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Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 17417

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Paolo had been over the moon with his joy.

Ricardo was getting better and everything seemed to pick up from there. Paolo's dad was finally home and his son couldn't have been any happier to have his father back as healthy as a horse. He had been spending a lot of time with Salvatore when he wasn't with Ricardo, and Serafina tried not to let it bother it knowing that there were certain things he was more comfortable with sharing to Salvatore.

She could never hold a grudge against her brother, no matter how bad. He was her twin, they shared the same womb for 9 months, they're 2 halves of the same coin.

Currently, Serafina was walking after her mother in the mall, shopping for clothes. However, whenever she tried to walk into a store her mother would drift off the men clothing.

"Mom!" She complained, watching her walk into Levis. "Come on! Why do you keep doing this?" Walking into her mother inspecting a pair of jeans and muttering to herself.


"Do you think Arcangelo would like this?" She asked turning to look at her with the denim in hand.

"Mom, if you're forgetting, dad's entire wardrobe consists solely of suits and sweat pants and shirts, and those he wears only temporarily because he just wears them for a few moments before bed and when he actually goes to sleep he takes them off and sleeps in his boxers. You're his wife, Mom, you should know this stuff."

"Your dad often likes to wear casual clothing, something different than his usual suits." She informed and put the jeans away. "But then again, he has enough clothes. And we are here to get you some things."

"Oh, really Mom?" Serafina spoke sarcastically. "I never realized that."

"I know you didn't, that's why I'm telling you."

Chuckling at her, they made their way to different shops and got some new clothes and shoes. By the number of things we were buying, Serafina couldn't help but ask if they were paying with cash or card. Her mother had turned to grin and holding a black platinum card in hand, waving it in the air.

"Not just any card, your dad's card."

She made a sound that was a mix of a laugh and cough, looking at Rosalie swipe the card into the machine.

"And dad doesn't mind you using it? He knows, doesn't he?"

"Of course he knows. The things I do for you, Serafina, honestly and this is the level of faith you have in me?"

"Okay, okay." She couldn't help but laugh at the over exaggeration. "What did you do for me this time? Because we have the driver available, and you have dad's card..."

"I had to seduce your dad to get the card." She shrugged and forced Serafina to plug my fingers into her ears.

"Okay, mom! You guys are still my parents! I am not interested in this!"

"You should get used to it now because you'll be expected to do the same with Paolo someday." Rosalie retaliated. "You don't want to end up a blushing awkward mess like I was on our honeymoon night."

"What? No!"

"Oh yeah. I was blushing so much and I felt so awkward because I had no idea what I was dealing with, and your dad spent the entire night laughing at me and my 'innocent ways'. It was a horrifying experience."

"Wow. Okay."

"How are you and Paolo doing?" Rosalie asked with a smile.

"Good." Serafina blushed and looked away. "We're good."

"That nice to hear, despite your brothers and father being against this relationship, " She smiled. "Although, if you have any problems, then just know that I'm right here for you, "

"Yeah...I know..."

"So there is a problem?"


"Come on, talk to mama."

"Is it rational to feel jealous about the fact that my boyfriend spends a lot of time with my brother than me?"

"It's irrational to feel this way." She informed as they settled down at a table. "I felt the same way with Arcangelo, and I learned my lesson the hard way."


"You forget that Salvatore is not considered 'your brother' to Paolo. Paolo considers him his best friend and vice versa. A guy needs his space just as much as a girl does. Don't nag him about it, because it will only irritate him. You don't have a right - even if you are his girlfriend, fiancée, or wife - to pull Paolo away from his friends, it won't end well. You'd be the same if he tried to pull you away from your friends."

"I'd set him in his place." Serafina scoffed at the statement.

"Exactly." She confirmed. "He'd do the same."

"And you need to remember that we aren't dealing with ordinary guys. We are dealing with Mafia men, and those are the most dangerous kind. Because they have bloodlust embedded in their DNA. You were born into this, and are accustomed to it, but I wasn't, and believe me when I tell you that - on more than one occasion - I was terrified of your dad and wondered if I actually made the right choice by marrying him."

"You questioned your decision on marrying him?" Serafina choked out, leaning forward to stare at her in disbelief.

"So many times during the initial days, " Rosalie sighed. "I was terrified of him, but it physically hurt me whenever I would see the look in his eyes when he saw me scared of him."

"Your dad loves me so much, that he checked what would set off my fear

anged into a lace navy blue dress. Completing the look with nude stilettos and a matching clutch.

Adorning her coat, Serafina made her way out the bedroom and down the stairs, met by her father and Uncle Vincent as Rosalie was talking to Alberto about something at the bottom of the steps.

"You look gorgeous, sweetheart, " Arcangelo commented as he hugged her tightly and placed a kiss on the top of her head. "But I still don't trust Paolo. I had to lock away Salvatore."

"Thanks, dad, " She smiled at him with an eye roll. "Don't worry, Alberto will be with me at all times."

"That's good to hear." He nodded and placed one last kiss on her forehead before allowing her to leave.

Reaching the venue at 7:59, Serafina took a deep breath before stepping out of the car, walking inside she was instantly greeted by a luxurious ambiance. Walking over to the podium, she informed that there was a reservation for two, under Paolo Costa's name. He had politely smiled and led her to a table in the corner as she realized that Paolo wasn't there, yet.

Might be running late. The traffic was horrifying on the way here.

Settling down, the waiter asked if she wanted something, Serafina ordering a glass of water. Once he came back with the glass, she couldn't help but glance at her phone screen.

8:02, She sat and waited, sipping the water. Glancing over her shoulder at Alberto, she watched the man survey their surroundings with hawk-like features before he caught her gaze, his entire posture softening.

"He'll be here, Serafina." He assured with a smile. "He's just running a little late."

A little late turned into an hour late and Serafina sat uncomfortably in her seat, noticed people turn to look at her with pitied looks.

He'll be here. He promised.

She called him thrice in the span of an hour and messaged him more than that.

"Maybe...maybe we should go home..." Alberto suggested, whispering into her ear.

"No." Serafina shook her head and swallowed the lump in her throat. "He'll be here."


"Alberto, I said no." She hissed at him, sending a glare in his direction, as he gave her a nod before standing to attention against the wall.

As the minutes ticked by, the lump in her throat continued to grow. The tears forming in her eyes as nearly the entire restaurant's population was looking at her, giving her sympathetic looks. And just when she thought about getting up and leaving, Paolo's face came into view before her, his clothes ruffled and his hair a mess as he was breathing heavily, a bouquet of crumpled roses in his hand.

"I' sorry..." He huffed out of breath. "The roads were blocked and I had to run here."

She looked at him with tears welled in her eyes and her heart-easing back into its place as she let out a chuckle. Her chuckles morphing into laughter as she tried to quieten herself but failing.

"Look at you." Serafina laughed, referring to his disheveled clothes and hair, causing him to look down and chuckle along with her, both of them laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Once their laughter died down, he pulled up from her seat and hugged her close, apologizing in her ear and asking if she wanted to leave this restaurant and go someplace else. Nodding to his words, Serafina grabbed her coat before the two of them ran out of the restaurant. Taking off her heels, Paolo and her ran down the sidewalk, their laughter ringing through the night as clear as day.

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