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   Chapter 7 You are Loved

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 12804

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Salvatore's sling was off.

To say he was overjoyed was an understatement. He was euphoric.

The day he had returned with Arcangelo without that torturous device restricting his movements, he had resembled a child on Christmas morning. He had been so ecstatic that he was smiling all day and dancing to soundless music with his arms thrown up; an action which wasn't a very wise decision given that his recently healed arm began to ache too badly for him.

Now, Salvatore gobbled up whatever he could eat and was hardly found in his room. For four whole weeks, he had been restricted from any type of physical exertion and was now in his battle mode. He had been spending so man hours in the gym that their mother had to intervene a hand full of times. Paolo was with him through most of the training but decided to leave him alone after an hour or two of fighting him.

Paolo was still will them.

After Serafina made everything clear to him, he had apologized for the way he had acted and admitted to the fact of not realizing that he scared her. But after having spent some time talking about it, they decided to give their relationship a chance, granted that Serafina would set the pace.

On a different note, the twin's grounding was ending today.

In less than an hour's time, Salvatore and Serafina would be officially home free.

He would get back all his electronics and driving privileges, while Serafina would be getting her independence back as well as her own guards. They had endured this torture for a whole month, and to say they had learned their lesson was a weak argument. They knew never to steal their father's guns and to always put the safety in place once they were done using the weapon.

Currently, the twins sat on the wooden flooring of their parent's walk-in closet, their hands stuffed in their father's secret stash of imported Belgium chocolate with Paolo across from them, playing a game on his phone.

They weren't too worried about their parents walking in on them given that it was a weekday and they both were busy working. That is until they heard their mother's voice through the closed doors of the closet.

"This is exactly why I didn't tell you!" Rosalie exclaimed as the bedroom door burst open. "I knew you'd create a huge scene about it!"

"Huge scene?" Arcangelo rebuffed in disbelief and slammed the door shut, the three teenagers holding their breath knowing they had no way of getting out and that they shouldn't be in here, especially not with Paolo. "Rosalie that man touched you! He harassed you! I saw it happen and you expect me to stay quiet about the whole thing?"

"I can deal with it." Their mother grumbled, Salvatore and Serafina giving each other worried glances to see Paolo listening into the conversation. "I don't need you coming to protect me. My problems are my problems and I don't want to burden you with them."

"Fuck, you sound just like Vincent." He chuckled humourlessly. "Rosalie, I chose you over 7 billion people. I chose to spend the rest of my life with you, and I chose you to love and protect. You are not in any way a burden to me, you are my wife. And as my wife, you are supposed to tell me when some dickhead is making you uncomfortable."

Serafina could imagine her father standing before Rosalie, cupping her cheeks into his hands and giving her a soft look.

"No, you don't get it!" Rosalie exclaimed, her voice thick, knowing she would have pulled away in agitation. "You would have created a huge scene - like you just did, and he'd report me to HR!"

"Let him report you to HR and we'll see just what I'll do to him-"

"-No! You're not listening to me!" Their mother shrieked in frustration, her voice sounding like she was trying hard to keep from crying. "I did not accept this job because we need the money or so

the most, is not the fact that my wife doesn't feel secure in our bedroom any longer, but the fact that you two had the fucking audacity to involve an outsider in your games, " He stated calmly. "If it were just you two, I would have told you to forget that you heard her say that and leave it at that, but you involved someone outside of the family in this and forced your mom to feel violated."

"She is the love of my life and despite being the ages you guys are, can't bloody see that your actions not only affect her but me as well. My wife feels like she can't talk to me because she never knows when someone might be listening into her confiding in me with her secrets. Not only did you hurt her, you hurt me as well."

"Your mom loves you, four siblings, equally, but she feels that two of you don't need her to be motherly and she feels like her twins hate her." He sighed walking towards them. "I try telling her otherwise, but you all are teenagers now, and I know how teenagers are like: 'I hate my parents, they don't understand me, and no one gives a shit about me'."

"I hate to burst your bubble, kid, but there are people who care about you, there are people who give a shit about you, there are people who want to listen. You are loved. In more than a million ways, in more words that can be said, and in more feelings that can be felt. I know you like you think no-one cares, but really they do. They really fucking do." Arcangelo sighed, all three of them looking at the ground in shame. "And your mom is at the forefront of the list."

"Basically, what I'm trying to say is that your mom is going through a tough time at this point in her life, both emotionally and mentally, and I would really like it if you siblings could just cut her some slack. Allow her to get her bearings and get back on her feet because she needs it, she really does and it tears me apart to see her like this. If it helped her, I would demolish this Mafia without a second thought, but there is nothing I can do because the pressure isn't coming from me, it's coming from you three growing up too fast. And that's obviously not your fault, just..." He trailed with a sigh, peering into the room and giving Rosalie's sleeping figure a soft smile.

"Just let her know you guys love her, okay?" He spoke so softly they could have passed it off as the wind whistling if it weren't for them being so near him. "Just let her know that she's loved because she needs to see that her children need her just as much as she needs them."

"That's all I ask."

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