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   Chapter 12 I got you

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 15143

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Serafina scrubbed at her arms with trembling fingers, whimpering when the blood wouldn't get off and the stench embraced her mind, her tears blurring her vision. Her heart thundered against her rib cage, feeling as if though it would jump out of her chest and forcing her breaths to come in short pants. Heat enveloped her body, but her hand and feet were ice cold. Suddenly her throat tightened as she gasped for breath, clutching at her neck to pry off the non-existent hold and her mouth ran dry.

The washroom began to spin around her as her stomach clenched in fear at seeing her white dress turning into a murky crimson-brown and her make up smeared all over her cheeks, running down with red splatters across her face and fingers trembling beneath the running water.

Everything began to move around her faster, disorientation overwhelming her as she clutched onto the counter to try and remain standing. A feeble gasp escaped her as she lost her footing, the ceiling coming into view as the ground drew nearer. Closing her eyes, she waited for the impact of the cold ceramic ground but instead felt herself being halted mid-air and something sharp digging into her side and shoulder.

With a bleary vision and a spinning mind, she tried to look over her shoulder, finding Alessio having caught her and struggling with her dead weight and the constricted space since the edge of the bathtub was digging into his calves with his feet tangled in her dress's tulle.

"I got you, " He grunted, trying to pull her to her feet, but only ending up stumbling over himself as he slipped on the wet floor, a surprised sound escaping him as he came crashing down, his back hitting the edge of the tub before he sat on the floor. Serafina felt herself fall, and couldn't bring to brace herself, instead she lay sprawled over his legs, feeling them digging into her side as Alessio regained his composure.

Without a word, he lifted her off his legs, pulling her back towards him and holding her close in his arms, her head to his chest and his arms encircling her trembling body.

"I got you, " Alessio repeated quietly, gently rocking back and forth with them as the sound of his thundering heartbeat reverberated through her skull. The sound suddenly wrenching her out of her daze as the room stopped spinning and she heaved for breath, the sobs wracking through her.

Serafina clutched onto him in desperation wailing into his shoulder as he allowed her to cry into his chest, holding her tightly. He allowed her to cry until her voice was hoarse and her throat raw, they sat on the bathroom floor, holding each other while she hiccupped into his arms.

"Come, let's get you cleaned up, " He murmured into her hair, reaching behind him to plug the tub and open the tap, fumbling with the temperature before allowing it to fill up.

With ease, he lifted her to her feet with him, holding her sides as she swayed in disorientation, and he knew she was in no condition to clean up on her own.

"I got you, " Alessio gently turned her around. Helping her out of her wedding dress, he watched it pool to her ankles and noticed how the blood seeped through the material and into that of her backless bodysuit. Removing that, he kept his gaze on her hair and opened the up-do they had been put in for her wedding, watching how his fingers came back red with blood.

Lifting her into his arms, he lowered her into the tub as she sat there silently with her knees pulled to her chest and blankly staring at the water. Cupping the water into his hands, he spilled it over her head, the sensation having her suddenly gasp in surprise as she thrashed in the water. Alessio grabbed hold of her hands to stop her from struggling.

"Serafina!" He called over her struggling, the girl too dazed to know what was going on. "Serafina, hey, it's me! It's me!" Alessio released her hands and cupped her face into his wet palms, directing her gaze to him as the bleariness cleared.

"It's me, " He breathed out, rubbing his thumb over her cheekbone. "It's me, Alessio, "

"Alessio..." Serafina trailed in confusion, suddenly unable to remember when he came or when she left the venue, or how she ended in the water. "What...?"

"It's okay, " He assured and tucked a strand of her wet tresses behind her ear. "I'm here. I'll take care of you, okay?"

Nodding numbly, she pulled her legs to her chest, resting her forehead on her kneecaps as Alessio slowly ran water over her hair, washing the blood and grime out of it as the residual

only to bring it down untouched.

When Alessio realized she wasn't going to eat, he had tried his hardest to get her to eat something. He sat by her, coaxing her, but she never even took a bite. No matter what he did or what he said, she didn't eat, she didn't move and it was like she was in a frozen state most of the time. Sometimes she slept for hours on end, sometimes she never slept a wink, she hardly talked, and most nights she cried.

It didn't help that Alessio had no idea on how to help her through this.

Once he had grown frustrated and raised his voice for not eating.

"Goddammit, Serafina!" He had exclaimed in anger, watching her bling at him with emotionless blue eyes. "You have got to eat something!"

She didn't respond, nor did she snap at him for raising his voice at her, instead she turned away and slept.

After having informed Salvatore of the situation, the man had suggested that he come down himself, but the cacophony of sounds coming from the background enlightened Alessio how busy he was and couldn't ask him to do that – even if his boss assured it wouldn't be much trouble.

Instead of asking for her brother to come, an idea occurred to the guard – a self-destructive one – but an idea nonetheless.

It had been five days since they'd been in Brazil and just like every other day, he brought Serafina's dinner up to her and urged her to eat, but received no response from her.

Sighing he put the tray away and stroked her hair.

"I know it's hard, " He told her gently. "And I understand you don't want to do anything, but Serafina, darling, you have to eat something. Even a single bite is good enough, " He tried to coax but received no response and moved away with a sigh.

"I have tried everything. I have tried being nice, being mean, and being angry. I even challenged you, and I have done almost everything in my power, but you won't eat." Alessio confided. "I want you to know, my job is to be there for you, and I can't do that if you plan to starve yourself to death. I know you won't listen to me, so I don't have a choice but to make you listen to me, "

"It's very simple, Serafina. From now on, if you won't eat. I won't either. You won't drink, I won't either. I won't sleep, I won't either." He spoke to her motionless figure. "Whatever you do, I will do. Whatever you don't do, I won't either. It's that simple, "

That night Alessio sat on the floor, his back to the wall and looking at her sleep: peaceful, serene, and broken.

And as he watched her, he thought her beautiful. Even now, as broken as she has become, with shoulders slumped over, and knees wobbling in weakness, and bloodshot eyes that can't cry anymore because she's already shed so many tears, she is still beautiful. Because he could still see the girl that once was – the one who smiled at strangers. and blushed at ay compliment, and gave her best to everyone, even those who didn't deserve her.

Alessio was determined to bring back that Serafina.

His Serafina.

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