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   Chapter 13 Past Demons

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 11146

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Serafina was scared to turn in bed and find Paolo lying beside her, and due to that constant fear, her body couldn't keep down her food. But she knew she had to eat something, she just get it passed her throat. Nowadays she didn't want to do anything other than sleep and even she knew that it wasn't healthy.

Alessio had been trying to get her to ear, and in her mind, she always explained why she couldn't, but his response always made him realize she hadn't spoken aloud.

Due to that, her guard had gone on his own hunger strike.

The first night he sat on the floor with his eyes closed and his stomach growling so loud that even she could hear it in the silence of the room. Serafina wanted him to eat, but couldn't bring herself to speak.

The only sound that ever left her mouth was those of her frightened and panicked screams in the middle of the night. Serafina often dreamt of what happened; only that it didn't actually happen: Sometimes she saw Paolo rising from the dead only to drag her to hell with him, sometimes it was her who pulled the trigger, other times Paolo was killing the people she loved most as they would stand and watch helplessly with their desperate pleas reverberating through her mind. Because of these nightmares, she would wake up screaming and it always had Alessio's blood run cold as he went and soothed her.

He used to sleep on the downstairs couch initially, given that there was only one room, but now he slept sitting against the bedroom wall so that he was within an arm's reach if she needed him or if he had to calm her after a dream.

Serafina could see that he cared, that much was evident, and she wanted to do something, say something, but her mind was in a haze, her thoughts muddled and the commands lost to her. She just couldn't do it, and Alessio couldn't understand what she was going through either. She wanted to make him see and didn't know how to, but most of all, she wanted him to eat because she saw what an adverse effect this hunger strike had on him.

The first day, he kept it together, ignoring the cramping in is stomach and the dryness of his throat. But the second day, his blood sugar had gotten so low that he could hardly bring himself to turn his head. His eyes kept dropping and he often had a hard time concentrating or even realizing where he was. Yet, despite all that, he dragged himself off the floor and made something, even if it was something as simple as a French toast, and he still coaxed her to try and eat. Forcing herself, Serafina managed a bite or two, but Alessio couldn't even manage that much.

"I think..." Alessio pushed himself off the wall, stumbling over his feet before making his way over to the bed, Serafina's eyes following his movements. "I think you just want to talk. Get it all out of your system." He fell unceremoniously on the bed, causing it to bounce.

"So let's talk, " He heaved a breath, folding his hands over his stomach. "What do you remember?"

Serafina stared up at the ceiling as a silence fell over the both of them, her bodyguard heaving a sigh beside her.

"Alright, I'll start, " He relented and instantly her eyes widened at the words. "I don't remember him all that clearly given that I was 4-years-old when he died, but I remember the two days I spent in the hospital beside him very clea

making his way down and getting his bearings. He wasn't in that good of a state to make her a lavish dinner, so he opted for a much simpler dish: French omelet at 10 p.m. with sprinkled cheese inside before he made his way upstairs again.

"God, I feel old, " He groaned, feeling a little flustered at the top of the stairs. "And I could bench press 230, easy, "

Stepping into the room, he found Serafina seated upright in bed - a significant improvement from lying - and looked out the window at the view. Settling before her, he made a bite with the fork and held it out to her. Looking at the food, she contemplated not eating but then caught sight of Alessio's paling face and opened her mouth instead, slowly chewing as he gave her a bedazzling smile at the progress. She urged him to take a bite if he wanted her to eat, and he couldn't help but chuckle at her.

She forced herself to eat half the omelet while he ate the other half, and once she finished, she felt better, less tired and overwhelmed. But that was it for her for the day, she couldn't eat much as of yet, and Alessio knew that, but he was glad that she ate something nonetheless.

"Try and get some sleep, yeah?" He suggested, standing up to leave. "I'll be downstairs if you need me, "

"Cupcake, " She halted him with the nickname she had for him, causing him to turn around and give her a questioning nod. "Can you stay here with me? On the bed?"

"Uh..." He hesitated, somewhere in his mind knowing he wasn't allowed to do that, but not remembering why. "Sure...let me just put this downstairs and then I'll..." He trailed off, walking towards the door blindly and bumping into the wall with an 'oomph'.

Taking a step back, he realized the door was to his right before giving her a sheepish smile and walking downstairs. Eventually, he returned in a faded grey t-shirt and sweatpants. Getting under the cover, Serafina instantly snuggled close to him as the ocean breeze blew into the room.

"Sleep now, I'll wake you when I'm awake."

"What if..." Serafina squirmed. "What if I have nightmares?"

"Then I'll fight them away tonight, " Alessio grinned down at her. "I'll fight them away tonight and every night that follows, "

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