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   Chapter 2 Bullet Wound

Hidden Away [Mafioso Book#2] By Serena Light Characters: 14583

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"Let's see how stealthy you are, " Salvatore taunted at 1 a.m. at night.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Mom and dad are asleep, " Her twin brother grinned as Serafina yawned sleepily, having been awoken to entertain her brother's whims. "Dad keeps a gun in his bedside table. You will sneak into the room and take the gun, and we'll go to the shooting range for a little practice, "

"At this time? In the dark?"

"It's in the basement, Reena. You should know that." He rolled his eyes in annoyance. "But if you think you don't have a good aim or are not light enough on your feet, then leave it, it will give people something to talk about."

Serafina hadn't even been to her new school for a week when Salvatore decided that he didn't like his school and was transferred to the Mafia one, people instantly recognising the two as they entered and instantly girls flocked around him and their allied Mafia families worshipping her brother since he was the heir to the Regnante Mafia.

Since they were in the same school once more, her brother would just randomly tell someone about something Serafina wasn't good at and instant gossip would spread.

Something, which he was threatening to do just now.

"At least I don't suck at breathed, " She retorted, getting out of bed and jabbing at his asthma, enjoying the way the cocky smile fell off his face and a dark look washed over him.

"I get it, " He shrugged, smirking. "If you think you can take your lack of capabilities out on me, then be my guest, at least I know how to defend myself, "

Pulling a face at him, Serafina pattered across the wooden flooring of her room and onto the marble of the foyer before slowly entering her parents' bedroom, closing the door soundlessly. The room was bathed in darkness, but having been in this room over a thousand times, she knew her way even in minimal lighting.

Arcangelo and Rosalie's steady breathing assured her that her parents were asleep as she maneuvered around the furniture, standing beside her father's side table, she crouched and opened the drawer, wincing at how loud it sounded.

The sound of the sheets ruffling had her freeze with her fingers coiled around the barrel, holding her breath and dreading having to explain the current situation if her father awoke.

Waiting for a second longer, she exhaled slowly before picking up the semi-automatic pistol, nearly gasping out loud at how heavy it was before pressing her lips into a thin line. Slowly getting to her feet, she closed the drawer and exiting the room, the gun in hand and the barrel pointed at the floor as she stepped out, exhaling heavily once the door closed behind her soundlessly.

Hearing her brother's chuckle, she looked up, rolling her eyes to see him leisurely leaning against the wall with his own gun in hand, twirling it in the air as if though it were a toy.

"If you shoot someone, it's on you, " Serafina walked towards him as he pushed himself off the wall, standing 4 inches taller than her 5'7 height.

"The safety is on, " He rolled his eyes in response.

"Is it though?"

Instantly her brother looked down at the gun in concern, Serafina stifling a laugh behind her hand as he glared at her.

"Got you to look, didn't I, "

"Bitch, "

"Jackass, "

Smirking at him, the twins bounded down the stairs, her brother ahead of her, until he jumped down onto the last landing and led her towards a door in the wall. A flight of stairs led them into the basement where they crossed numerous doors housing various facilities behind them before they arrived at their current destination: the shooting range.

The room was like any other indoor shooting range with five targets on either side separated by counters and pillars.

Serafina took the goggles and earmuffs her brother handed her from one of the counters before she watched him stand before a counter. His gun outstretched as he inhaled deeply, fixing his gaze on the target and pulling the trigger with an exhale.

The bang of the gun had her recoil in surprise before her eyes kept closing on their own accord as he shot round after round. By the time he had done the shooting, Serafina suspected that he had emptied the mag before he put down the gun, pressing a button beside him as the target came flying towards them. Serafina watching in awe to see him having shot in the dead center of the target.

"Impressive, " She had to admit before her brother stepped away from the counter to allow her to take his place.

Serafina had never used a gun before, given that her father forbade it, telling her that she wouldn't use a gun until she was 18 - which was a year away - her brothers, on the other hand, went through extensive training of combat, gun use, tracking, and survival.

She found the discrimination very sexist and had fought with her father multiple times over it, but he was just as relentlessly stubborn as her. Eventually, her mother had explained that given she is his only daughter, he'd rather she not get her hands dirty with matters that can be dealt with by him.

Inhaling deeply, Serafina steadied the gun in one hand and closed an eye, fixing the barrel on the target. With an exhale, she pulled the trigger, hunching her shoulders as she waited for the gun to recoil in her hold, peeking an eye open when nothing happened.

Turning towards her twin, she watched him laugh as he took the gun from her, clicking off the safety before handing it back, forcing her to flush in embarrassment.

Holding the gun out once more, she tried again, her body jerking with the force of the bullet's exit. Placing a hand against her chest, she felt her heart beat in overdrive as she looked at the target, seeing no holes in it and glanced around to see where she had shot. That is, until Salvatore cleared his throat, redirecting Serafina's attention to him as he pointed up.

Glancing up, her mouth formed a perfect O to see the hole in the ceiling.

"Here, " Salvatore sighed, fixing her grip on the gun and placing her second hand against the handle, giving her general tips and telling her to shoot with her feet a bit apart. Taking his advice, she shot once more, initially shooting outside the target before finally hitting it in the chest. A squeal of joy escaped her as she began to jump in her place.

"What the hell are you two doing here?" A voice snapped out of nowhere, startling Serafina as she jumped back, the gun going off in her hand followed by a pained howl from Salvatore.

Serafina gasped as she stared in shock at her brother's kneeling figure, clutching his arm which oozed with blood dripping down his skin, his hand smeared red as he shut his eyes against the pain, biting his lip from crying out and squirming in discomfort. She watched the man kneel beside him, seeing his tuft of dirty blonde hair and realizing it wasn't a guard, but their uncle Vincent and her face paling.

"Salvatore, " He called out to her twin, removing his gear. "Look at me. Hey, look at me, buddy, "

She watched as he let out a pained whimper, cracking open a tear-filled eye, still clutching at his arm with a trembling hand.

"Everything is alright. You'll be fine, " He assured calmly. "Put down that gun, Serafina, and open the door."


tily putting away the gun, she rushed to open the door, watching her uncle help Salvatore to his feet before slowly taking him up the stairs, calling out name after name as men appeared from various corners of the estate at this hour.

"Wake up Adolfo, and tell him Salvatore has been shot in the arm." He instructed the buff man before him as he lowered her twin onto the couch, the man ran down the hall. "Someone apply pressure onto his wound, I'll handle Arcangelo, "

Serafina stood to the side, squirming and fidgeting as she watched Vincent walk up the stairs calmly as if though he was going for a nice glass of scotch rather than informing her father that his son had been shot by his own daughter. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she turned her gaze to her brother, watching his guard, Major remove his suit jacket and press it onto the wound, murmuring something to him as he nodded.

Tears gathered in her eyes as fear and panic chocked her, her breath hitching in her throat to hear the roar of their father's voice, everyone tensing and taking a step back.

"Who the fuck shot him!" His voice rung through the estate before the patter of feet was heard.

Arcangelo soon arriving into view, wearing a pair of dark grey boxer shorts and his hair disheveled and their mother close behind in a navy blue trouser and white tank top. Rushing to Salvatore, he barked orders at the men, the anger, and authority radiating off him in waves as Serafina slunk into a corner, terrified of facing him like this. Rosalie settled down beside her twin, wrapping an arm around his shoulders as he leaned against her, perspirations rolling off him as he seemed to grow pale.

"Who did this?" Arcangelo demanded from the men around him. "And where the fuck is Adolfo?"

"Here, Boss! I'm here!" A voice spoke up as Adolfo rushed into the lounge with a medical kit in hand. Sitting in front of Salvatore, he instantly set to work.

Serafina watched her father turn towards her uncle Vincent and roughly grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. "Who did this?"

She grew terrified that he would hit him, unable to live with the thought that someone else would get hurt because of her.

"I did, " Her voice cracked, hunching her shoulders when her father's murderous glare pinned her, everyone tensing.

"You did?" He asked her through clenched teeth, trying his hardest to sound calm, but instead achieving to look like he was going to tear someone's throat out.

"Dad, " Salvatore whimpered in pain, grabbing hold of his short with a bloodied hand, instantly redirecting his attention away from his sister. "It hurts, dad, it hurts, "

She watched the pained expression overcome their father as he grasped Salvatore's bloodied hand in his own, giving it a squeeze.

"What's the damage, Adolfo?" He asked in defeat, his anger replaced by fear and worry.

"Well, boss..." He trailed nervously. "You're lucky it shot him in the arm. It was a close-range shot so could have been detrimental. Also, his bone is shattered since the bullet shot straight through the Ulna which is beyond repair at this point and has to be replaced."

"What?" Their mother shrieked as Arcangelo just closed his eyes to compose himself.

"Get me clothes so that I can take him to the hospital, " Arcangelo instructed Major as the man ran up, Serafina watching him run away as her eyes caught sight of their younger brother, Marco, standing silently on the stairs, watching the scene before him, no doubt having been awoken due to the commotion.

Serafina turned her gaze away, too ashamed to face anyone and jumping in surprise when she felt warmth being placed around her shoulder, looking up to see Marco wrap a blanket around her with tears in his eyes before he hugged her. She instantly broke into sobs in his arm, the 13-year-old a few inches shorter than and her forcing her to lean down.

Marco tried his best to soothe his crying sister as he watched the guard return with clothes in hand before offering them to their father. Getting dressed, he zipped up his jacket and helped Salvatore to his feet and led him to the door. Once they had left, Rosalie walked towards them, the younger Regnante directing Serafina to her as she instantly clutched onto her mother who hugged her tightly.

"I'm sorry, mom, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." She sobbed into her shoulder, her mother shushing her. "I-I-I-I didn't didn't mean too...I didn't mean to..."

"I know, I know, " Rosalie stroked her hair. "Everything will be alright, "

Next thing Serafina registered was lying in her parent's bed, the lamps turned on with her head on her mother's lap and staring into space as her tears had dried up some time ago, thinking about what could have happened. Marco sat cross-legged on the other side of their mother, his head on her shoulder as he also wondered what could have happened if she had shot Salvatore someplace other than his arm.

Their father hadn't returned yet, but he had called some time ago, informing them that Salvatore was being prepared for surgery and he was at the hospital with Arsenio, sounding worn out and exhausted.

Unbeknownst to her, Serafina fell asleep, being woken when her mother shifted out from beneath her head. Groggily glancing around her, she watched her father enter with a disheveled Arsenio behind him, both of them looking worn to the bone and on the brink of exhaustion.

Kneeling on the bed, Rosalie hugged her husband close and he tightly held onto her, burying his face into her neck, while Arsenio settled on the mattress, wrapping an arm around Marco and rested his younger brother's head on shoulder, given that he had fallen asleep while sitting. She watched her parents sit down, holding each other's hands and staying silent for a moment.

Arcangelo looked over his shoulder at his daughter, Serafina instantly tensing when he held out a hand to her. Taking hold of it, she moved forward and settled between her parents as her father wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her into his side.

"I'm not happy with what you did, " He spoke calmly, leaning his head against hers. "What either one of you did for that matter, Serafina could do nothing but listen in silence.

"Your brother is fine, " He informed, her mother letting out a relieved breath before laughing in relief. "He's a tough kid, but a damn foolish one, too."

"Such is the age, " Arsenio spoke from behind him, their father nodding in agreement. "But other than that, he'll have his arm in a cast until the skin and muscle is healed, and he would have to go to physiotherapy to get his arm back into full function, but he would be good as new, "

Serafina couldn't help but let out a relieved laugh, wiping away the stray tear that leaked out.

"He'll have a metallic bone in his body, " Arcangelo mused to himself. "What did you call those fictional creatures that were part human and part robot?"

"Cyborg, " Marco's voice yawned, laying with his head on Arsenio's shoulder and his eyes closed, but awake. "They're called Cyborgs, "

"Yes. Cyborg." Their father confirmed. "He'll be kind of like a cyborg, no?"

They couldn't help but laugh at his words, all of them beyond relieved to know that Salvatore was alright.

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