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   Chapter 10 What is Love

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 14346

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A year had passed since Ricardo's passing, and things were settling down now. However, Paolo was expected to take over his Mafia soon, but he ordered his father's second-in-command to handle it until he finished his education – granted that nothing was to happen without his approval.

Serafina had been sitting at her desk, trying to get her homework done, but instead was daydreaming of how her boyfriend would be like as a Mafia Boss. Handsome, no doubt. Firm and determined like a Mafia Boss should be. She wouldn't mind if he was a little intimidating, granted he wouldn't scare her given she was the daughter of the world's most honored Mafia Boss.

She was brought out of her thoughts by a knock sounding on her door before it burst open to see Arsenio peak his head in with a grin and a wink in her direction.

"Arsenio!" She exclaimed in indignation, having gotten startled by the suddenness.

"Get dressed, baby sis, we're going out for lunch, " He stated before leaving the room.

Shaking her head, Serafina packed away all her things and got changed into a pair of denim jeans with a black high necked shirt and a fluffy jacket with her favorite long boots. Stepping out of her room, she found Salvatore getting out of his bedroom as well, dressed in black jeans and a navy blue sweatshirt beneath a charcoal grey overcoat, his gloves, and scarf in hand. Both of them glanced up at one another, looking at their attires before meeting the other's gaze.

"Arsenio?" Her twin questioned knowingly.

"Arsenio, " She confirmed with a shrug.

Both of them walked into their parent's bedroom, knocking before entering and were greeted by the sight of Arsenio and Marco seated on the sofa, their mother and father cocooned in the blankets and cuddled for warmth.

"Everyone ready?" Arsenio questioned, looking up from his phone and springing to his feet in grey slacks and a white button-up beneath a black overcoat. Marco followed his movement in faded blue jeans and an olive green sweater under his snow jacket, his hands stuffed into his pockets. "Let's go?"

"Sure, " The twins spoke in sync.

They all bid farewell to their parents who told them to enjoy and for Salvatore to have his inhaler on him as he took a shot and nodded, his breathing difficult in the cold winter. Settling in Arsenio's Audi, they set off to their destination.

"Say, Arsenio?" Marco called from the back. "Why the sudden plan for lunch?"

"Well, I had the day off, and Angelica was busy overseeing the work at a construction site. I got bored and decided to take my baby siblings out for lunch, "

"And that's it?" The younger boy asked skeptically.

"What other reason would I have?" Arsenio laughed at his uncertainty. "You guys are my bros....and sister. It's not a crime to go out for lunch every once in a while, "

"I hope it's not another occurrence like last time, " Serafina piped in, recalling all the out-worldly places their brother has found. Last time they had all gone out, they ended walking into a gang headquartered in the middle of a feud, having mistaken it for an abandoned diner. They were held captives until their father was called for ransom, who showed up with a unit of armed sentries and held everyone at gunpoint, negotiated his children's release while playing candy crush as if though it were an everyday occurrence. And with Arsenio, it always was.

"Don't worry, it's an actual restaurant, I checked this time."

"Thank God!" The three younger Regnante's groaned in relief as the eldest look affronted by their response.

When they arrived at their destination, they all headed inside and into the crispy warmth of the interior, settling at a table for 4 by the window, all of them chatting animatedly as they discussed the options on the menu. Placing their order, their conversations shifted to fond old memories, and once the food arrived, they all dug in, enjoying the taste.

"Hey guys, " Arsenio spoke up halfway through the meal, his 3 siblings looking up at him. "What's your dream girl or guy like?"

"Huh..." Salvatore pondered, momentarily leaning back in his seat. "Okay...promise not to judge me, " He looked at all three of them pointedly.

"Promise, " They all said in sync, curious as to how he would respond.


suicide and had to convince him out of it because, in the end, Uncle Vincent had loved her with all he had." She shook her head. "Dad was so mad, I heard mom say that once, he was so mad that he nearly shot Aunt Alyna the moment he saw her. He yelled, Paolo, and dad doesn't normally yell unless he's super pissed and mom remembers having been terrified of it. Dad took both Claudia and Alberto and told her to go to hell since that's where she deserved to be and I guess all that years' worth of pent-up anger released itself because he said quite a few harsh things to the extent where he had left her crying, "

"Ouch, "

"Uncle Vincent filed for a divorce and was able to provide enough evidence to deem Alyna as an unsafe parent and got sole custody of their two kids, didn't have to pay alimony, and she wasn't allowed to visit them at all." Serafina lay back on the blanket, staring at the black sky, suddenly finding it much colder than a few minutes ago. "Some say she found another guy and ran away with him, some say she couldn't take the guilt of her actions and disappeared, while others say that she killed herself. But whatever the case, she hasn't been seen or heard from."

"Uncle Vincent raised Claudia and Alberto on his own and didn't marry again, and is still working with dad. They sorted through their differences, and besides Uncle Vincent is in his debt since dad provided him all the evidence that he needed against Aunt Alyna and helped him with his kids, raised them beside Arsenio and us given that Claudia is 2 years younger than Arsenio and Alberto is 3 years older than us. But yeah...that's what happened, "

Paolo sat in silence, mulling the words over in his head as he sat with his knees pulled up to his chest, his arms encircling his legs as he watched his breath fog up in the cold.

"Must be hard for your uncle Vincent, " He spoke finally.

"Dad says he's become more quiet and somber than what he used to be before all this, "

"I have no doubt why he would end up somber after everything, I'm pretty sure I'd be the same if I had to go through that, "

"If, " Serafina emphasized sitting up beside him placing a kiss on his cheek. "But I don't plan on cheating on you anytime soon, "

A smirk formed across his lips as he looked at her from over his shoulder, looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

"I wouldn't give you a reason to, " He turned around to be facing her, leaning down as she wrapped her arms around his neck and lowered herself onto the blanket. "I would never give you a reason to, "

Serafina grinned at him before connecting their lips together, both of them kissing under the moonlight sky, the cold being warded away from them as the blanket beneath them prevented the tiles of the roof from digging into their back, a smile on their faces when they pulled away from one another.

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