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   Chapter 6 Little Brother

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena B. Light Characters: 15901

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Serafina had been trying her level hardest to avoid Paolo as much as possible, having her twin brother occupy him as she saw in her parent's bedroom, hiding. In the morning when she had arrived in their bedroom, her parents looked at her in confusion as they were getting ready, watching her get under their covers and rest her head on the pillow. Her mother had checked her temperature to see if she was sick but frowned when she was perfectly fine.

She didn't provide any explanations and they didn't prod, so placing a kiss on her forehead, they both left.

She liked Paolo, yes. He was sweet, sure. He's her first actual kiss, yes. But she didn't know how to do any of this. She had two boyfriends in her lifetime, neither one of them having lasted more than a week or 2 dates for that matter, and she just wanted time to figure things out between Paolo and her, and she couldn't do it if he was constantly hovering over her. On top of all that, her mind has made her consciously aware of the fact that maybe, Paolo is just using her to help him through his father's illness.

The exact same thing her father warned her against.

To her, Paolo didn't come off as such a guy, but she had learned the hard way that looks are horribly deceiving.

Serafina had spent almost the entire morning in her parent's bedroom. Maids had come and cleaned the room and gone, her twin brother peeked in once or twice, as did Marco, but she was beginning to get bored and there was nothing remotely fascinating in here. Exhaling she stood from the couch, deciding to pay her 'little brother' a visit since her twin was occupied and the eldest was somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

Sneaking out of the bedroom, she opened Marco's room door, sliding in and closing it behind her with a sigh.

Looking up, she took in the ambiance of Marco's bedroom. He had a wide window adjacent to the door with a large bookshelf to her left. His bed stood in the center with the wall behind it being covered in star constellations. With a shelf, on which, he had placed several of his knickknacks. There was an ottoman rug between the bed and his study table which was littered with books and papers. A door stood in the corner which led to the changing room and then the bath.

Glancing about, Serafina noticed Marco sitting at the bottom of his window on his knees, fussing with a paper.

"Whatcha' doin'?" She asked in a sing-song voice, approaching his kneeling figure.

"Neither Salvatore nor Paolo are in here. You must be in the wrong room, " He stated without looking up, his words having her wince. "Given that you're clearly not here for me."

He was right.

Since he had become a part of the Regnante family, Serafina hadn't been very accepting towards him. The only reason she had agreed was that her parents had wanted to make him a part of them. It was evident that she hardly ever spent time with him, and only talked to him when absolutely necessary. Other than that, she had no idea what her younger brother did or what his likes and disliked were, and Marco was aware of that fact.

He was 13, and he knew the feelings his sister harbored for him.

"Actually, I am here for you, " Serafina forced a smile, refusing let him see how true his words were.

"Lies, " Marco stated nonchalantly, shaking his head and still fussing with his paper. "You're just here hiding from Paolo because he kissed you, "

"H-how?how do you-?"

"-Just because you don't talk to me doesn't mean that others don't, " He sighed, straightening from his bent over position and held up his work: an origami rose. "I'd very much like it if you came into my room just for the sole reason to hang out with me and not to hide from someone."

Standing from the floor, he let out a humorless chuckle; running a hand through his unruly brown locks and made his way towards a small vase on his table, placing the origami flower with the rest of its brethren.

"I like this family very much, Serafina, " Marco admitted quietly, caressing the paper petals. "But I don't feel accepted knowing that you don't welcome me, even though everyone else does, you just hate me, "

"No, I don't."

"Please, don't lie to me, "

"I'm not, "

"I've been through a lot more in 13 years than you will go through in a lifetime. I know how to read people and I know exactly how they feel about me, and just like that, I know for a fact you hate that your parents adopted me."

Serafina could do nothing but stare at him with an open mouth, trying to formulate words but coming short with just jumbled sounds. Guilt washed over her when Marco gave her a sad smile, looking up at her.

"Doesn't matter, " He shook his head and gathered a couple of books. "If you'll excuse me, I have h

her to hear him quote her twin brother, turning to face him, she pulled him in for a hug, feeling him stiffen but relaxing after a second.

"Thank you, " She pulled away and ruffled his hair. "Little brother, "

Serafina sat cross legs on her bed, the lamp turned on as she looked through an old family album with them having been not much older than 5-years-old, a 15-year-old Arsenio grinning beside them as she chuckled at the various scenes the photos depicted. The sound of the door opening had her look up, catching sight of Paolo's surprised expression of realizing the bedroom door she was awake.

"Come on in, I was waiting for you, " Serafina beckoned him forward, putting away the album onto her side table.

She watched Paolo grin at her before bounding onto the bed and leaning in to kiss her, taken aback when she moved away from him.

"I need to talk to you, " She told him earnestly and settled in her swivel hair, as he looked at her in confusion.

"What's the matter, babe?"

"First of, " Serafina chuckled uneasily at the nickname. "Don't call me babe, "

"You see, you came in here, thinking I wanted the same things as you but did it ever occur to you to ask me what I wanted?" She asked in quietly, blood rushing in her ears to see the confusion across his face. "It didn't, did it? Because you suddenly decided you'll marry me and steal away my first kiss. Did you think that maybe I didn't want to give my first kiss to you? Did you think that maybe I don't want to marry you because up until 3 days ago, you were my twin brother's best friend."

"Serafina, " He chuckled uneasily, sitting straight. "What are you-?"

"You harassed me, Paolo, " She told him bluntly, watching every muscle tense in his body. "As far as I knew, you were just a good friend whose father is ill and whom I comforted. You never gave me any such signs that you might be interested in me in that way, and then all of a sudden, when I'm helping you through your difficult time, you decide you want to marry me. Tell me, since when did the right thing become an invite for you to claim me?"

"You say that, and after that, you become possessive over the girl who isn't even yours, to begin with, and after that, you go and kiss me? That was the last thing on my mind, you decided that I need you to kiss me? You didn't ask if I wanted you to do that, much less did you ask for my consent, and assumed for it to be perfectly alright. Imagine what would have happened if I told Salvatore you forced yourself on me? Imagine if dad or Arsenio heard about it, "

"Serafina I-" Paolo began to say before she cut him off.

"This is a nice relationship, and I like you, but you sprung this on me out of literally nowhere. So if you want to be in a relationship with me then it will be on my own terms, at the pace I'm comfortable with. And you're doing this to get between my legs, then buddy, I got another thing coming, I own a gun and I am not afraid to shoot you with it, " She told him firmly, watching his face pale.

"I'm a Regnante, " Serafina stood straight, looking down at his seated figure. "This will either happen at my terms or not at all, "

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