her hair, tugging just enough to have her gasp at the sensation before he turned them over, sending her sprawling beneath him, caged.

Pulling off his shirt, Alessio was quick to return his lips to her's as she clung onto him in desperation, the sound of the rain outside clashing with their moans and the subtle sound of skin against skin. Neither one of them being able to get enough as Serafina left scratches down his back and he left marks across her neck and chest, her moans ringing in his head and the look of pure unadulterated ecstasy across his face seared behind her eyelids as they both came undone with her arching into him, their groans and mewls of pleasure mingling against the sound of thunder outside.

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